Dreams Starting With H

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To see your face looking haggard and distressed indicates you are in ill health and are extremely concerned about your recovery. If you face is just haggard and looks tired it indicates you are over working yourself and need a rest.


If hail is falling on the roof of your home it implies you have been, or are being harassed and feel you are helpless and unable to stop it.


Should you visit a hair-dresser in your dreams it indicates you are involved in a scandal involving your family and are unsure of what you should do.

Hairy Hands

To dream that your hands are covered with hair implies you have been less than honest and have caused hardship and misery for a friend.


Hallways are not considered to have much significance in a dream and when interpreting the dream you should pay more attention to what is happening in the hallway than to the hallway itself.


If you dream of eating ham it indicates you are concerned about the emotional condition of yourself or someone close to you.


Dreaming you are using a hammer indicates you expect difficult and discouraging obstacles to create immense problems for you.


To dream of seeing blood on your hands implies you feel guilty for not coming to the aid of a friend or family member when it was needed. If you dream your hands are tied it indicates you are having difficulty in performing a required task.


Dreaming you are distributing handbills indicates that you are expecting unfavorable news concerning a pending lawsuit or legal action. To dream you are writing them for distribution means you are about to let a secret out that someone has trusted you with.


To dream you are handcuffed indicates a concern that recent affairs may cause problems for you.   Seeing a pair of handcuffs in a dream implies possible there may be illness or tragedy in your family.


Dreaming about handkerchiefs is a sign of flirtatious affairs and possible indiscretions.  If you should lose  a handkerchief in your dream it is considered to be a bad omen and a sign of bad luck.


To dream you are haunted by a spirit in a dream indicates you have many things on your mind which are bothering you.  Examine this type of dream carefully to accurately interpret its meaning, and look for clues that may put your mind at ease.


This is another contrary dream.  If you see yourself as a handsome person in your dreams it indicates a lack of self confidence in yourself.  Look for signs within the dream to determine what is causing you to feel this way.


Seeing a hare in your dream indicates you have lost something valuable and believe it was taken by an acquaintance.  If you capture a hare it indicates a feeling of pride in yourself for being quick minded and alert enough to avoid some sort of a problem you were encountering.  If you dream that you shoot a hare it implies you feel it will be necessary to take violent measures to protect your property or possessions. (see rabbit)


If you dream that you have a harem it denotes a hidden desire to be more attractive and desirable to the opposite sex. If a woman dreams that she is part of a harem it indicates she believes her current life holds little promise for her.


Dreaming you have a new hat indicates you have renewed faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.  Wearing an old torn and worn hat indicates you are feeling discouraged and defeated.  When a woman dreams she is wearing a new hat it is an indication she feels glamorous and the object of much attention.  If the wind blows your hat off and you cannot catch it, indicates you are concerned about losing a lover or dear friend.


Dreaming that you hate someone indicates you are confused and distressed about a relationship with a friend or associate. You are feeling guilty about something you have done if the person hated in the dream is yourself.


Hawks have outstanding eyesight and are voracious hunters. To dream of a hawk indicates you are watching closely someone you do not trust and intend to expose them at the first sign of suspicious behavior.

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Seeing fields of newly cut hay is considered a sign of unusual prosperity. If you are hauling and putting hay into barns it indicates you have planned well for your future.


Dreaming that you see a hearse is a sign of trouble within your family. Seeing a hearse in any dream is considered to be a bad omen and is usually only seen in unhappy and sad dreams.


To dream you are having a heart attack or are suffocating, indicates you are having major disagreements or health issues among friends and family. This type of dream usually indicates you have made a mistake of some sort and are having difficulty correcting it.


Heat is not considered to be a favorable dream. Dreaming you are overcome by heat indicates you feel that you failed to accomplish a given task, or have betrayed a friend.


Dreaming you are ascending to heaven usually implies a feeling of joy and accomplishment after completing a difficult assignment or task. Climbing to heaven on a ladder implies you are slow and behind in your duties.


To dream of hedges indicates you feel separated or cut off from your friends and family, but are not having a dispute with them as if it was a fence. Bare hedges implies you are going through some distressing financial times.


This is a contrary dream.  If you dream to have inherited property or money it usually indicates you are fearful of losing what property and money you already have.


Dreaming about hell indicates you have probably given into temptations that you could not resist.  Seeing your friends in hell implies you were not alone when you succumbed to these temptations.  This is a common dream, and the temptations could be very minor ones.  The theme of the dream should be taken into consideration when interpreting this type of dream.


To dream of herbs indicates comfortable and healthy feelings are prevalent.  Good health and pleasure are associated with herbs.


Dreaming about herring indicates tough financial times and some possibly embarrassing moments.

Hiding objects

Hiding objects indicates you are embarrassed about your current circumstances and trying to conceal them.  To find a hidden object indicates you expect to receive an unexpected financial gain.

High School

Dreaming about high school indicates social functions and community affairs are high on your agenda.  This type of dream can indicate your desire to get more involved in social or school affairs.


To dream of climbing a hill indicates determination and desire to accomplish lofty goals.  If you dream of falling back while climbing the hill, it can indicate you have been experiencing temporary setbacks.


If you dream that you are reading or studying about history it indicates you are looking for long and pleasant associations with other people.


Dreaming you have the hives implies you have been ill lately and are afraid your illness may return. Dreaming about hives is considered a bad omen that indicates illness in the family.


Working with a hoe in the garden or a farmers field indicates you feel there is no time for pleasure and your work must be completed before any other task or pleasure. It is believed that if you dream to be working with a hoe you will always have freedom from poverty


Dreaming about a holiday indicates you have been entertaining or plan on entertaining strangers that you will welcome into your family soon.


If you dream of visiting your old family home you are looking to hear good news about the family. If the home is in a dilapidated condition and has been neglected it indicates problems within the family are apparent.


To dream of being homesick indicates you have fallen on hard times and are feeling hopeless about your future.


Dreaming about honey is a sign of wealth and prosperity that can indicate you feel successful and prosperous. If the honey is strained your efforts have come easily for you. To dream of eating honey indicates you are enjoying life and the fruits of your labor.

Dreaming about honey is almost always a very good dream.


If you hear the sound of a horn in your dream it is an indication you are expecting happy and joyous news. If children are playing with horns in your dream it signifies you have a joyous and happy family.


To dream of a hornet indicates you are going through the breakup of a long and happy relationship with a friend, lover, or family member. If you are stung by a hornet it indicates that you blame yourself for the problems that caused the breakup.


If someone is reading your horoscope in a dream it means you are looking for changes in your life.


If you dream of riding a white or light colored horse you consider yourself a leader among your friends and family.  If the horse is healthy and strong you feel your relationships are the same.  Seeing a sick or scrawny horse indicates a fear of illness among friends or family.

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Dreaming you are a patient in the hospital signifies you or someone close to you have been having medical problems that have worsened.  If you are only visiting the hospital it indicates your intentions are to spread good will.


Dreaming about horseradish indicates you are having pleasant associations with congenial and intelligent people.  If you are eating horseradish it signifies you are strong and resilient.


Dreaming about a hotel indicates a desire to travel and visit old friends.  To dream of living in a hotel signifies you feel detached from your friends and family and are an outcast.


To dream of building a house signifies you plan on making major changes in your lifestyle.  If you are doing the work yourself it indicates you have taken control of your own destiny.  Old and broken down houses indicate a feeling of disappointment and failure in your business or personal life.


Dreaming you have a housekeeper or maid indicates your business is taking up a major part of your life, and recreational time is rare.


Although hugging is an accepted form of affection and greetings among friends in our waking life, it is not considered to be a good omen in a dream.  Hugging or being hugged leads to bad luck or problems in a dream.  You need to examine the theme of this type of dream carefully when trying to interpret it.


Very humid conditions in a dream indicate you are having difficult problems that you cannot find a solution for, and you are mentally struggling within yourself.


It is unfortunate to dream about hunger because you cannot satisfy your hunger in a dream and will remain hungry and  uncomfortable.  (see lucid dreams)


If you are not normally a hunter and you dream of hunting, it indicates a desire to fulfill your needs as the provider for your family.  It can also signify an underlying ambition that require men to feel superior to animals.  When a woman dreams of hunting it can indicate her desire to prove herself as worthy as a man.  Hunting is also a sport of course, and for men and women who hunt for the sheer enjoyment of hunting this type of dream will be interpreted entirely different.


When you hear hymns being sung in a church it indictes happiness and contentment in your home and with your family.

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