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Dreaming you are in a quagmire implies inability to meet obligations. This dream can also indicate a fear that you or a family member are ill.


Seeing a quail in your dream is considered to be very favorable. If you see quail it indicates happiness and good fortune. Eating quail signifies extravagance in your personal living.


To dream of a Quaker indicates you have faithful friends and fair business practices.


Dreaming that you are in a quarantine indicates you feel to have been put in an unfair and disagreeable position.


Having a Quarrel in a dream denotes unhappiness leading to  fierce disagreements and is a signal of hidden personal bad feelings.  Seeing others quarrel implies unsatisfactory and disappointing business agreements.


To dream of being in a quarry and seeing the workmen busy, denotes that you will advance by hard labor. An idle quarry, signifies failure, disappointment, and often death.


Dreaming that you are singing or playing in a quartette indicates you have jolly companions and enjoy good times with friends. If you are seeing and hearing a quartette it implies you aspire to being an entertainer.


Dreaming about a Queen signifies very successful ventures.


Finding yourself in quicksand while dreaming indicates  overwhelming obstacles. If you are rescued from the quicksand it indicates you have a great deal of faith in your personal friends.


Dreaming about quilts indicates pleasant and comfortable circumstances.  If the quilts are soiled and torn it implies carelessness and bad behavior.

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