Dreams Starting With W

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If you dream to be wading in clear cool water it is a sign of exquisite joys and happiness. You are thinking about sorrow and miserable experiences if the water is muddy. Stagnant and dirty water indicates ill health and disease. Seeing children wading in clear water is considered to be a good omen in a dream.


To dream of making a wager in a dream is considered to be a bad sign. It indicates you are taking desperate measures based on luck to improve your position. If you lose a wager in your dream it implies you have sustained a loss in your personal life and are distressed.


To dream that you are receiving wages is considered to be a good omen. Good fortune and a prosperous future are implied when you receive wages.


If you hear the wailing of a fire engine or police car in your dream it usually is an indication of bad news or trouble.


Dreaming about a waiter is an indication of pleasant times and good entertainment.


If you dream that you are attending a wake it denotes a fear and concern about death is consuming your thoughts.


To dream of walking through a pleasant and bright environment is a sign of success and happiness. To dream of a walk through difficult terrain or bad and gloomy weather indicates you are experiencing hardships and difficult times.


If you see a wallet in your dream it implies personal wealth and easy access to funds is not a concern of yours.


To dream that you come across a wall that is obstructing your progress is a sign that influences of other people are impeding your progress.  To jump over the wall implies you have overcome these obstacles.


Dreaming about walnuts is a sign of prolific joys and generous favors.  If you crack open a decayed walnut it indicates that your expectations will end in bitter and regrettable failure.


To dream of war is an indication of unfortunate and disastrous conditions in your business or personal life.  To dream that your country is defeated in a war is an indication you feel your loss cannot be recovered.


Dreaming about your wardrobe is a sign that you are counting on it to help you appear more affluent than you are.  If you dream that you have a scant wardrobe it implies you are disappointed in your attempts.


To dream of a warehouse denotes you are involved in a successful enterprise. If the warehouse is empty you fear that you have been cheated by an acquaintance.


To dream that you are being served a warrant implies uneasiness about the legitimacy of project.  To see a warrant served on some one else indicates your suspicion of the actions others.


To dream that you are washing yourself signifies a pride in your appearance and the opinions of others.


If you dream about a watch it can imply a concern that you think time could be detrimental to your plans.


To dream of clear water indicates that you enjoy joyful prosperity and exquisite pleasure. If the water is muddy sorrow and misery are implied. Watching children playing in water is considered a good sign.

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To dream that you are wealthy indicates you energetically apply yourself to everything you do and expect to be richly rewarded. If you see others that are wealthy it implies you have roll models that influence your decisions.


To see a weasel is a sign to beware of the friendships of new acquaintances.


Dreaming about a wedding is a sign of starting a new and wonderful life. A wedding is usually thought of as a beginning for a couple and the start of a new life. Dreams about weddings are considered to be a good omen.


Weeping in your dreams indicates disturbances and problems are present within your family. To see others weeping implies you are aware of problems your friends are experiencing and have sympathy for them.


Dreaming that you receive a warm and joyous welcome from new acquaintances indicates you feel fortunate about your new position in life.


To dream that you are wet is a sign of rejection from an acquaintance or friend.


To dream of seeing a whale is the sign of a struggle between personal pleasures and performing required duties is on your mind


Seeing fields of yellow wheat growing in your dream is considered to be a sign of prosperity.  It indicates encouraging prospects for your future endeavors.  It can also imply an encouraging outlook for your love life.


To see wheels in your dream is a sign of successful business pursuits and implies encouraging movement towards domestic bliss.


Drinking whisky alone indicates loneliness and a lack of friends.  To drink with friends is a sign of celebration over successful endeavors.  To dream of whisky in bottles denotes a tendency to carefully protect your property and personal interests.


To dream of whispering indicates that you are disturbed by gossip and untruths that apply to you.


To hear a whistle in your dream is an indication of an attempt to communicate or catch your attention. To dream that you are whistling is a sign of a carefree and happy occasion.


Dreaming that you are a widow indicates many troubles and sorrow are haunting you.


To dream of your wife is always a contrary dream. If there are unsettled affairs and discord between you, the dream is usually a disturbing one. A happy and joyous dream would indicate a healthy and happy relationship with your wife.

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To dream you are wearing a wig is a sign that major changes are taking place in your life. Wearing a wig can also indicate treacherous and mysterious intentions.


Dreaming about making out a will is an indication you have a need to get your affairs in order. To destroy a will implies you have thoughts about doing something deceitful or treacherous.


To walk briskly against a strong wind in your dream indicates courageous action against temptation. If the wind is blowing you along against your wishes it indicates others are trying to force their opinions on you. Should the wind blow you in the direction you wish to go, it implies you are getting help from your allies.


Seeing a windmill operating in your dream is a sign of an abundant accumulation of wealth. To see one broken and idle indicates difficult financial problems.


To be looking out of a window in your dream indicates you seek a protected and distant view of the world. To observe a house or building with closed windows represents a feeling of desertion.


To dream of drinking wine is an indication you enjoy consequent friendships and a passion for pleasurable experiences.


To dream that you have wings indicates a fierce desire to overcome adversity.  If you are watching the wings of flying birds it implies you have finally overcome adversity.


To dream of winter is not considered to be a good sign and implies dreary prospects and ill health.


To dream of witches indicates you are having serious disagreements with others.  It is also a sign that you feel unknown sources have affected your business or personal health.


To dream of a wolf is an indication that you suspect a thieving and dishonest person is among your associates or employees.


Dreaming about wool denotes warm and comforting thoughts.  If you are wearing wool it implies you are a thrifty and quality conscious person.


If you are working in your dream it denotes a conscientious and dedicated person that believes in hard work.  To see others at work indicates a hopeful opinion that financial conditions are getting better.


Dreaming that you see a wound is considered to be a bad omen.  If the wound is on your body it indicates you are concerned about your health or physical condition.  To see others wounded indicates a concern for your friends or family.


Dreaming about a wreath of fresh flowers is an indication that you are expecting great opportunities will soon be available for you.  A withered wreath implies sickness or personal problems are a concern.


To see a wreck in your dream is a sign that dangerous affairs could be responsible for personal problems.


Dreaming that you are writing is an indication that a permanent record of an incident is necessary.  To see someone else writing denotes you are concerned about public embarrassment.

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