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To see a kangaroo in your dreams indicates you are thinking about exotic and adventurous places. Dreaming about a kangaroo implies you recently have outwitted or fooled an associate.


Dreams about parties are rather common, but when a keg is in your dream, it indicates you are planning an especially wild and raucous party. If a group of friends are gathered around a keg it implies you will be surrounded by many friends and family.


To see a kettle in your dream denotes you have a great deal of laborious work before you. If you see a broken kettle it indicates some important task has been disrupted.


Dreaming about keys indicate unexpected changes in your life. If you lose your keys and cannot find them, it implies you are having very unpleasant adventures. If you find a key it can mean you have discovered a long lost friend or associate. If you are giving a key away in your dream it can mean you cannot trust your judgment in certain matters that you have been concerned about.


To dream that you are spying on others through a keyhole indicates you have disclosed confidential information. If you catch others peeping through a keyhole, you have lost faith and confidence in a dear friend.


To dream about your kidneys indicates you are threatened with a serious illness. Dreaming that your kidneys are failing is much more common than one would think, and is usually associated with concern about your health


To dream of being kidnapped can mean you feel trapped in your waking life. A kidnapping dream symbolizes you are not in control of your life, and you feel like someone else is running the show. Dreaming of kidnapping can be disturbing, but the event merely represents your inner emotional state.

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To dream of killing a defenseless man indicates you are suffering from deep sorrow and failure. If you kill a ferocious beast it implies you feel victorious after having been under extreme pressure.

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Dreaming you are a King can indicate you have been struggling with your personal ambition and are proud of your accomplishments.   If you are censured by a king you are feeling guilty for neglecting your duties or family.


To dream that you see children kissing indicates happy family reunions and joyous celebrations. To dream that you kiss your mother is considered a good omen that will bring you success in all of your endeavors.   To kiss a brother or sister denotes good associations and fellowship among your friends and family.  To kiss your lover signifies honorable intentions occupy your mind always and that harmony is prized in your home life.


To dream of a kitchen denotes you will have unexpected guests that will need to be entertained.


Dreaming you are flying a kite usually indicates you are putting up a false front to disguise failure.  To see a kite fall to the ground implies disappointment and failure. If you see children flying kites it signifies pleasant and happy times.


Seeing a kitten in a dream is considered to be a good omen that indicates frivolous and carefree fun.

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Seeing a knapsack in your dream implies you will find the greatest adventures and pleasures away from your usual friends and associates.


To dream that your knees are stiff and painful can mean you fear pushing yourself too hard is doing harm to your health.  To dream about  knees is considered an unfortunate omen.


Dreaming about a knife is usually bad for the dreamer because it indicates quarrels and fights among acquaintances.   To see rusty knives can mean you are disappointed with conditions within your home.  Broken knives signify defeat and failure in your personal life.


To dream you are using a knocker on a door indicates you feel forced to ask for the aid of others.


If you hear knocking in your dream, it indicates you are afraid to hear news of a serious nature that you know awaits you.


To dream of seeing knots indicate you are worrying needlessly over trivial affairs.  If you are tying knots it signifies you have an independent and self assured nature.

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