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Dreaming that you are ugly indicates unhappiness and despair over a failed relationship. To see someone else who is ugly implies you are having a bitter disagreement with an acquaintance.


To see an ulcer in your dream is a sign of many disagreements, and the loss of dear friends. If you dream that you have an ulcer it signifies you have become very unpopular.


If you dream of carrying an umbrella it indicates trouble and minor annoyances are aggravating you. To see others carrying an umbrella is a sign that people are appealing to you for help.


Seeing an Uncle in your dream is usually a sign of problems or ill health in your family. It can indicate that you have received sad news concerning your family.


Dreaming you are underground indicates a need for security or a desire to escape reality.


Dreaming that you are only wearing your underwear indicates that you have been caught in an embarrassing situation.  To see someone else in their underwear implies you have caught them in an embarrassing situation.


To dream that you are unfortunate indicates a significant loss of self-confidence.


Seeing yourself in a uniform is a sign that you have influential and pertinent duties.  If you are discarding a uniform it implies you are part of a public scandal.


To dream of meeting unknown persons indicates good changes are taking place in your life.


To see a urinal in your dream denotes unpleasant experiences and disagreements with your friends.


Dreaming about an urn indicates prosperity and luxury.  If you see a broken urn it implies unhappiness and sorrow.

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