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What Do Dreams About Snakes Mean

by | Mar 13, 2023

  • Dreams about snakes can mean someone toxic may be in your life right now.
  • Snake dreams can signify a need for physical healing, something that needs more attention in your life, or you need a rebirth of some sort.
  • Snakes in your dreams can be negative or positive, but they hold significant meaning.

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Human beings are hardwired to fear snakes. In a term called “genetic phobia,” humans innately perceive these cold-blooded reptiles negatively. For a long time, pythons preyed on humans, which explains this common cross-cultural fear.

Consequently, waking up in fear or confusion when you dream of snakes is considered normal. The presence of a slithering reptile in your dreams can be unsettling, making you want to try to understand what your dream could be telling you.

In this article, you’ll discover general symbolisms of snakes, common interpretations of different types of snake dreams, and what to do as soon as you wake up.

General Symbolism of Snake Dreams

The oldest dream symbol ever recorded was that of a snake. Snakes were a dominant symbol in ancient civilizations as evident with coiled serpents engraved in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In the East, stories of Buddha meditating behind a cobra are well-known.

In this section, we’ll discover the general symbolisms of snakes and how you can use them to interpret your dreams.

Snakes in the Bible

One of the most popular Bible stories is that of Adam and Eve. Eve encounters a scheming snake who tempts her to eat the forbidden fruit. In this Bible story, the snake symbolizes temptation.

Therefore, a snake represents temptations: things that are hard to resist or control in our lives.

Snakes in Mythology

Snakes have had different meanings in different cultures and times in history. Among the first studies of dreams was found in the Oneirocritica by Artemidoros, which includes several snake dream interpretations.

One particular entry was about pregnant women who dreamed of snakes. These women were predicted to birth sons who were either thieves (because of a snake’s curved moves), priests (because snakes were considered to be sacred to gods), or skilled orators (because of a snake’s forked tongue).

In ancient Greece, they consider snakes to be a symbol of healing. The Caduceus, a staff with wings and two snakes that intertwine, is a popular image associated with medicine and healing, and originates in ancient Greece.

In Native America, the snake is associated with masculine energy, with the reptile considered to have phallic energy and healing powers.

And in Hinduism, snakes are associated with rebirth, death, and mortality. Many Eastern cultures also associate the snake with life force energy or fertility.

Common Dreams About Snakes

In this section, we’ll provide you with possible interpretations of the most common kinds of snake dreams. These are general meanings since genuine dream interpretations are always personal.

For example, if you grew up loving snakes or being exposed to snakes that you don’t feel any fear of when you see or interact with them in real life, you might not fear snakes in your dreams.

However, if you have lived in the city your whole life and snakes are a rare occurrence, dreaming of snakes might leave you unhinged upon waking.

The best way to interpret dreams about snakes is to determine how you feel when you wake up. If you feel scared upon waking, your dream might have negative interpretations; if you wake up feeling calm or have no reaction at all, the dream might be random and not mean anything special.

1. Snake Bite or Snake Attack

If you dream of a snake attacking or biting you, it could mean two things: someone is being deceitful in your life, or you might need physical healing.

Snakes in dreams can mean a toxic person in your life, and when it’s attacking you in your dream, it could mean you need to pay attention to the people in your life and observe who may be out to do you harm.

In terms of healing, if a snake bites you, it could mean you need to see a physician for a possible illness.

2. You Had a Snake on You

If you had a snake on a particular part of your body, such as your abdomen or your head, it might mean you need physical healing. You might need to go to a doctor to check that area.

It could also mean you have a physical imbalance somewhere in your body.

3. The Snake is Shedding its Skin

A snake shedding its skin in your dream carries the meaning of death and rebirth. Death doesn’t mean the literal sense that someone or you will die, but it means the death of something in your life.

This could be the death of a relationship or a job, or you want to end a situation in your life and start anew. Rebirth means new beginnings, and thus, it might tell you a new chapter in your life might come soon or you want that change to happen.

4. You’re Out for a Walk and See a Snake

Seeing a snake when you’re out for a walk in your dreams means there’s something in your life worth reconsidering. This could be a health issue you need to pay attention to, a trouble in your relationship, or any issue you may have in your life you’re ignoring. Your dream tells you now is the time to do something about it.

5. There’s a Snake in Your Bedroom

A snake in your bedroom can mean creativity and sexuality. Since the setting of the dream is your bedroom, it signifies intimacy. You may be questioning your sexuality, or you may need to explore it because of a lack of intimacy, or you may also fear it with a significant other.

In terms of creativity, you should explore areas of your life that involve creative pursuits.

6. You Saw a Snake at Work

If you’re at work in your dream and you see a snake, it might mean you have a colleague you’re having a conflict with, or there’s an aspect at work that’s not sitting well with you.

7. You Saw the Snake Bite Someone Else

This snake dream could mean you want that person to be healed, and it could also mean you need a 3rd-party perspective in making important decisions in your life.

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Type Of Snake In Dreams

The type of snake in your dream can also hold significance. Here are the possible meanings of the different types of snakes in your dreams:

1. Black

Black snakes can mean fear of the unknown.

2. White

White snakes symbolize purity or new beginnings.

3. Red

Red snakes mean red flags. You should reconsider the warning signs a person is showing you.

4. Green

Green snakes are a sign of envy. Someone may be jealous of you, or you may be jealous of someone.

5. Yellow

Yellow snakes symbolize fear in dreams.

6. Rattlesnake

The rattle in rattlesnakes is a symbol of warning. Dreaming about a rattlesnake is a warning about something.

7. Garter Snake

Garter snakes are not poisonous snakes and represent something in your life that was threatening but has already passed.

8. Boa Constrictor

A boa constrictor in your dream, could mean something is constricting your life force or depleting your energy.

9. Cobra

This could mean you provoked an enemy or you’re going through a period of personal transformation.

A Word of Advice

Dreams about snakes are significant; you should reflect on how you feel about the dream when you wake up. Though we’ve provided you with common interpretations of snake dreams, the only person who can gauge the authentic meaning of your dreams is yourself.

Try to understand how you feel about the dream. Were you scared? Were you sad? Or did you feel the excitement, or maybe calm?

Analyze what is happening in your life now and apply the common meanings and symbolisms we’ve discussed. Does anything relate or connect with your present situation in life?

Possible meanings of snakes in your dreams could be healing, temptation, sexuality, fertility, or a toxic person in your life.

If you have recurring snake dreams, you might need to pay attention to an area in your life with which you’ve been having issues.

Do you have relationship problems? Maybe this person is toxic to you. Do you have financial issues? Perhaps you need to stop bad spending habits. Do you feel pain in a part of your body that you ignore? Maybe it’s time to see a doctor.

Use the symbolisms and analyze what part of your life needs more attention.

If you dream of snakes and wake up terrified, and they happen repeatedly, you might need to seek professional help if it has caused adverse effects in your life.


1. Can snake dreams predict the future?

No, snake dreams or any dream can’t predict the future, and they are subconscious messages to help you in your waking life.

2. What should I do if I keep having recurring snake dreams?

Try to reflect on your real life and see if there are any toxic people around you, a health issue you may have, or if you need to pay attention to a problem you’ve been ignoring.

3. Are all snake dreams negative, or can they have positive meanings too?

Snake dreams can have negative and positive meanings, and it depends on the type of dream you have and your present situation in life.

4. Can a snake dream indicate the presence of toxic people in my life?

Yes, it can. One of the many possible meanings of snakes in dreams is having a toxic person in your life.

5. How can I interpret my snake dream in the context of my waking real life?

Use the symbolisms of snakes as we’ve discussed, and reflect on your day-to-day life. Try to see if someone is being toxic, if you need to see a doctor, or if you need to say goodbye to something and start a new chapter in your life.


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