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About the Company

Bring More Balance Into Your Life

Metaphysical Catalysts have been an important part of energy work since the beginning of time. Landing in a different incarnating environment from what we know as the energy essence of ourselves, can sometimes prove very demanding and obstructing. But the environment always provides, as it is our energy essence that creates the collective of experiences, which encourage and promote growth, expansion and completion of cycles, therefore the need for connection is there in every sense of the way, the environment always provides.

With that understanding our Energy Worker is dedicated to find the basic as well as advanced catalysts to assist you with your journey. Our crystal shop is dedicated to providing finest holistic healing supplies. All our items are carefully handpicked with consideration to different energy work techniques. May it be healing, clearing, protecting or scrying, you will find something for whatever level you aim to partake in.

In each section you may find tools to help you with crystal healings, reiki healing, pendulum healings, pendulum scrying, meditation, home protection, home energy cleansing, personal protection items, and of course more personal crystal items you may find great gifts or ornaments for your home, office, or for your loved ones.