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Seeing a yacht in a dream indicates a happy and joyful recreation away from the troubles and problems of everyday life.

Yard Stick

Dreaming about a yard stick is a sign that some acquaintances are not measuring up to their potential.


To dream of yarn Indicates thoughts of baby’s and young children have been occupying your mind.


If you yawn in your dreams it indicates you are searching in vain for positive professional opinions and contentment concerning your health.


If you dream that you yearn for the companionship of someone it indicates you are waiting for news from them.

Yew Tree

To dream of a yew tree is a sign of illness and disappointment.  A yew tree is considered to be a sign of illness and misfortune.


Dreaming that you yield to someone else’s wishes is a sign that you are indecisive and in danger of ruining your reputation.


To dream of seeing young people is a sign of family reconciliation and favorable resolutions of family disagreements.  To dream that you are young again implies you are making efforts to recall lost opportunities.

Yule log

To see a Yule log indicates joyous and promising expectations for the coming year.

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