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If you are caught in a gale and are being blown about helplessly it implies you are struggling with some major problems in your personal life. If you manage to hold your own it implies you are beginning to solve the problems.


Dreaming you see a gallows indicates you are frustrated with future plans and have been running into unusual pitfalls with your plans. If you see a friend of yours on the gallows it implies you are desperate to solve an emergency problem they are involved with.


To dream that you are gambling signifies you have a tendency to take chances. If you’re winning it indicates you have faith in your own abilities, but if you are losing it implies you have low esteem of yourself.


If you are hunting game in your dream it signifies you have had some successful undertakings that have increased your income and you credit yourself for being shrewd.


To see scattered piles of garbage in your dream indicates you feel socially inadequate and unable to change your ways to improve your position in life. If you are throwing out garbage it implies you are helping a friend clean up a mess they have made in their life.


A garden that is full of fresh green vegetables or colorful flowers denoted peace and comfort and with due diligence and hard work you will prosper.


If you are eating garlic in your dream it indicates you are a very practical person who guides their actions with their head and not on impulses.  It signifies you have sensible views about life and rarely do foolish things.  To dream of strolling through a garlic garden implies wealth and prominence.


To dream of gas denotes you entertain oppressive opinions of friends or associates which has caused you to deal with them unjustly.  To think you have been asphyxiated by gas denotes you are having trouble which you needlessly incurred through your own negligence.


To come across a gate in your dream indicates a temporary delay in your current plans.  If you pass through the gate it implies you have overcome whatever obstacles were in your way.  If you close and lock a gate it indicates a desire to protect your family and privacy from others.


To dream of being dressed in gauze denotes you feel uncertain about your future and fear what may lie ahead for you.


To dream of a gavel being pounded on a judge’s desk denotes you feel burdened with some unpleasant pursuit and are being rushed to make judgment.  To use a gavel indicates you have been unusually harsh and stern with many of your friends and family.


Dreaming that you are annoyed by the presents and loud quacking of geese indicates you have recently experienced poor health or death in your family.

Genealogical Tree

If you dream about your genealogical tree it denotes you are burdened with family cares and duties.  It can indicate that you feel pressured by family responsibilities.


To dream of a ghost can mean many different things.  If you can recognize the ghost as one of your deceased parents it usually indicates you feel they are always close at hand if you should need them.  If you do not recognize the ghost it signifies the feeling that you are not ever completely alone and someone is watching over you.  When a ghost is moving away from you it suggests a fear that you have not lived up to promises made to your friends or yourself.


To dream that a giant suddenly appears in your dream implies you have been struggling and bickering with friends or family.


To dream that you receive a gift indicates you have been having financial problems that you have overcome and are no longer worrying about them.


Dreaming about a giraffe is an indication you should interfere in another persons business unless they reach out to you and ask for help.


To dream that you are looking through glass indicates you have been experiencing bitter disappointments and are looking for solutions. To see your image in a mirror is a sign that you may be leading a double life and are looking for the real you. If you see another face in the mirror along with your own it indicates you have been deceiving someone. To receive cut glass, denotes that you are admired by your friends and associates. Seeing broken glass in a dream indicates you are going through some sort of a change in your life.


If you are surrounded by many gloomy people in your dream it indicates unhappiness and gloom have overcome you and is making your life unpleasant.


Seeing Godzilla or any other imaginary character in your dream indicates you are in a fantasy state of mind and they usually have no significance. All dreams about cartoons and fairy tales fall into this category and are very difficult to interpret because we see them as entertainment.


To dream that you are wearing gloves indicates you are very cautious about your associations with others and fearful of strangers.


If you see goats wandering around a farm it is an indication of good weather and prosperous times. If you drink goat milk in your dream it is considered to be a good omen and a sign of prosperity.


Dreaming about gold bars or jewelry signifies you feel to have been successful in all your ventures and are deserving of the better things in life. If you dream to have lost or misplaced some gold it indicates you have recently been careless or sloppy with your personal affairs.


Dreaming about goldfish is usually a very pleasant dream and indicates you are enjoying many pleasant adventures.

Gold Leaves

To dream of gold leaves signifies someone has been flattering and showering you with complements and affection.  Gold leaves are a symbol of adoration.


If you are playing golf it indicates you are indulging yourself with pleasant and enjoyable pastimes because you feel deserving of some indulgences.  Most dreams about playing golf are pleasant dreams and it is unusual to have a bad or frightening experience in a dream about golf.


Dreaming that you are involved and contributing to some gossip implies you are undergoing some humiliating experience that you feel others will gossip about.  This is another reversal dream in that you are doing the gossiping in the dream but your real fear is that you will be the subject of the gossip.


If you dream that you are in a nightgown it implies you are depressed and forlorn because you have not been feeling well.  If you observe someone else in a nightgown it indicates you’re concerned about a friend or family member you feel may be ill or having major health problems.  .


When we think about our Grandparents our thoughts are associated with love, attention, and security.  Therefore when you dream about them it is usually because you are searching for attention or love.  To dream of meeting your grandparents and having a conversation with them indicates you are desperately searching for advice and in your mind you believe their opinions would be the most honest and trustworthy you could receive


If you are planting grass and watching it grow in your dream it indicates you know what is necessary to achieve success in your life and are implementing your plans to reach your goals.  Seeing green grass is always considered to indicate success, and dead or brown grass means failure.


Dreaming about a gun is considered to be a dream of distress.  If you hear the sound of a gun being discharged it indicates you are concerned about the possible loss of your employment.  If you shoot a person with a gun it implies you are under a lot of pressure and are very distressed.


If you dream of visiting a gypsy it indicates you are unsure of yourself and are looking for easy solutions.  This dream can imply that material pleasures are the most important items in your life.

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