Dreams Starting With V

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To dream of being vaccinated indicates a feeling of contentment and protection against evil.


To dream that you are a vagrant Implies poverty and misery are a constant fear you must contend with. If you give to a vagrant it indicates a deep generosity and concern for others.


Dreaming you receive a valentine indicates a deep seeded desire for a loving relationship.


To find yourself walking through bright and pleasant valley implies you are experiencing great improvements in your personal life. If the valley is gloomy and foreboding the reverse is indicated.


To dream of a vase denotes that you enjoy the delights and pleasures of a quiet and peaceful environment.


Dreaming about the Vatican signifies you expect many favors are about to fall within your grasp. It can also imply you have formed an acquaintance of a distinguished person.


To dream of a vault signifies a concern over protecting your valuables and personal possessions.


To dream of eating vegetables implies you believe to be tremendously successful and above reproach. If you see withered or decayed vegetables it indicates a gross misinterpretation of your position.


To ride in a vehicle while dreaming can indicate a fear you will lose a valued possession.  If you are thrown from one it implies you have been hasty with important decisions and are expecting unpleasant news.


To dream that you wear a veil indicates you have not been perfectly honest and sincere with your friends and family.  To see others wearing veils you feel maligned and defamed by apparent friends.


To see your veins in a dream is not considered to be a good omen.  To see them bleeding denotes that you are experiencing great sorrow from which you believe there will be no escape.


Dreaming about velvet denotes you are enjoying very successful enterprises and respect of your peers.  If you see old velvet it can mean your prosperity will suffer from your extreme pride.


To dream of a ventriloquist denotes that one of your trusted associates is planning some treasonable affair that will be detrimental to your interests.


If you dream you are on a veranda it indicates anxiety about a love affair.  To see an old veranda denotes your hopes of a loving relationship will not come true.


Having vertigo is a very common dream.  It can indicate a loss in domestic happiness and a desire to escape from your misery.  It can also imply you are in a state of confusion and indecision.


To dream that you are favoring any type of vice indicates you may be endangering your valuable reputation.


If you dream that you are the victim of any scheme it indicates a concern that your associates may not be trust worthy.


To dream that you win a victory of any sort implies you feel able to defend yourself against any foe.


To dream of drinking vinegar indicates a feeling of despair and exasperation and implies you worry over some distressing affairs. Any dream about vinegar is unfavorable and foreboding.


Dreaming about a vineyard is usually a favorable dream. If you are viewing a lush and healthy row of vines it indicates an exciting and vibrant future. To wander aimlessly through a vineyard implies peaceful and content feelings.


Any violence that happens in a dream should be considered to be a bad omen.


Dreaming about violets implies joyous and happy occasions in which you enjoy the friendships of many people.


To see or hear a violin in your dream signifies harmony and peace are present in your family. A broken one can indicate sadness and separation from loved ones.


To visit someone in your dream suggests some pleasant occasion in your life is on your mind. If your visit is unpleasant it would indicate recent dealings with a malicious person. For a friend to visit you is a sign of a favorable nature and implies you have good relations with friends.


Dreaming that you have a strange vision is an indication you have had some unfortunate dealings with suspicious people.  To have people appear to you in visions indicates a series of family problems still persist.  Visions of death and trouble usually are a reflection of recent personal problems and should be perceived as such and nothing more.


To dream of hearing voices can be a contrary dream, and the theme of the dream determines the interpretation.  If the voices are calm and peaceful it is a good sign, and indicates you are at peace with yourself.  Angry voices imply disappointments and unfavorable situations.  If you hear voices that are crying it implies you are concerned about your health.


Dreaming about a volcano indicates violent disputes and erupting anger within the family.


To dream of vomiting is a sign of disgust and disappointment with a friend or associate.   To see others vomiting indicates you feel they exhibit false pretenses and are being exposed.


Dreaming that you are casting a vote implies being engulfed in a dispute affecting your community.


To dream of signing a voucher indicates coming to the aid of associates who are encountering problems with finances.


To dream that you are making a vow indicates a concern over a complaint or accusation made against you.  To break or ignore a vow indicates having disastrous consequences affect your life.


Dreaming about vultures is a sign that you suspect an acquaintance to be a scheming person that means you harm.

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