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If you dream that you are abandoned it could indicate impending problems and that you are concerned about your future success. Dreaming that you abandoned someone can mean you may be concerned about a relationship. If you witnessed someone being abandoned it can indicate you are expecting some sort of bad news. If you abandon an object you are looking to make major changes in your life. Any dream about abandonment is usually an indication you are worried or discontent.


Viewing an abbey in bright sunshine as a thing of beauty indicates happiness and good luck. If the abbey appears surrounded by dark clouds and is very gloomy it is a sign of sadness and you are unhappy for some reason.


An exposed abdomen is a sign of betrayal and you are vulnerable. It indicates you should be very cautious at this time. To see an abdomen with blood oozing out means something tragic has happened.


To dream that you abhor someone means you are correct about your suspicions of their honesty. If you dream that someone abhors you it means your actions have been misunderstood. Finding something distasteful or annoying warns of impending difficult times.


To dream about an abortion means you are contemplating or have dome something you are concerned or feel bad about. It can also indicate unhappiness or you are concerned about your health.


Indicates you are in fear of being removed from or forced to leave someplace where you feel comfortable and safe. It can indicate you have recently been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable.


Dreaming about abnormal things, items or people indicates your current problems are bothering you more than you suspect. When your mind is seriously concerned about something in your life it can create abnormal visions to indicate your concerns.


Dreams about traveling abroad usually indicate a desire for adventure. It can also mean you desire a change from your present conditions.


To grieve over the absence of a friend or family member can denote your fear of losing a life long friend. If you are exited about the absence of a friend or family member you will soon loose someone you consider your enemy.


Abstinence from eating or drinking indicates you may be

punishing yourself, but the reason may not be clear. It can also mean you are trying to prove to yourself that you are stronger or more self-sufficient that you believe you are.


Abundance indicates feelings of contentment and happiness. Dreaming you have an abundance of items or energy is a very good omen and means you feel you will have a happy future.


To dream that you have abused someone indicates you feel you have not acted honorably or honestly recently. If you dream that you are being abused it indicates you are being forewarned about someone or something you are suspicious of.


Falling into an abyss is a very common dream and considered a warning to be cautious of a personal or business deal. Dreaming about looking into an abyss means you feel you will be confronted with threats of a personal nature, or will be burdened with something you are concerned about.


A dream that means you are about to make new friends and are exited about them and your future. To dream you are revisiting an academy is a peaceful and common dream.


To dream about an accident means you are concerned about traveling for some reason. Traveling dreams usually reveal a subconscious fear about the type of transportation you are using when the accident occurs. They are a contradictory dream because they come from the unconscious mind and do not necessarily reflect your true feelings.


Usually an indication you need some sort of medical attention and are curious about this controversial yet interesting form of healing.


Having a pleasant conversation after meeting an acquaintance means you are happy and content at the moment. Having an argument or heated disagreement with the acquaintance indicates you are angry or displeased about something. It may have nothing to do with the acquaintance.


To dream to have been acquitted of a crime indicates you have been forgiven for something you have been feeling guilty about. To see others acquitted, foretells that you are happy for the success of your friends.

Actor or Actress

To see in your dreams yourself as an actress or actor denotes that you are in a state of success and pleasure. To have and actor or actress visit you indicates you feel privileged and important. To have people surround you and admire you as if you were and actress or actor means you are seeing yourself in a fantasy world you desire.


To dream that people admire you denotes that you feel confident you will retain the respect of former business associates though you believe you will attain more success.


To admonish someone means you feel betrayed and feel it necessary express your feelings in a very visible way.


Seeing yourself as being adopted signifies personal acceptance. It indicates you have been feeling lonely or deserted and now have been saved.


To dream of a partner being unfaithful can indicate insecurity or feelings of sexual inadequacy. Dreaming of having an affair with someone else can mean you are dissatisfied with your relationship or circumstances. Dreaming of having sex with another partner can mean you are just experiencing a sexual fantasy and have no connection to your relationship.


To dream of advancing in any project you are involved with, such as your career, a special project, a hobby, or a personal relationship would mean happiness, contentment, and confidence in yourself. To see others advance is another contradictory dream and can mean you are either happy or jealous of a friend or associate. This again can depend on the type of dream you are having.


To dream that you are receiving advice denotes you are lost or confused and are seeking help. To give advice represents a confirmation of your confidence in yourself.


To feel that you are afraid to proceed with plans you have made, or go on a trip you have planned usually indicates you are having problems within your family or circle of friends. If you dream that someone else is afraid is a sign you should be cautious.


To dream you are younger than your current age denotes a desire to return to your childhood for some reason. If you are dreaming that you are older it would indicate a fear of the future or you are afraid of becoming ill.


You are sad or distraught over recent events if you dream of agony. It usually means you are very unhappy about something in this dream and are taking it personally. Agony is the type of feeling that can pertain only to this dream and not have any connection with your actual circumstances.


Dreaming you have aids or any other dreaded disease indicates you feel something is seriously wrong with your health. It can also indicate something is seriously wrong with your relationships, your career, or family. To dream someone else is seriously or incurably ill means you have feelings of being helpless.


To dream you feel hot air suggests something evil or dangerous may happen. Dreaming you feel cold air indicates a problem with your career or personal relationship. Dreaming about heavy humid air would denote you are feeling oppressed or under a lot of pressure.


If you are afraid of flying then dreaming about an airplane would be expressing fear of some sort. If you are not afraid of airplanes it could indicate a desire for travel or adventure. If you like to fly it represents something you enjoy and indicates happiness.

Airplane Crash

A very negative dream indicating a negative change in your life and everyone involved with you. This dream is symbolic of feeling helpless in the face of tragedy.


Represents the desire to travel and seek adventure. Airports symbolize the beginning of a journey and can mean a desire

for freedom. An empty airport can indicate you have changed or canceled some travel or vacation plans.


To dream of an album, denotes you are thinking about your relationship with friends and relatives. It can mean you are grieving for a lost friend or relative and are reminiscing.


Dreaming about drinking alcohol indicates a desire to escape reality. It can denote a desire to forget or get away

from a situation or problem.


To dream of aliens indicates your curiosity about something you are not sure exists but you fantasize what they may be like. A fearful dream about aliens obviously indicates your fear of them. Dreaming of an enjoyable experience with an alien would suggest you believe they could exist as friendly beings.


To dream of an alley, denotes you are uncomfortable with your current surroundings. Alleys are usually viewed as dark and foreboding places that make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes fearful.


To dream about an alligator is a dream of caution, and most often indicates a problem. If you are attacked by an alligator and you kill it, then you have defeated and overcome your problem. Under most circumstances this in an unfavorable dream.

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Dreaming about almonds indicates you are going to have good fortune and money. Sorrow and disappointment is also associated with almonds if they are spoiled or bitter. Generally a dream about almonds is considered a good omen.


To dream of an almanac, means good fortune awaits you. It is believed that good luck will come by dreaming you are reading an almanac.


To dream of seeing an altar is another contradictory dream and can mean many different things. It can mean a wedding which is a happy occasion or a funeral which would be a sad occasion. Altars are seldom seen in dreams and it is even rarer to dream of a priest at an altar. Repentance is also implied.


To dream about an ambulance is a warning to be careful of possible danger. It is usually considered a bad omen where your health is concerned. It can mean you fear that you may have become ill with an incurable disease.


Dreaming about an amateur, whether its an entertainer, a worker, a doctor, nurse or any other kind of amateur denotes your dreams will come true. If there is a tragedy involved your happiness will contradict it and make things better. Dreaming about an amateur is usually a good dream about hope and a pleasant future.


To dream of aluminum, denotes happiness with your current circumstances and that you are content. Tarnished aluminum indicates unexpected sorrow in your life.


To dream you are amorous means that you are thinking about your personal desires and pleasure more than you usually do. To dream that someone is amorous with you is a pleasant dream that means you feel good about yourself.


Having an arm or leg amputated denotes a personal loss in your life. It is a depressing dream and usually indicates extreme unhappiness or depression.

Amusement park

Having a dream about an amusement park is usually a pleasant and happy dream. It indicates a desire for adventure and excitement. If the amusement park is empty and you are the only one there indicates you are very depressed and afraid of being alone.


To dream of an anchor is a sign that good friends or family members may soon separate. It can also be an indication that you may be traveling a long distance or to a foreign country.


Dreaming about angels is usually a very prophetic dream and can have many different meanings. If it is a pleasant dream, you are expecting to hear about the good fortune of a friend soon. The dreamer’s personal beliefs play a large part in this type of dream. Many times when you dream of angels it means there will be a major change in your life.


To dream of anger denotes that you are releasing your true feelings about someone or something that you hesitate to express in your waking state. It can be a way of venting disappointments or anger that you normally would not do. If you dream that someone is angry with you it indicates you feel guilty about something.


Dreaming about antelopes means you have high ambitions that you expect to achieve.


Dreaming about animals indicates a part of your personality that you equate with that animal. If the animal is aggressive you are having aggressive feelings at this time. If it is a passive animal then you are in a more calm and restful mood. If you are attacked by an animal it may indicate a fear of animals.


Because ants are annoying pesky creatures they indicate annoying things in our dreams. When you dream about ants you are being bothered by something that is annoying you. Many petty annoyances during the day can creep into your dreams.


Dreaming about a new well appointed apartment indicates good luck and good fortune and that your financial position has probably improved. Seeing a dirty run down apartment means you are expecting some hard times and misfortune. You may need to be cautious about your financial needs. Try to remember items you saw in the apartment so you can look up the interpretations for those items.


Usually this is a very good dream and indicates happiness and good fortune. If the tree has a lot of red apples on it then everything is good in your life and can imply you are falling in love. Green, bitter, or rotting apples lying on the ground is usually not as good a dream and can mean there may be troubles ahead for you. This is another example where the theme of the dream can determine the interpretation of seeing apples. If you are having a happy dream and you just walk by an apple on the ground it could mean nothing at all.


To dream that you are an apprentice indicates you are struggling at your job or having difficulties with your studies.


Dreams of seeing apricots growing, denotes that what you determine to be good may hold some bitter experiences for you. Eating apricots can indicate you have been wasting your time on trivial and unimportant things or people, and you will eventually be disappointed.


Dreaming about April means you are looking for a new and fresh start in either your life or job. If the weather is cloudy or rainy it indicates you could have difficulty with your change in circumstances.


Dreaming of an aquarium indicates contentment and pleasure with the smallest of things in your life. The size of the tank indicates the quality of life you are enjoying. The larger the aquarium is, the better the quality of your life.


If you argue in a dream with a person that you would normally not argue with while awake, your subconscious mind may be releasing thoughts you have, but normally suppress. If you dream about arguing with someone in the future it can be a warning not to make impulsive decisions.


Dreaming about an architect drawing up plans denotes a change in your business or job. If you dream that you are an architect working on a project it indicates you are about to make changes in your life style.


If you dream you cannot move your arms it indicates a feeling of helplessness and that you are unable to take care of yourself. If you can only move one arm you feel the need for help and are reaching out to someone to assist you. (see lucid dreams)


To dream about a sweet aroma denotes you will soon be the recipient of something pleasant. A sour or foul aroma would be the opposite and you could be receiving bad news.


To see a respectable looking person arrested means you are looking to make changes in your life. If they are resisting being arrested, you are expecting a fight or disagreement with someone very soon.


This dream indicates pleasure. You are going expecting to be entertained or go somewhere you enjoy very much. Seeing a broken arrow indicates a disappointment in your business or personal life.

Art Gallery

To visit an art gallery indicates you are looking for different associations in your life, and want to travel and see more of what the world has to offer.


If you ascend to the top of a hill or the top of a staircase it indicates you are easily overcoming obstacles and in a dream.


To dream of visiting Asia is a confirmation of changes in your life but you will not benefit from them, and will receive no financial gain.


Dreaming about asparagus signifies you will be prosperous and successful. If you are eating asparagus it means your success may be temporarily interrupted.


If you see someone assassinated it is a warning you are in for some misfortune and may incur some losses soon. If you are the one that is assassinated it means you are having problems and believe you will not be able to over come them.


Giving assistance to someone in a dream means you will have success in your career. If someone assists you it indicates you have many loyal friends that you can count on.


Dreaming about being attacked is considered a bad omen dream. Use caution for a while because this may be a warning for you. If you are attacked by an animal it could mean you have recently been frightened by one. If you are attacked by a person it may mean you have a subconscious fear of someone you know or are associated with. It quite often means your honesty or integrity has unjustly been questioned and you interpret that as being attacked.


To dream you are looking at an atlas denotes that you are carefully researching an interest before making any changes in your life.


If you dream that you are in an attic it indicates you have plans and hopes that will fail to materialize. To dream you are sleeping in an attic means you are comfortable with yourself and your present situation.


Seeing an attorney denotes problems of a serious nature are in your near future. If the attorney is defending you in a court room it means you feel guilty about something and you should be held responsible for your actions.


To dream of an auction is usually a good omen. If you are buying at the auction you are having good fortune and success. Dreaming that you are auctioning off some of your possessions indicates a feeling of despair and desperation.


Dreaming about autumn is usually a favorable dream and indicates happiness and contentment. It can mean you recently had an enjoyable reunion with a family member or friend.


If you are dreaming about driving a new expensive luxury car or a beautiful sports car, then you are happy and excited about your life in this dream. Driving an old broken down and rusty vehicle indicates a feeling of failure and frustration and can indicate you are going through some tough times.


Dreaming you are awake indicates restlessness in your mind or body. It could also be a lucid dream where you are actually not fully asleep. (see lucid dreams). Lucid dreams have been scientifically proven to happen and if you are having dreams where you feel that you are awake, you should look further into lucid dreaming.


Dreaming about an autopsy oddly enough is not considered to be a bad dream, and could be considered a good omen. It usually indicates a feeling you are going to experience something new and adventurous soon.


Watching an avalanche you fear unable to avoid being buried in, means you realize there are obstacles in life which you cannot avoid. Usually it means you are aware of things in your life that you must change or they could become disastrous.


Seeing an axe in a dream denotes a feeling you must work hard to achieve your goals. If the axe is sharp and you feel energetic and lively everything is well. If you are struggling with the axe because it is dull or broken it indicates you are ill or overburdened at the moment.

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