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If you dream that you are in jail it may indicate a feeling of confinement and suppression in your personal life. Seeing other people in jail indicates you suspect a friend or associate has not been honest with you.


If you dream of making jam it indicates a happy and content family life. Dreaming about eating jam is said to be an indication that you have been embarrassed recently.


If you dream that a janitor has not done their job and your building is not clean, it indicates you are frustrated over the many problems you have lately had. If a janitor is doing a good job you have had many pleasant things happen to you recently.


Seeing a jar is usually considered a good omen and indicates prosperity. If the jar is full it implies you are happy and content. An empty jar indicates bad luck. Broken jars denote illness and heartbreak in your family.


Dreaming about jealousy is not considered to be a good dream. If you are jealous of someone in your dream it indicates a loss of self confidence. If you dream someone is jealous of you it implies you could be over confident in your abilities and overestimating your popularity.


Dreaming about making jelly denotes a joyous time when friends and family visit. If you are eating jelly you are reminiscing about your childhood.


To dream of Jewelry indicates a desire for pleasure and riches. If you are wearing Jewelry in your dream it indicates some ambitions have been accomplished.  Admiring Jewelry that someone else is wearing in your dream implies you intend to have much greater wealth then you currently have.  If you dream that you lose your jewelry it indicates a loss of faith in someone close to you.


Dreaming about job hunting usually indicates a feeling of desperation and despair about your job or family situation. It indicates a feeling of having bad luck, or more than usual family problems.


To dream of a jockey indicates you are expecting a gift from an unexpected source.  To see a jockey fall from a horse implies that friends of yours are in need of help.


To dream of feeling jolly and enjoying the company of others indicates you feel the need to celebrate a recent occasion.


Dreaming about going on a journey indicates you have recently enjoyed much success in your business or personal life.  To see your friends leave on a journey signifies you expect some major changes in your life.


If you dream that you feel joy about anything in your dream denotes harmony among friends.


A jubilee is a special celebration and a time to rejoice. If you dream of a jubilee it indicates you are participating in a special and joyous occasion and all is good in your life. Dreaming about a jubilee is always considered to be a favorable dream.


To dream of coming before a judge signifies that you have been having disputes with someone. If the judge decides in your favor, it denotes a feeling of success that you have been expecting. If you feel in your heart to have been wrong in this dispute, the judge will rule against you. Keep in mind that your subconscious mind will always reveal your true feelings.


If you dream of jugs that are filled with liquid it indicates a feeling you are well cared for by your friends and family. The jugs will be empty if you feel estranged from your friends. Drinking wine from a jug usually implies good health and pleasant memories are present in this dream.


July is considered to be a happy month, and associated with happy and joyful times.  If you dream about July it is almost always about good fortune and happiness.


Dreaming about jumping over an object or a fence indicates you are pleased about a recent successful venture.  If you are jumping down or off an object it implies reckless behavior on your part lately.


Dreaming about anything that takes place in the month of June is another contrary dream.  Many happy occasions such as graduations and weddings take place in June, and it is also associated with droughts and major storms that can cause major damage.  You must examine the theme carefully when trying to interpret a dream that involves the month of June.


If you dream about the jungle it usually involves being lost or stranded somewhere.  This type of dream indicates you are having many personal problems and are finding life difficult at the moment.  Marital problems are usually associated with dreams about the jungle.


To dream you are on a jury denotes dissatisfaction with your relationships and that you are looking for answers and solutions that will help you.


If you are demanding justice from someone in your dream it indicates you have recently been falsely accused of something or was embarrassed in front of friends.  If some one demands the same of you, it implies your recent actions may have been less than satisfactory.

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