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Dreaming about a table that is set with fine china and deluxe silverware indicates happy unions and prosperous circumstances. To see an empty table indicates poverty and distress. To see a broken table in your dream is considered to be bad luck.


Talking in your dream indicates that you are taking charge of the situation. If you hear others talking it implies you are the target of malicious gossip.


To dream of a tank indicates you are satisfied far more than your wildest expectations.


To dream of tape indicates your work has been difficult and unprofitable. Buying tape is considered to be a sign of misfortune.


To dream of seeing deluxe tapestry indicates a desire for luxurious living.


Dreaming you are getting a tattoo indicates you feel friends and associates are jealous of you.


To dream that you are paying taxes implies that you are responsible and honest. If you are unable to pay your taxes, it indicates failure and unfortunate circumstances are making life difficult.


To dream that you are brewing tea is an indication you expect to be entertaining visitors. To see yourself drinking tea with friends and family implies social affairs are important.


To find yourself teasing another person in your dream indicates you are in a joyful and zany mood in this dream.    If others are teasing you it implies they consider you to be understanding and cordial.


Dreaming about teeth is not considered to be a good dream.  Any dream with teeth as the theme will usually indicate problems.  If you dream that your teeth are decayed and ugly, it indicates depression and low self esteem.  To dream that you have false teeth signifies that problems you were struggling with have been solved.  If you see other people with decaying or rotten teeth it implies you do not trust that person.  Seeing a person with crooked and broken teeth implies you are afraid of that person.

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Dreaming about receiving a telegram usually indicates you are expecting to hear important news.  If you are sending a telegram, it indicates you feel it necessary to inform friends and family of impending problems.


To dream of using a telescope implies planets and stars could play an important part in your future.  Seeing a broken telescope indicates expected problems in the near future.


If a landlord sees his tenant in a dream it denotes trouble and expenses are a concern.   If a tenant pays you money it implies you will be successful in some engagements.


To dream of being in a tent indicates you feel the need for shelter and protection.   To see a group of tents denotes good times with close companions.


To dream that you are feeling terror indicates disappointments with friends are seriously affecting you.


Seeing ice thaw indicates the beginning of spring and excitement about things to come.


Dreaming about being in a theater indicates enjoyable entertainment, and the pleasure of being in the company of friends.


To dream of looking at a thermometer indicates poor business decisions and disagreements among family members.


To dream you are a thief is a sign that you are desperately attempting to improve your social relations.


Dreaming you are thirsty implies you are aspiring to become more popular than you perceive yourself to be. If you cannot quench your thirst it indicates you cannot overcome the many obstacles in your way.


To dream of thorns is an indication there are many problems you will need to solve before reaching your goal.


To dream of sitting on a throne indicates you believe a rapid rise to prosperity is in your future. To see others on a throne implies you will need the help of others to succeed.


To dream of seeing a thumb indicates a sincere interest in art. If you are suffering from a sore thumb it implies you are having disagreements with business associates. To dream that you do not have a thumb, is a sign of being lonely and destitute.


Dreaming that you hear thunder is a sign of imminent danger that you cannot see.  To be caught in a thunder shower indicates trouble and grief are close to you.


To dream of being tickled indicates you worry constantly about becoming ill.  If you tickle someone else it implies you get pleasure from the weakness of others.


To dream you see ticks on your body is a sign of being impoverished and discouraged.   To kill a tick on your body indicates you have taken steps to improve your situation.


Dreaming of a tiger can hold many interpretations, including power, authority, and strength symbolism. A dream about a tiger can represent repressed emotions and desires, as tigers are often found deep in the jungle.

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Dreaming about toads imply you are going through a period of poor judgment and unfortunate circumstances.


If you dream that you are eating tomatoes it is an indication that you feel strong and healthy.


To dream that you are toothless is a bad sign and denotes inability to advance and improve your lifestyle.

Tooth picks

Dreaming about tooth picks is a sign that you allow small anxieties to unnecessarily consume much of your time.


To dream of seeing torches is a sign of peaceful and pleasant amusement.


Dreaming about a tornado is a sign that you expect destruction and mayhem in your personal life that will leave you disappointed and discouraged.

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To dream that you are a tourist indicates that you are planning to visit an area that is far away from your usual residence. To see tourists, indicates brisk and successful business ventures.


To dream of seeing a tower indicates that you aspire to high positions in your job and career.


To see toys in your dream is a sign of happy and joyous family life. Seeing children at play with toys is a sign of a happy nature and bright future.


To see a train in your dream indicates a desire to make a long journey. To see freight trains in your dreams is an indication that changes are taking place in your business.


The theme of this dream determines how to interpret it, because dreaming about traveling can mean many things. If you are traveling for business, it can mean you are looking forward to a profitable venture. Traveling for pleasure implies you are looking forward to new adventures, and usually means you will be making new friends.


To dream that you find a treasure denotes that you fantasize about receiving great fortune. If you lose a treasure it implies bad luck in business and financial affairs.


Dreaming about trees indicates happy and industrious desires.   If you see dead trees, it is a sign of sorrow and loss.


To see trophies in a dream signifies you are receiving some pleasure or good fortune that has come to you through your tireless endeavors.


If you dream of seeing trout, it is a sign of growing prosperity and happiness. To eat trout denotes that you are healthy and well cared for.  If your trout falls back into the water it implies your happiness will be short lived.


To dream of a trumpet implies something of an unusual nature is happening to you.


Dreaming about seeing a tub full of water denotes domestic contentment. An empty tub indicates unhappiness and sorrow.


To dream of going through a tunnel is considered to be a bad omen.  It can also indicate you are about to change your occupation.  If you are looking into a tunnel it implies you are facing some desperate issues.


To dream of seeing turkeys indicates you are receiving an abundant gain in income. To see one cooked and on the table for dinner, denotes improvement in your personal affairs.


Dreaming about turquoise is an indication you expect to realize long awaited desires.


To dream of seeing turtles signifies that an unusual incident has given you very much enjoyment, and the opportunity for substantial financial gains.


To dream of seeing twins is a sign of security in your business, and contentment in personal relationships.

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