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To see an eagle soaring overhead indicates you have lofty ambitions and will struggle fiercely to attain them.  If you see baby eagles in their nest it implies you have a good relationship with your associates.  If you kill an eagle it implies you are ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals gain.

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To see or experience and earthquake indicates you fear your business is in a turmoil and may fail.  If you survive the earthquake and reach safety it implies you are confident in your abilities to save the business.   .


To dream that you see an earwig or one is crawling on your body denotes you are expecting unpleasant news that will directly affect you.


Dreaming about eating alone indicates a feeling of despair and loneliness.  If you are eating at a table with many people it implies you are happy and enjoy the company of many friends.  If someone cleans the table off before you are finished it indicates you are having disagreements with friends or family.

Ebony (Black)

To dream that furniture and other articles in your home are ebony, or you are wearing ebony clothes, indicates you are distressed about having many quarrels and disputes within the home.


To dream of an echo indicates your associates will not listen to you unless you constantly repeat yourself, and it is aggravating you.  Yelling off a mountain top to hear an echo implies loneliness and sorrow in your life.


When dreaming about an eclipse of the sun or moon it is important to consider the theme and content of the entire dream when interpreting it.  Seeing an eclipse can mean you are experiencing great sorrow, but can also mean you have not been feeling well and fear your health is failing.


To dream of feeling ecstasy indicates a period of happiness and joy with the people in your life that are closest to you.  If you are having a sad dream and suddenly feel ecstasy it can imply you are disappointed over a broken love affair.


Dreaming you are attending a school or college indicates an overwhelming desire for knowledge to obtain a better education or improve your standing in life.


If you dream that you are attempting to hold an eel but it keeps slipping away from you it indicates a fear that you are losing control of your business or a personal relationship.


To dream of eggs is generally considered to be a good omen.  Finding a basket of eggs indicates prosperity and good fortune and indicates you this is how you are feeling.  If the eggs are broken however it can indicate some troubled relationships.  Brightly colored eggs signify happiness and joyous occasions are at hand.  Eating an egg implies you are enjoying good health.


To dream of seeing elderberries on bushes indicates domestic bliss and happiness within your relationship or marriage.  Seeing elderberries in a dream is usually a good sign.


To dream that you are at an election indicates you are engaging in some controversy which can prove detrimental to your social or financial standing.


An elephant in your dreams stands for truth and knowledge.  If you have been particularly concerned or worried before going to sleep and you see an elephant it indicates you are looking for answers to your problems.  Carefully observing the attitude of the animal can help you interpret the dream.  A pleasant and friendly elephant generally means good luck and success, an angry an unruly animal indicates continued frustration.

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To dream of electricity is considered not to be a good dream.  If you see live electric wires it means danger and indicates you fear for yourself or someone close to you.


When you dream about an elevator it is usually just part of an ongoing dream.  The theme of your dream will determine the interpretation of an elevator dream.  If you are trapped in an elevator while it continues to go up and down it can indicate you are letting frustration and indecision take control of your life.   If the elevator is taking you up it is considered to indicate your good fortune has been rising.  If the elevator drops rapidly it implies you are delaying or putting off a decision because you are afraid of making a mistake.


If you see an embalming taking place it indicates you feel your social life is being threatened and you fear your friends will abandon you.


To dream of embracing your spouse or lover in a sorrowful way it implies distress and unhappiness has embraced your family. If your embrace is a happy and loving one it implies your relationships have been unusually satisfying.  If you embrace a stranger it denotes your willingness to reach out and help others.


When someone is embroidering it indicates their ability to accept whatever comes their way and make the best of it.


To dream of an emerald indicates you are laboring over family problems involving an inheritance or division of property.


To see one of your employees denotes you are having difficulties with attitudes and agreements among them.


To dream of being under the spell of an enchantment denotes a feeling of insecurity and a wish that someone would relieve you of your responsibilities.


To dream of seeing or searching through an encyclopedia indicates insecurity about your personal affairs and a desire to find solutions to your problems.


Dreaming that you have overcome your enemies indicates you feel strong enough to surmount any of your difficulties.  If you are defeated by an enemy it implies you are concerned about failing in your business or personal affairs.


To dream of an engine denotes you are having difficulties with plans for a trip or project that requires the use of an engine.  Disabled engines are considered to stand for misfortune and loss of relatives.


Dreaming about entertainment where there is music and dancing indicates you are having pleasant times and enjoy health and prosperity.


Envelopes seen in a dream are considered a bad omen and indicate sorrowful news.


To dream that you envy others indicates a personal feeling of failure which you are unable to recover from.   If you dream of being envied by others it denotes that you are suffering some inconvenience caused by friends who are overanxious to please you.


To dream of an epidemic signifies your concern and worry over distasteful tasks you are required to perform.


To go on errands in your dreams implies you have many congenial associations with friends and family members.  .


To dream that you escaped from suffering an injury in an accident is usually favorable.  Dreaming that you escaped from a place of confinement indicates a recent feeling of personal freedom.  This dream is considered a good omen because it signifies that things are going well.


To dream that you are living on a vast estate indicates a desire to achieve more that average success and wealth.  This can be a recurring dream with many different estates but still indicate the same desire


To dream of traveling in Europe implies you have been yearning for a long and adventures vacation.  If you dream of meeting people on your journey it indicates a desire to explore your family heritage


Dreaming about an evergreen is considered to be a good omen and indicates boundless resources and wealth.

Ex Partner

Dreaming about an ex can mean you feel lonely or miss being in a relationship. If you’re currently in a relationship, it could mean you’re noticing similar patterns in your past relationship. Recurring dreams of an ex can also mean you’re suffering from trauma if your ex was abusive. Read common dreams about an ex.

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