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Canary Birds

To dream of this sweet songster denotes you are feeling extremely happy and content in this dream.  Holding a canary in your hand implies you feel a sincere connection with nature and a love of birds and animals.  If someone gives you a canary it indicates you feel loved and respected by your peers.  To give away a canary means you are showing your approval and appreciation for someone or something.  Seeing a flock of canaries singing and flying about means you are very happy and content at this time.


To see candles burning indicates you feel content with your life and encouraged about your future.  Candles that are not burning usually indicate you are waiting to hear or see someone.  If a burning candle goes out you are afraid for the health of yourself or someone you care about.


This dream denotes that you feel your home or property is at risk for some reason, and it will be necessary to defend it.  Dreaming about cannons is very subjective because they can indicate both aggression and defense.  You need to consider your personal situation when interpreting this type of dream.


To paddle a canoe on a fast running stream indicates you feel very confidant in your ability to handle arising problems.  If you are in a canoe with your lover it denotes happiness and contentment with your love life.  If you are paddling down a calm and quite stream you are feeling content with your life and future.


To dream of making candy can mean you feel the need to make someone happy.  Dreaming about eating candy implies you are enjoying the pleasures of life.  Eating sour candy usually mean you are surprised at feeling disgusted or angry with someone you care about.  If you receive a box of candy it indicates you are expecting good news or financial gain in the near future.


Dreaming you are under a canopy means you feel the need to protect yourself and possibly those around you.  A canopy generally indicates protection from the elements and when you dream about one it usually means you feel the need for protection.


To dream that you are a captive denotes you are afraid of someone or something.  If you cannot escape it can mean a real and dangerous fear of something in your personal life.  If you escape it indicates you feel the situation is under control.


To dream of seeing the captain of a ship denotes you feel in control of any situation which may arise.


(See Automobile)


If you are playing cards in your dreams with others it indicates you enjoy socializing with other people.  If you are gambling while playing cards it can indicate you’re looking for a quick way to solve a problem.  If a fortune teller is reading cards to see your future it implies you are expecting unforeseen problems soon.


Dreaming that you are a participant in a carnival indicates you have a desire for unusual pleasure or recreation.  It can mean you are looking for some new adventure in your life, and are ready for a change in your lifestyle.  Seeing unusual and freakish sights in a carnival indicates discord and problems in your personal life.


Riding in a horse drawn carriage is an indication you want to be pampered and treated as royalty.  If it is an old worn out carriage you could be depressed or worried about recent activities.


To see a carpet in a dream denotes you want wealth and prosperity for yourself and your friends.  Dreaming about buying carpets indicates you feel you have gained some wealth.


To see carpenters working indicates you are looking forward to a project you are planning or hoping to begin soon.  Watching carpenters work implies a desire to engage in the labor involved in the project.


To dream of carrots implies you have prosperity and good health and are satisfied with your current position.


To dream that you have plenty of cash means you feel a particular goal of yours has been achieved.  Giving cash away to others implies you have recently done something you feel generous and happy about and are pleased with yourself.


Seeing a cashier would indicate you are involved in a project you expect to be successful and profitable.


You are pleased with yourself and everything you have if you dream you are in a castle.  A castle implies wealth and power and if you dream you own one, you feel you have accomplished something important recently.  Dreaming about owning a castle can also indicate you feel you have power and influence over other people.  If the castle is old and crumbling it could indicate you have lost confidence in yourself and feel you are losing control.


Dreams about cats symbolize intuition, feminine energy, and wisdom. Cat dreams are generally regarded as a good omen, except for black cats in a dream, which signify a negative sign.

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Dreaming about riding in a cab signifies you feel you enjoy average prosperity.  If you are riding in a cab with other people it can indicate you have a secret you are keeping from friends.  If you are riding in a cab with a person of the opposite sex it means you are afraid of a scandal in your personal life.  If you are driving a cab it means you feel you’re in a dead end job with no future.  It can indicate you want to look for another occupation.


It is bad to dream of cabbage.  It can mean you feel trouble in your personal life is imminent.  To dream of seeing green cabbage can mean you are afraid someone you love has been unfaithful.

Cabin (ship)

To dream of being in a ships cabin indicates you are looking for adventure and travel in your life.


To hear the cackling of hens usually denotes you have recently received news of an unexpected tragedy among your friends or family.  It can also indicate a fear of impending illness in yourself or a close associate.


Dreaming about seeing cactus usually indicates you feel someone is threatening your possessions and you need to protect them.  Cactus are considered a form of defense because of their prickly spines.  Since a cactus grows under adverse conditions it is considered a hardy plant that can adjust to any condition.  When one is seen in a dream it can mean the dreamer feels they need to change and adjust to new circumstances.


If you see a cage full of birds, you are hoping to possess happiness and many beautiful children.   To see only one bird indicates you are afraid you will not have any children or grandchildren.  If the cage is empty it can denote you recently lost a friend or loved one.


Dreaming about a cake indicates you are happy and want to celebrate something.  If you dream about a pound cake it is usually associated with business.  Dreaming about a wedding cake indicates you are happy and excited about the beginning of something in your life.


Seeing a calculator in a dream can mean you are concerned about your current financial situation.  Watching someone use a calculator indicates you feel you need help with your finances.  If you see a lot of people using calculators it can mean you are concerned about having problems with your business.


To dream of calves peacefully grazing usually indicates you feel content and happy and are looking forward to festive gatherings.


To dream of keeping a calendar, indicates that are very orderly and systematic in your habits throughout the year.  Seeing a calendar can denote disappointment in your calculations or expectations.


To dream that you hear the voice of someone you know could foreshadow a long illness or even death for that person. To hear the voice of your loved one calling you may mean a separation due to misunderstandings. If the voice you hear is the voice of someone already dead then this denotes that you are about to commit a bad error in judgment about your business.

Calm Seas

To see calm seas, denotes a successful ending of a doubtful undertaking.  It can also mean you feel calm and happy due to a long and well-spent life.


To see this beast of burden signifies you feel it will be necessary for you to sustain yourself for long periods of time.  If you are having problems with your business it can mean your concerned there are tough times ahead and you need to prepare for them.  If you have recently been concerned about a personal relationship it can signify your subconscious mind feels it will take a long and difficult journey to save the relationship.


Dreaming about a camera signifies you are changing environments and are not pleased about your situation.  It is believed that when a young woman dreams about a camera she has been disappointed with a friend or lover.


To dream of camping can mean you expect a change in your affairs.  If you see yourself camping it indicates you feel the need to get back to basics in your life.  To see a lot of people camping usually means you are yearning to be with many friends and family members.  It is said that when a woman is having a difficult time setting a date for her wedding, she will quite often dream about camping alone.


To dream you are organizing a campaign indicates you are seriously opposed to something and intend to change it. If you are working on a campaign it signifies you feel you should join forces with someone who needs your help. A campaign in a dream is not always a political campaign. It can be a religious, environmental, community, or any type of campaign, but it usually indicates the same thing.


To dream about cannibalism usually indicates you feel guilty or sorry about something you have done recently and it is “eating you up”. It can mean you are just tempted to do something you could possibly feel guilty about.


Dreaming you have cancer signifies you feel depressed and are unhappy for some reason. If you dream someone else has cancer indicates you are concerned about the health of a friend or family member. Dreaming about cancer usually indicates a concern about an illness or someone’s health, but not necessarily cancer itself.


To see the water of a canal muddy is a sign you are not feeling well. It can mean you are not feeling well at the moment, or you have been ill recently. If the water is clear and running fast it indicates good feelings and happiness, or you have been ill and are now feeling much better. Still waters usually indicate a placid and uneventful period in your life.


Prosperity and good health is usually indicated when you dream of cattle. Happiness and good luck is associated with dreaming about cattle grazing in a green pasture. Seeing shaggy and poorly fed cattle implies problems and unhappiness in your personal life. Stampeding cattle indicates you are afraid something in your life is getting out of control.


To dream of a cathedral usually denotes a fear of the unknown. It is associated with sorrow and unhappiness and can indicate some unresolved personal problems. Dreaming about cathedrals can imply both physical and mental health concerns.

Cavern or Cave

Seeing a cavern or cave is associated with fear of the unknown and usually indicates worries about health conditions. Dreaming you are in a cavern or cave can indicate you have been, or feel you will be, estranged from someone you care about.


To dream of being in a cold damp cellar can indicate you are oppressed by doubts. You have lost confidence in all things and suffer gloomy days from which you cannot escape. It also can indicate a loss of property or personal possessions.


Dreaming about celebrities can indicate you are influenced by glamour and popularity and tend to fantasize about such things. Dreaming about being a celebrity denotes that you desire to live a more popular social life than you have now. To dream that a love one becomes a celebrity implies you are very proud of them and wish them well.


To dream of being in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery is a sign of happiness, but if the cemetery is unkempt and disorderly you could be concerned about your happiness. This is another contradictory dream because there are so many variations in the dream such as beautiful flowers, funeral services taking place, peaceful quite views of the cemetery, open graves, and dark cloudy days or bright sunshiny days. All of these things can effect the interpretation of this type of dream.


Watching a chase in progress indicates a desire not to get involved in something you may be aware of but are not a participant. I you are being chased it implies there may be something in your past you are running away from.

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Dreaming about chocolate implies good health and prosperity. Living a good and pampered lifestyle is associated with chocolate in most dreams.


Being bound in chains denotes one feels they are being bound by unjust burdens or accusations. If you cannot escape from the chains it indicates you are unable to free yourself from your current burdens. Freeing yourself from the chains can imply you have recently accomplished something you thought impossible or unattainable.


To see a chair in your dream usually indicates a failure to meet an obligation. An empty chair is generally thought to be a bad omen and usually associated with unhappy dreams.


Dreaming you are the chairman of a public body or corporation indicates you are very ambitious and determined to achieve your goals. This dream can quite often be associated with a recent promotion or advancement.


If you are challenged in a dream it implies you are having problems with friends or co-workers and feel you need to defend yourself. It can also mean you feel compelled to make an apology for a social problem you have experienced.


To dream of a champion denotes you are seeking the friendship of some person who you admire.


Dreaming about a chandelier can indicate a desire for success and prosperity. A chandelier is associated with luxury and pleasure. Dreaming about a broken chandelier implies distress and failure.


Dreaming about a chapel indicates dissension within your social circles. To be in a chapel denotes you are disappointed with your relationships or business associates.


To dream of giving to a charity usually denotes that you have been harassed with requests for help from friends or business associates recently. Worries about ill health quite often result in dreams about charitable institutions.


Dreams about charcoal denote misery and unhappiness are present in your life. If it is burning with glowing coals you feel the prospects of solving your problems are slim.


Riding in a chariot implies a feeling of power and glory. If the chariot is old and ragged you feel you are falling out of favor with someone you respect or love.


Being chastised in your dream indicates you have not been prudent in conducting your affairs. To dream that you chastise another person implies anger or disappointment with a friend or loved one. If you dream you are chastising one of your children it indicates you have recently been disappointed with a child.


To dream of being cheated in business indicates you have lost faith in a personal friend or business associate. Dreaming about being cheated in a game implies you do not trust people unless you know them well.

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To dream of writing bad checks denotes you have lost faith in yourself and are ashamed of your recent behavior. Dreaming you are paying out checks indicates you are expecting or hoping to receive some windfall profits soon.


Playing checkers in a dream implies you feel challenged to show you are a winner. To dream that you win the game indicates you have faith in your abilities to overcome any adversities.


Dreaming of eating cheese indicates great disappointments and sorrow in your life. Dreaming about cheese is generally considered a bad omen.


To dream of cherries indicates the realization that you are considered popular because of your amiability and unselfishness. To eat them implies you are in possession of a much desired object.


Playing chess in a dream denotes you are concerned about something in your business or personal life and are carefully looking at your options. To dream that you lose at chess implies you have few options and may not be able to overcome your problems.


Chestnuts are associated with holidays and peaceful family celebrations. Dreaming about them usually indicates you are at peace with yourself and happy with your lifestyle.


To dream of seeing a brood of chickens signifies you are content with your financial situation at the moment but realize you must prepare for the future. Seeing only one chicken indicates you are very concerned about not having enough money to provide for your family. Dreaming about eating chicken is associated with fun times and family outings.

Child birth

When a woman dreams of giving child birth it indicates she feels fortunate and excited about her current situation. A man that dreams of child birth is usually feeling pride and satisfaction about his current circumstances. Dreams about child birth are usually happy dreams.


Dreaming of happy and well behaved children indicates contentment and happiness with your lifestyle. If children are misbehaving and unruly in a dream, it implies you are having difficulty with your family life. To dream of seeing your child desperately ill or dead implies you are having serious issues in your personal life and are concerned about them.


To dream of Christmas chimes denotes happiness and contentment are present in your life. Chimes are usually associated with happy and joyous dreams.


Seeing chimneys in a dream denotes a very displeasing incident has recently occurred in your life. Chimneys are associated with sorrow and illness and are rarely a good sign in a dream. If a chimney is seen hiding in a corner it implies you are distressed and confused about your future.


For a woman to dream of getting new china indicates she believes she has a pleasant and comfortable home.


To dream of a choir is a sign your surroundings are considered cheerful and happy. Hearing the sounds of a choir in your dream is said to replace gloom and discontent.


Dreaming about a church indicates happiness and contentment and an indication you expect long awaited pleasures or activities to happen. It is considered a good omen to dream of a church, but keep in mind you must take into consideration the theme of the dream when interpreting a dream with a church in it. Entering a church that is gloomy can imply you are remembering somber times.


To dream of cider implies the squandering of personal wealth or property and if you are watching someone drink cider it indicates you feel you were betrayed by friends.


Dreaming about a circle denotes your personal affairs are not in order and you are unable to find a solution for your problems. Seeing circles can mean you are having difficulty reaching your goals.


Smoking a cigarette is a two faced sword. If you smoke in your waking life it can indicate peace, contentment and personal pleasure. If you do not smoke it implies a desire for forbidden pleasures or activities.


To dream that you are in a strange city indicates sorrow and unhappiness with your life. If you are lost in a city it denotes a fear of travel or losing your present form of transportation.


Dreaming about seeing yourself at a circus indicates you feel someone has the wrong impression of you. If the circus is exciting and colorful it can mean you are very happy with your present surroundings.

City Council

To dream you are part of a city council indicates you are not pleased with your local government and would like to make changes.

City Hall

Dreaming about a city hall indicates a fear or contemplation of a law suit. It implies you are involved in an action that will end up in court.


To dream of clams denotes you have been negotiating or discussing a business proposition with an obstinate but honest person. To eat them indicates you are enjoying good health and prosperity.


To dream of a clarinet indicates you have been indulging in frivolity beneath your usual dignity.


Dreaming about a clergyman implies you have recently suffered the loss of someone close to you. It can also indicate you are concerned about the health of a friend or family member.


To dream of climbing up a hill or mountain and reaching the top indicates you have recently overcome a formidable obstacle. If you fail to reach the top your plans have been ruined. To climb a ladder to the last rung means you have succeeded in business and are pleased. To see yourself climbing the side of a house in some mysterious way indicates you expect to make an extraordinary venture.


To dream that you see a clock indicates you feel you are in danger and fear for your safety. To hear a clock chime implies you have just received unpleasant news.


Dreaming about clothes that are soiled and torn indicates you feel you have been deceived by someone. To dream that you have an assortment of clothes is considered to be an omen that you may want but do not have the necessaries of life.


To dream of seeing dark heavy clouds usually means you have recently suffered a misfortune. If rain is falling it denotes troubles and sickness. To see bright transparent clouds with the sun shining through them indicates success and happiness.


Walking through fields of fragrant clover indicates prosperity and happiness and you are extremely happy.


To dream of being approached by a person bearing a club denotes you have a fear of being assaulted.


To see bright coals of a fire denotes pleasure and many pleasant changes. To dream you handle them yourself indicates much joy. To see dead coals implies trouble and disappointments.


Dreaming about wearing another persons coat signifies that you are counting on a friend to help you. Seeing your coat torn can indicate the loss of a dear friend.


Seeing a Cocoanut in your dream is usually a sign of an unexpected gift. Dead cocoanut trees are a sign of loss and sorrow.


To dream of hearing a cock crowing in the morning is a significant sign of good luck. To hear one at night is despair and indicates you are lonely and depressed. This dream usually implies some unexpected and sorrowful events are happening.


Drinking a cocktail while dreaming denotes you are inclined to enjoy the companionship of the opposite sex.


If you dream in color it is a good sign and indicates you are gaining self confidence and prosperity in your personal life and your business affairs.


As you might imagine this dream is considered a bad omen. Dreaming about coffins usually means you have been having a run of bad luck. To see yourself in the coffin indicates you feel defeated or have lost the battle for something you want very much.


To dream of drinking coffee can mean you feel your friends disapprove of your marriage intentions or your current relationship. To see ground coffee indicates you have recently had successful struggles with adversity.

Coffee House

To see or visit a coffee house in your dreams indicates you are unwisely entertaining friendly relations with persons known to be your enemies.


Dreaming about gold denotes that great prosperity and much pleasure are derived from sight-seeing and ocean voyages. Silver coins are thought to be unlucky to dream about.


If you dream you are cold and uncomfortable it can indicate your health is deteriorating and you may need medical attention soon.


To dream of a college denotes you are expecting to advance to a position long sought after. If you dream that you are back in college it implies you will receive distinction through some well intentioned work.


To dream of a collision indicates you have gone through a series of disappointments and are afraid of the future. It can also mean you are having a difficult time making decisions.


Engaging in combat indicates a desire to confront someone who is causing you problems or heartbreak. It denotes you are struggling with your feelings or emotions.


To dream of combing one’s hair is regarded as a bad omen and indicates the loss of a friend or loved one.


Dreaming of being at a comedic show denotes a desire for foolish and short-lived pleasures. If you are the comedian it indicates you are craving attention.


To dream of being commanded by another person denotes you have been humbled in some way by your associates or family. If you dream of giving the commands you feel some type of honor should be conferred upon you. You may be angry or frustrated if this is done in a tyrannical or boastful way.


To dream of a committee indicates that you have been surprised and convinced into doing some distasteful work. For one to wait on you, foretells some unfruitful labor will be assigned you.


Dreaming about a wife or husband signifies small anxieties and probable sickness in the family. To dream of a companion who is a friend denotes light and frivolous pastimes are engaging your life.


To dream of a compass indicates you are confused and at a loss as to how you can overcome your problems. Using a compass in a dream that cannot show you the direction in which to proceed implies you are overwhelmed with your problems.


Completing a task or piece of work in a dream denotes you feel very competent and self assured. It implies you can plan your schedule as you please and you have complete control over your activities.


Dreaming you have a beautiful complexion is considered to be a good omen and that you are very lucky. To dream that you have a bad complexion denotes disappointment in yourself or sickness.


Dreaming about working on a computer indicates discipline and dedication to whatever is at hand. You should always take into consideration the theme of the dream because the meaning can vary according to the dream. It can also mean you have been to wound up in your work or studies and you need to take a break.


To dream of a concert denotes a delightful season of pleasure. To the business man it implies successful business trends, and to the young it signifies bliss and faithful loves.


To dream of confetti obstructing your view in a crowd denotes you are lost in a crowd of happier people and

cannot find your way. It can be a sign that you have been unhappy lately.


Dreaming you are the object of a conspiracy implies you have been making errors in your personal affairs that need to be corrected.


To dream that your conscience is bothering you because you deceived someone indicates a desire to commit or assist in a deed you are ashamed of. It can indicate you are afraid your reputation is in jeopardy.


If you dream you have consumed too much food or alcohol it indicates you are exposing your self to danger.


To dream of being in contempt of court denotes that you have committed a business or social indiscretion and are concerned about the outcome. Dreaming you are held in contempt by others implies you are contemplating to do, or have done something you are feeling guilty about.


If you dream of signing a contract it can mean you feel confident you will soon be increasing your income or accomplishing a project you are involved with. If you refuse to sign a contract it indicates a fear of recent transactions or decisions. It can also be a warning that your relationships may be faltering.


To dream that you are wearing a costume indicates you are hiding something from others or you are not expressing your true feelings with your friends or loved ones. If you are wearing an outlandish costume it implies you have been foolish with your affairs and are trying to disguise it.


To dream of seeking refuge in a convent denotes that you want a future free of problems and difficulty. It can mean you wish to find a place to hide from your everyday life.


Dreaming of seeing convicts indicates a fear of impending disaster or sad news. If you dream you are a convict it can imply you are worried about a relationship or action you have done that needs clearing up.


If you dream you are in a court of law as a defendant it can indicate you have circumstances in your life you are afraid you will be taken to task for.


To dream of a convention denotes having unusual circumstances happen in your business affairs or your personal relationships.


To cook a meal in your dream indicates a desire to please and do things for others. Cooking in a dream is considered a good omen and implies the dreamer enjoys the companionship of friends and family.


To dream you are being attacked by a pack of coyotes indicates a fear of being turned on by friends or associates and can imply you are worried about a recent occurrence.


Dreaming about colored coral denotes enduring friendships and lifelong friends are a major part of your lifestyle.


To dream of a coronation indicates you enjoy acquaintances and friendships with prominent people.


Dreaming about husking ears of corn denotes you enjoy varied successes and pleasure. To see others picking corn implies you rejoice in the prosperity of friends or relatives.


To dream of seeing a corkscrew indicates the dreamer has an unsatisfied mind and is looking for solutions to his or her dilemma.


To dream of a corpse is considered a bad omen and indicates sorrow and disdain.  To see the corpse of an animal indicates an unhealthy situation in your personal or business relationships.


To dream of a cot indicates an affliction or sickness is on the dreamers mind.  A lot of cots in a row signify you are not alone in this trouble and are concerned about friends or family.


To dream of reclining on a couch indicates you may have false hopes about your affairs and caution is advised.


Dreaming that you are aggravated by a constant cough indicates a state of poor health but one you feel you can recuperate from if care is taken.  To dream of hearing others cough indicates you are experiencing unpleasant surroundings from which you expect to ultimately emerge.

Counterfeit Money

To dream of counterfeit money denotes you are having trouble with an unruly and obstinate person.  This type of dream is usually considered a bad omen.


Dreaming about a counselor indicates a profound confidence in yourself and belief you have the ability to counsel others.  It can mean you usually prefer your own judgment.


To dream of counting your children indicates you do not have trouble understanding and controlling them.   If you dream about counting money it implies you are feeling lucky.


If you dream you are out in the country where your surroundings are bright and beautiful it indicates contentment and happiness is yours.  If the country is dry and windblown you are going through desperate and troublesome times.


Dreaming of one’s cousin indicates disappointments and sadness.  To dream about corresponding with a cousin implies problems with the family ties.


To dream of seeing cows waiting to be milked indicates abundance and fulfillment of your dreams.  (See Cattle)


To dream of a cradle with a baby in it indicates you enjoy prosperity and the affections of beautiful children.


To dream of crabs indicates that you are having a complicated affair of some sort and will require sound judgment on your part to resolve your problems.


Dreaming of seeing a flight of cranes flying overhead indicates gloomy prospects for business.  To see them fly to the ground implies that an unusual event may be happening.


There are many different types of dreams involving the word crash.  If you dream the stock market is about to crash it indicates a concern about your investments or the state of the economy.  A loud crash such as that of a tree falling is a sign of danger and indicates you are concerned about something.  To see a car crash implies you are afraid your worst fears may come true.

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To dream that you are crawling on the ground indicates you are feeling humiliated by events that were forced on you by others.  If you are crawling over rocks or difficult terrain it implies that you have not taken full advantage of opportunities that have been afforded you.   To crawl through muck and mud with another person indicates depression.


To dream of seeing cream served denotes that you are thirsting for the better things in life.


If you dream you are asking for credit it denotes a cause to worry about your future.  To dream about giving credit to another indicates you have a sincere trust in others.


Dreaming about a creek indicates new experiences and short journeys. If it is overflowing you have concerns about having personal problems.


To dream of seeing a body cremated denotes feelings that an event or problem that has been troubling you is coming to an end.


Hearing or seeing a cricket in your dream indicates melancholy news and perhaps the fear of hearing about the death of some distant friend.


Hearing cries of distress in your dream indicates you are engulfed in serious troubles and need help to solve your problems.  If you hear the cries of a wild animal it denotes an accident of a serious nature.


To dream that you are associated with a person who has committed a crime denotes that you are losing self respect.  If you see a criminal fleeing it indicates you are privy to another person’s secret and feel pressured not to reveal it.


Dreaming of having an abundance of expensive crockery denotes that you are an economical and thrifty homemaker.


When you dream about crocodiles it indicates a feeling that you have been deceived by your closest friends.  To dream of stepping on a crocodile implies you have fallen into trouble of some sort which will require you to struggle considerable to extricate yourself.


To dream of seeing a cross indicates you are in trouble for some reason and need to put your affairs in order.  If you dream of seeing a person bearing a cross you feel your assistance is needed somewhere.


To dream of cross-bones indicates you are troubled by the evil influence of others.

Cross Roads

Dreaming about coming to a cross road indicates you are undecided about an important matter in your personal or business life and are looking for a solution.  It can mean you are letting unimportant matters irritate and distress you.


To dream of seeing a crow is considered a bad omen and indicates misfortune and grief.  If you hear a crow cawing it implies you are unduly influenced by others.  (See Raven)


To dream of a crown implies a change in a person’ lifestyle is taking place.  It can indicate the desire to travel a long distance from home to form new relationships.  To dream that you are wearing a crown signifies a loss of personal property.


To see a crucifix in a dream indicates distress and misery and is considered a bad omen.

Crush (smash)

Crushing something in your dream indicates being under a great deal of pressure and finding release by making the decision to crush something.


To dream that you are dependent on crutches indicates dependency and support is needed from others.


To dream of crying indicates distressing influences are affecting your personal or business affairs and you are deeply disturbed by them.  To see others crying implies unexpected calls for aid from you are being expressed.


To dream of a cuckoo indicates a sudden ending of a happy life has caused the downfall of a dear friend.


Dreaming about cucumbers indicates health and prosperity and is considered a good omen.  If you are sick and dream of serving cucumbers it implies you are getting better and expect to have a speedy recovery.


To dream of curtains indicates you fear that unwelcome visitors will cause you worry and unhappiness. Soiled or torn curtains seen in a dream implies you have been quarrelling or bickering with a loved one.


Dreaming you are building a custom house indicates achieving a long desired goal has been achieved.  To leave one implies recent financial problems are becoming overwhelming.


Dreaming you have a cut denotes a fear of becoming ill because of careless behavior on your part.

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