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What do Dreams About Getting Shot Mean?

by | Apr 4, 2023

  • Dreaming about getting shot can be a sign of guilt, trauma, and feeling powerless.
  • Getting shot in a dream can shake you up, but it’s usually not a significant cause for concern.
  • Dreams of getting shot can also mean a lack of security in real life.

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Getting shot or witnessing a shooting in real life is traumatic, leaving deep psychological scars that can affect how you perceive the world. Because of this, dreaming of getting shot can make you feel disturbed.

When you have this kind of dream, it immediately leaves a distressing feeling. You scramble to make sense of it and question if it’s a premonition of future events. Will you get shot in real life? However, dreams you’re getting fired at are no major cause for concern.

Our dreams reflect our subconscious mind and, most often than not, the events and experiences that happen to us daily. This means dreams preview our thoughts and emotions and rarely predict the future.

If you want answers to your vivid dreams of getting shot, this article will help you understand the general symbolism and interpretations of the most common dreams about getting fired.

General Symbolism of Dreams About Getting Shot

You must consider the details to make sense of getting shot in a dream. Who shot you in the dream? Where did the bullet hit? What was the setting? And how did you feel in the dream?

Using the details of your dreams can help you better understand the metaphors and significance they have in your waking life.

Here is the general symbolism of getting shot at dreams:

1. Emotional Trauma

Trauma can cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder nightmares. Night terrors are one of the most common symptoms of PTSD, especially in people who’ve witnessed or have been victims of gun violence, war, and other types of trauma.

Dreaming of getting shot might be those events and incidents in your life that are being revived in your subconscious mind.

Other forms of emotional trauma can also cause bizarre, vivid, and terrifying nightmares, such as getting shot in a dream.

2. Personal Fears

If you dream of getting shot at, this might reflect a personal fear. If you’ve witnessed a shooting or have close friends or a family member who was shot in the past, you might have developed a personal fear of getting fired at. This fear may have manifested in your dream.

3. Lack of Security

Shootings can also symbolize a lack of security in real life. Maybe you live in a household where you don’t feel safe. Perhaps there is abuse or a toxic family member, so you don’t feel safe at home. Or you live in a hostile environment, and you generally feel a lack of security in your life.

4. Feeling of Guilt

Being shot at and then getting injured or dying can represent guilt. You may have done something you know has caused adverse effects on someone else, or you’ve done something awful in the past. You dream of getting shot at because you believe you must be punished for these acts.

Dreaming of being shot at and dying can be your expression of guilt.

5. Powerless

To be shot at with a gun in real life means you have no power to stop a bullet coming at you. This feeling of helplessness or being powerless may result from your waking life, wherein you feel like you don’t do anything about the things that are happening to you.

6. Lack of Control

Getting shot at means your life’s on the line, and dreaming about it can symbolize a lack of control. Maybe you feel like someone else is running the show, and you can do nothing to change your situation or problems.

These interpretations are the general symbolism of this dream, but the more specific you get with the details, the more precise the interpretations are.

In the following section, we’ll cover the different possible meanings of the most common types of dreams about getting shot.

Common Dreams About Getting Shot

Here are the most common dreams about getting shot and their possible interpretations:

1. Dreaming of Getting Shot by a Stranger

Dreaming of getting shot by a stranger could mean you need to watch out for the people around you. You may have sensed danger in some way, but you don’t know where it’s coming from. Maybe you feel like someone is sabotaging you at work or sense something’s not right, but you can’t point the finger at it.

This kind of dream means danger or negativity in your life comes from an unknown source.

2. Dreaming of Getting Shot by a Friend

Dreaming of a friend shooting at you means you find that person untrustworthy. They may have shown some questionable behavior, and you feel like they’re not to be trusted. Or it could also tell you had a conflict with your friend, and they hurt you, so you feel like they shot you in the chest.

3. Dreaming of Getting Shot from a Distance

Getting shot at from a distance in your dream could mean you are anticipating danger or trouble in your life. You may feel like you’re about to lose your job, lose money, or a breakup with your partner may occur sometime soon.

4. Dreaming of Getting Shot with a Gun

Getting shot with a gun could mean you are strong and fighting to survive. A gun is a dangerous and lethal weapon, and dreaming about it can mean you’ve faced danger in your life and you’re striving to get through it.

5. Dreaming of Getting Shot by Bow and Arrows

Dreaming of getting shot by bow and arrows typically involves romantic relationships. There could be issues in the relationship, such as envy, jealousy, resentment, and anger.

6. Dreaming of Getting Shot but Surviving

Getting shot and surviving can mean someone has hurt or offended you, and you “survived” to be able to confront this person. You may want to talk to them in real life, but you haven’t done it yet, or you’re apprehensive.

7. Dreaming of Getting Shot Multiple Times and Not Dying

Getting shot multiple times in your dream and not dying could mean you’ve been going through many problems and obstacles lately, but you’re still standing. You may be hurt and exhausted, but you’re resilient and confident you’ll get through it.

8. Dreaming of Getting Shot to Death

Death doesn’t mean physical death in dreams, but it could mean the end of something and the start of a new beginning. You may want to quit your job, start a business, end a relationship, or move to another city. But before you can do that, you need to end the life you’re trying to leave behind.

Where Were You Shot in Your Dreams

The part of your body where you were shot in your dream can also have significant meaning.

1. Shot in the Head

Being shot in the head could signify mental issues, or your critical thinking is being challenged. Try to see if you’re not thinking straight in real life; maybe you need to have a second opinion of things and not jump to conclusions immediately.

2. Shot in the Stomach

The stomach is often associated with feminine energy since it’s the seat of creation. Being shot in the stomach in your dream could mean your creativity may be challenged or you’re not as creative as you want in waking life.

3. Shot in the Back

Being shot in the back in your dream could symbolize being betrayed by someone close to you. It could also mean you got hurt in real life and weren’t expecting it from a close friend or family.

4. Shot in the Neck

To be shot in the neck in your dream can mean you are suffocating in real life. Are you in a toxic relationship, and you feel like you’re being choked and not given the freedom to be who you are or do what you want?

It could also mean there is a problem in communication with you and the people in your life since the neck is associated with speech.

5. Shot in the Face

Dreaming of being shot in the face symbolizes a conflict in your identity. It may be time to think about who you are or want to be.

6. Shot in the Leg or Foot

Being shot in the leg or foot in real life means you can’t walk. If you dream about this, it could mean something is holding you back from achieving success or progressing in your career or personal life.

7. Shot in the Arm

Dreaming of being shot in the arm can mean your strength is being questioned. You may be facing a problem where you need to be strong, but you’re already exhausted, affecting you physically and mentally.

A Word of Advice

Being shot in a dream can cause a range of distressing emotions. You wake up, and you feel scared, you’re confused, and you wonder if it’s a bad omen. Whenever you have vivid and bizarre dreams, you should try to understand what the dream could be telling you.

Remembering the details of your shooting dreams can help make sense of the emotions you experienced in your dream. Some dreams can be random, but most of the time, they directly reflect your subconscious mind.

When you wake up in the middle of the night filled with questions about your dream, knowing the general symbolism of dreams about being shot can help you calm down.

Dreams can help us improve self-awareness, and this kind of dream includes notions of guilt, betrayal, distrust, and a general sense of insecurity.

Look at the demanding situations you may be facing in your life right now. These strange dreams are a wake-up call to face issues, struggles, and conflicts in our waking lives.

Dreams of being shot at can be distressing, but they’re usually mere representations of our daily life. It may be time to analyze and be proactive in dealing with an internal conflict or negative energies around us.


1. What do bullets symbolize in a dream?

Bullets symbolize power and control; when they appear in your dream, they could represent a lack of control in your life. Or, you could also desire power and control.

2. Does dreaming about getting shot at a bad omen?

Dreaming about someone shooting you does not necessarily mean it’s a bad omen. Although it almost always symbolizes something negative in your life, a dream is a sign from your subconscious. It represents emotional issues or situations you need to manage in real life.

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