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Dreaming about rabbits is a favorable dream and indicates good fortune in business. Seeing white rabbits is a sign of success and happiness in your love life. It can also indicate that children play a large part in your life.


To dream of a raccoon indicates deception by a family member or friend. It can imply that others are deceiving you and you must be alert concerning your affairs.


Dreaming that you are in a race indicates others aspire to win things you possess or are working for. If you win the race it implies you have overcome your adversaries.


To see radishes in your dream is considered to be a good omen. If you are eating them it indicates favorable associations with business associates. To plant radishes is said to bring good fortune.


If you dream of raffling any item it indicates that risky investments you have made are in danger of failing. It can indicate that you have been a victim of dishonest speculation.


To dream you are floating on a raft that you have built yourself indicates you feel successful due to hard work and diligence. Floating on a raft signifies uncertain but successful journeys.


Dreaming that you are in a rage is a sign that you are having major problems in your business or personal life, and are venting in your dream.  If you are watching others in a rage it implies you are aware that friends or family are struggling, but all you can do is watch.


If you dream of a railroad it indicates you’re concerned about business affairs and feel you need to pay closer attention to them.  To see an obstruction on the tracks implies foul play may be involved in your business.  If you are walking down railroad tracks it implies successfully handling your financial affairs.


Walking leisurely in a rain shower is usually an indication of pleasurable and peaceful conditions.  If you are caught in a large rain storm and cannot find shelter it indicates you are alarmed and concerned over a large undertaking.  If you are sitting in your home watching the rain come down through your window, it indicates you feel protected from the dangers of the outside world.


Seeing a rainbow in a dream is a sign that unusual and beautiful conditions and opportunities are happening in your life.


To dream of eating raisins indicates discouraging and disappointing incidents have caused you to make major changes in your plans.


Dreaming about using a rake is an indication you feel that some work will never be done to your satisfaction unless you do it yourself.  Seeing a broken rake is considered a bad omen and indicates tragic and difficult times.


Dreaming about rape is a very disturbing dream and one you should be very concerned about. To dream that you are the person being raped indicates you have some sincere and real fears for your safety. If you are watching someone else getting raped it implies you have those fears for a friend or associate. You need to examine conditions in your waking state to discover what may have caused you to have this type of dream.


To see raspberries in a dream indicates entanglements in your personal life have been overbearing and difficult for you.


Seeing rats in your dream indicate jealous associates are working to diminish your accomplishments. Dreaming about rats is always a bad sign and implies you are concerned that your associates are not always completely honest with you. (See Back Biting)

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Raven dreams can be powerful as they often reflect one’s subconscious mind. The appearance of a Raven in a dream is typically an invitation for dream analysis, hinting at the need for deeper understanding or signaling upcoming changes.
It prompts individuals to pay attention to their intuition, interpret their inner thoughts, and respect the messages their psyche conveys. Learning to decipher these signals can enhance one’s self-awareness and offer clarity in personal evolution.

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Reading in your dream indicates work that appears difficult, challenges and inspires you to excel in whatever you undertake.


Dreaming about attending a reception denotes pleasant engagements and enjoyable gatherings of friends.


The theme of the dream definitely indicates why you see the color red in a dream.  Red can stand for anger and frustration, and indicate your need to keep tempers under control.  Red also indicates passion and can pertain to many things in your dream.  A very dark red is considered to be a good omen and implies good news is expected.


Seeing a reindeer indicates you are a staunch defender of your friends and associates.  It also signifies you feel strongly that your ability to successfully discharge your duties defines your character.


Dreaming that you are renting a house indicates new contracts could be signed that will prove profitable.


Dreaming that you receive a reprieve for past indiscretions indicate that you have overcome some difficulty that was causing you anxiety.


Seeing a reptile in your dream indicates trouble of a serious nature.  If you are attacked by a reptile it indicates the trouble could be yours.  If you succeed in killing the reptile it implies you have overcome your obstacles.  Seeing a dead reptile come back to life denotes that previously settled disputes are being renewed with bitter animosity.


Dreaming you have been rescued from danger indicates your misfortunes are over and the future is brighter.   If you rescue another it implies you are expecting to be honored for some recent activity.


To dream that you resign any position signifies that you are not satisfied with your business or personal life and are looking for change.


To dream of taking revenge indicates that you have suppressed anger and are looking for a way to vent.


Dreaming you attend a religious revival indicates family disturbances and unprofitable engagements.


To dream about a revolver indicates you are harboring a subconscious fear of something or someone. Carefully examine the theme of this dream when interpreting it.


To have rheumatism causing you pain indicates unexpected delays and disappointments with future plans.


To dream of rhinestones indicate disappointments in recent financial investments. It can also indicate that a relationship is not all that you believe it is.


Dreaming about rhubarb is believed to indicate pleasant and entertaining associations. To eat it indicates dissatisfaction with your present lifestyle.


Dreaming of eating ribs implies misery and poverty.


Seeing ribbons floating or waving in the wind signifies celebrations and pleasant times.  Seeing packages with colorful ribbons on them indicates a special occasion is near.


Rice is considered a healthy and staple food that feeds many people throughout the world, and is good to have in a dream.  To eat it signifies domestic comfort and happiness.  If you dream about growing rice it indicates promised prosperity.


To dream that you are rich indicates you feel constant exertion and attention to affairs will cause you to rise to a position of wealth.


Dreaming that you are trying to solve riddles denotes confusion and dissatisfaction with your position in life.


Dreaming that you are riding is considered a bad omen and is unlucky for business or personal pleasure.  If you ride slowly it indicates unsatisfactory results with all of your undertakings. Riding fast can signify prosperity, but under hazardous conditions.


To dream of wearing rings indicates that all of your enterprises will be successful.   A broken ring implies unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your personal relationships.


Dreaming about a riot is a sign of an unsatisfactory and disappointing lifestyle.


To dream you have a rival indicates you have been slow in asserting your rights and have lost favor with some associates. If you feel that a rival has outwitted you it implies you have been negligent in your affairs.


Seeing a clear and fast running river indicates you are taking advantage of your success and are enjoying many delightful pleasures. If the waters are muddy or stagnant it implies there are disagreements and jealous confrontations in your life.


Traveling over a rough and bumpy road indicates progress towards your goals is fraught with hardships and problems. If the road is smooth with beautiful scenery it indicates you are making steady and profitable progress toward your goals in life.


Dreaming you are climbing steep rocks indicates many struggles and disappointments.


Finding yourself on a roof in your dream indicates you have reached a successful position in your life. If you are frightened and afraid of falling it implies you are not fully entrenched in your position yet. To build a roof is said to mean your fortune will rapidly increase.


To dream of a rooster is usually a sign of success and prominence. If you see roosters fighting it indicates problems and altercations with your rivals are imminent.


Dreaming about seeing the roots of plants or trees indicate your business is in a state of decline and misfortune.


When you dream about ropes it can mean many completely different things.  If you are climbing a rope it indicates you are overcoming obstacles and making progress in your affairs.  To descend a rope implies disappointment, despair and failure.


Dreaming about roses is usually considered to be a very good dream and is associated with happy occasions.    To dream that you are given a rose implies you are admired by someone who cares deeply about you.  Smelling the sweet aroma of the rose indicates happiness and contentment.


Dreaming you are in a rowboat with others indicates you enjoy the company of friends and associates.  Should the rowboat capsize, it can imply financial losses are feared.


Dreaming about rubbish is said to indicate that you manage your affairs badly.


To dream of a ruby indicates good luck in business and investment speculations.


To dream of a rudder indicates thoughts about making a long and pleasant journey.  It is also a sign that you are about to make many new friends and acquaintances.   A broken rudder implies sickness and ill health.


To dream of drinking rum indicates a taste for warm and sunny vacation destinations.


Dreaming about running with other people indicates you enjoy the company of others who share the same principles as your own.


To dream that you have articles that are rusting is a sign of depression and major disappointment with your surroundings.


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