Dreams Starting With S

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To dream of saddles indicates you are expecting pleasant news and welcome visitors. You have also probably been planning a trip which you expect to prove advantageous for your finances.


Dreaming about a safe is a sign that security for your business has become a major concern. If you are trying to open a safe, but are unable to so, implies worries that a future plan may fail.


Dreaming about sailing on smooth calm waters during a bright sunny day indicates you are having very few problems reaching your goals. Traveling at a crisp rate with full sails implies you are successful and ahead of your competitors.


To dream of seeing sailors is a sign of long and exciting journeys.


To dream of eating salad indicates thoughts about health and fitness.


Dreaming of salmon is considered to be a good omen and is said to bring good luck. If you see salmon swimming up a cool clear stream it indicates good health and a prosperous future.

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Salt is an indication that everything in your life is going awry. Quarrels and disagreements are usually present in a dream that has salt as its theme.


Dreaming you receive merchandise samples is a sign someone is trying to influence your decision.

Sand Dunes

Sand dunes represent endless challenges await you that will require much thought and ingenuity.


Dreaming about Satan implies dangerous adventures and risky investments that will require strategic action on your part.  It is said to imply promiscuous and questionable friendships are suspected.


To dream of making sausage is a sign of successful projects and profitable undertakings.


To dream you are using a hand saw indicates a happy and cheerful home life and an energetic personality.  If you are carrying a saw it implies that you are burdened with many responsibilities.


To dream of a scaffold denotes disappointment with the object of your affections.  If you should fall from one it indicates you have been surprised with recent rejections.


If you dream of being scalded it indicates distressing incidents have been occupying your time.


To dream you are weighing yourself on a scale indicates a concern about your health and weight is weighing heavy on your mind.


To dream that you are involved in a scandal indicates a concern about your recent behavior.


Dreaming about scissors is considered to be a bad omen and indicates jealous and distrustful feelings about friends or family.


If you dream about a scorpion it indicates that you fear a friend is attempting to undermine your reputation. Scorpions are considered to be a sign of an impending attack from an unexpected source.

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Scrap Book

It is believed that if you dream about a scrap book it indicates you are associating with some disagreeable acquaintances.


To dream of seeing screws indicate you have many minor and tedious tasks that need to be done.


Dreaming about a sculptor indicates you are considering changing your job to a less lucrative, but more distinguished one.


To dream about seals denotes that you are working hard to improve your position in life.


If someone in your dream takes your seat it implies you are being tormented by someone in your life, and are not sure how to handle it.


To dream of a seed is a sign of increasing prosperity, and that you feel is attainable by starting from the beginning.


Dreaming about sewing indicates you yearn for a more domestic lifestyle.

Dreams of sexual acts commonly represent subconscious desires and can symbolize aspects like power, control, unity, and accomplishment. Interpreting dreams is a subjective process where feelings, context, and personal associations are crucial, often necessitating expert consultation for a deeper understanding.

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Shaking Hands

To shake hands in a dream indicates you feel it helps gain friendships with strangers and secure your positions with current associates and friends.


To dream of a shanty implies decreasing prosperity and a concern about your financial situation.


To dream of sharks indicates you are embarking on a project in unfamiliar territory that you feel could be dangerous.


To dream of seeing a sheriff denotes that you are uneasy over changes you have recently made in your lifestyle.  To dream that you are elected sheriff denotes that you are participating, or would be interested in participating, in a community program.


To dream of ships indicates a desire to travel and visit foreign countries. If you are on a ship during a tempestuous storm it implies that you are unfortunate in business transactions.


Dreaming that you are putting on your shirt is a sign that you have estranged yourself from your friends and family.   To lose your shirt implies disgrace in business or love.  If your shirt is torn it represents misfortune and miserable surroundings.


Shoes worn and ragged are a sign of going through tough times with your business affairs.  New shiny shoes indicate being involved in exciting and profitable investments.  If your shoes are stolen it signifies a major personal loss.


Dreaming about a shotgun is a sign of domestic problems and family disagreements.

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To see a shovel in your dream indicates a period of pleasant but difficult work.  A broken shovel is a sign of frustration and lost hope.


Dreaming that you are in a shower is a sign you are enjoying exquisite and luxurious experience.


Your ambitions are being satisfied if you are wearing silk clothes in your dream.


To dream of silver is an indication to be cautious of making hasty decisions.


To hear singing in your dreams indicates you have many happy and joyous friends. You have a cheerful spirit if you hear singing in your dreams.


To dream of seeing a skeleton indicates a fear of receiving an injury from an unscrupulous person. If you are the skeleton in your dream it indicates you are worrying needlessly. If you imagine that a skeleton is haunting you it signifies financial difficulties.


To dream that you are slandered indicates a fear that untrue rumors are hurting your reputation.


To dream of slippers is an indication that you are entering into an unfortunate alliance.


Dreaming about smoke implies you are perplexed with many doubts and fears. Seeing smoke in your dream can also indicate you feel danger is at hand.


Snakes are a symbol of evil, and dreaming about a snake is considered a bad omen.  If you see a snake in your dream it usually indicates you fear that an acquaintance means to cause you harm.  If you kill the snake it indicates you have overcome your adversary.

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Snake Bite

Dreaming of a snake bite can be alarming, but there’s no cause for panic, as they are merely symbolic and not to be taken literally. A snake bite in a dream typically symbolizes a warning sign for your waking life.

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Seeing snails crawling in your dream indicate the conditions are unhealthy.   If you step on them it signifies you are associating with disagreeable people.


Dreaming about snow is considered to be a good omen.  If you dream the snow is falling all around you and sticking to the trees and buildings, it indicates success and happiness.  If you are eating snow in your dream it implies you do not pay enough attention to details.  To see dirty snow indicates disappointments in your personal life.


To dream of soap implies you feel it necessary to clean up and repair your business affairs.


Seeing soldiers in your dream is an indication of flagrant excesses.  If you see wounded soldiers it is a sign of sadness and misfortune.


To dream of a sorcerer signifies that your life is going through many changes and disappointments.


Dreaming about a sparrow is an indication you are being surrounded with love and attention.  It implies you are also a good listener and compassionate person.


Seeing spiders in your dreams is usually considered to be a good omen because spiders eat annoying insects. A spider in your dream can mean a female in your life is being deceitful. If you see a tarantula however, it is considered to be a sign of danger.

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Dreaming about spitting is a sign of an unhappy termination of a long friendship due to an unfortunate misunderstanding.


Sponges seen in a dream are a sign of deception. All of the signs in the dream must be examined carefully to interpret the meaning of a dream with a sponge in it.


Using a spoon in a dream is a favorable sign of advancement. It can also indicate contentment and happiness in domestic affairs.


To dream that spies are harassing you indicates you are uneasy because of dangerous quarrels.


Dreaming that you see squirrels indicate you are expecting dear and pleasant friends to visit soon.


To see yourself on a stage indicates a desire to capture the attention of friends or family.


Walking upstairs is a sign of success and in your endeavors. If you are walking down the stairs it implies failure and bad luck.


Dreaming you are starving is a sign of unfruitful labors and dissatisfaction with your present position in life.


To see statues in dreams signifies you are estranged from your friends and family.


Feeling an insect sting in a dream denotes unhappiness and ominous conditions.


Seeing and hearing a storm approach indicates sickness and unfavorable health.  If the storm is far away it implies you are only slightly concerned.


Dreaming about strawberries is considered to be a favorable dream.  To see strawberries in a dream is said to indicate advancement in your career.


To dream that you are walking down a street alone is a sign of despair and depression.  If the street is dark and foreboding it indicates you see a desperate and dismal future for yourself.


To dream of sugar indicates you are stubborn and difficult to please.  It can be a sign that you are having difficult times in your domestic life.  To eat sugar in your dreams signifies many unpleasant matters to contend with


A clear bright sun shiny day signifies joyous events and much promise for the future.  To see the sun high in the sky implies your long awaited goals have been achieved.   To see the sun break out through the clouds denotes you are immerging from the crowd and achieving prosperity.


To walk through a swamp indicates you are experiencing many adverse circumstances in your personal life.


Dreaming about beautiful white swans swimming on the water indicates prosperous and delightful experiences.


Swimming in your dream is a sign of self satisfaction and a desire to participate in the pleasures of life.


Dreaming about a syringe indicates you feel healthy and in a position to maintain, and take care of your physical condition.

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