Turkish Coffee Ground Readings Symbols

A-Z Dictionary of Turkish Coffee Ground & Tea Leaf Readings

A Basic Guide to Tasseography

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Can we use this dictionary for explaining a Turkish Coffee Readings Symbol?

You can use this dictionary when drinking tea or Turkish coffee to read your future with the help of symbols you find in your cup.

Why not plan an afternoon with your friends and have a tea or coffee cup reading party? You don’t need a psychic to see what’s in your future. It will be fun!

Whatever symbol you find on the bottom of your cup – whether they are tea leaves or coffee grounds. Help yourself with this extensive dictionary of symbols and their meanings to predict your future.

Can you see your future in your coffee or tea cup?

If only we could predict the future. There is something in all of us that would like to know what our future holds. Reading tea leaves is a way of making predictions about the future. It is a form of fortune-telling and prediction that interprets the patterns left by tea leaves in a cup of tea. It is also done with coffee grounds too.

The process of divination by tea leaves involves pouring or drinking the tea and various methods of spinning the tea cup to create the pattern of tea leaves that are to be interpreted. Adepts of tea leaf reading which goes by the formal name of Tasseography suggest that the method an interpretation of reading tea leaves is an acquired art.

The reading of tea leaves involves a story that takes the questioner from the present to the future. The exact origin of tea leaf reading is not known but one suggestion is that it is a development of a method used by the Ancient Greeks to perform divination from splashed wine.

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Home » Divination » Spiritual Readings » Turkish Coffee Ground Readings Symbols
ACORN; a long-term great success
AIRCRAFT; a long distance journey. If broken or pointing downward indicates an accident or trouble coming.
ALLIGATOR; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (crocodile, reptile)
ANCHOR; finding security in life.
ANGEL; good news.
ANT; success through perseverance.
APPLE; business achievement, if bitten – sat backs achieving the goal.
ARCH; happy event.
ARROW; bad news. (bow)
AXE; difficult situation has to be ended, decision has to be made.


BABY; small worries.
BAG; financially successful.
BAGPIPES; disappointment.
BALLOON; short-term troubles.
BARREL; a party.
BASIN; trouble at home.
BASKET; if empty – money worries. if full – financial success. surrounded by dots-money coming in.
BAT; a journey ending in disappointment.
BEANS; poverty.
BEAR; decision made with strength and focus on success.
BED; stagnation.
BEE; social success. swarm of bees – success with an audience.
BEEHIVE; prosperity.
BEETLE; scandal, a difficult situation underway.
BELL; unexpected news.
BIRD; money coming from an unknown source.
BIRDCAGE; obstacles, quarrels. (cage)
BIRD’S NEST; domestic harmony, love.
BISHOP; good luck coming.
BOAT; journey over seas.
BOOK; open – expect legal actions securing future success. closed – delays and difficulties in achieving success.
BOOMERANG; mall-intentions from others affecting you – protect yourself from bad words coming your way.
BOTTLE; one bottle – pleasure. several bottles – illness.
BOUQUET; love and happiness.
BOW; bad news. (arrow)
BOWL; money flow or kind-heartedness
BOX; open – romantic troubles solved. closed – the lost will be found.
BRACELET; nearing marriage.
BRANCH; with leaves – a satisfaction. without leaves – a disappointment.
BREAD; avoid waste.
BRIDGE; represents a way to cross the obstacles in opportunity for success.
BROOM; a false friend. (cat)
BUCKLE; be wary, dangers ahead.
BUGLE; hard work necessary. (horn)
BUILDING; a change in location.
BULL; quarrels, enmity.
BUSH; new fresh opportunities.
BUTTERFLY; freedom, happiness, worry-free


CABBAGE; jealousy causes complications at work.
CAGE; obstacles, quarrels. (bird cage)
CAMEL; useful news exactly when needed.
CANCER; the enemy. (crab)
CANDLE; pursuit of knowledge-self improvement.
CANNON; news of a soldier or a government employee.
CAP; trouble ahead – be careful.
CAR; good fortune.
CART; success in business.
CASTLE; financial gain through marriage.
CAT; a false friend. (broom)
CATTLE; prosperity.
CHAIN; engagement into venture with a partner or business partners.
CHAIR; an unexpected guest.
CHERRIES; a happy love affair.
CHESSMEN; difficulties ahead.
CHICKEN; domestic bliss. (hen)
CHIMNEY; hidden risks.
CHURCH; unexpected money, inheritance.
CIGAR; new friends.
CIRCLE; successful conclusion to venture.
CIRCLE WITH A DOT; a baby, a new venture.
CLAW; a hidden enemy.
CLOCK; it is time to think of the future.
CLOUDS; trouble ahead.
CLOVER; four leaf – you have luck on your side.
COAT; a parting, an end to relationship or partnership.
COCKATOO; mean gossip among friends. (parrot)
COFFEEPOT; illness. (teapot, kettle)
COFFIN; bad news.
COIN; debts will be paid.
COLUMN; promotion, upgrade, growth in your situation.
COMB; organize your thoughts.
COMET; an unexpected, surprise visitor.
COMPASS; travel, a change of environment.
CORKSCREW; curiosity causing trouble.
CRAB; an enemy. (cancer)
CRESCENT; love, relationship coming into your life. (moon, decrescent)
CROCODILE; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (alligator)
CROSS; sacrifice, trouble.
CROWN; honour, success in a venture building a long time, wish coming true, a legacy.
CRUTCHES; help from a friend.
CUP; reward for effort.
CURTAIN; a secret.


DAFFODIL; great happiness in life.
DAGGER; toxic situation needs to be ended. (knife)
DAISY; happiness in love.
DECRESCENT; keep your eyes opened, someone in your proximity loves you. (crescent, moon)
DEER; a dispute or quarrel.
DESK; social gathering, good venture. (table)
DEVIL; evil influences.
DISH; quarrel at home.
DOG; a good, loyal friend.
DOLPHIN; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (fish, whale)
DONKEY; be patient and optimistic.
DOOR; opportunity, opening to a new path. (gate)
DOTS; several black dots together means money in your future.
DOVE; good fortune.
DRAGON; desires fulfilled.
DRUM; scandal, gossip, arguments.
DUCK; money you are expecting is on the way in.
DUSTPAN; strange news about a friend.


EAGLE; a big change for the better.
EAR; unexpected news.
EARRINGS; misunderstanding in what you hear. (jewellery)
EGG; progress toward success.
ELEPHANT; wisdom, strength, lasting success built on firm foundation.
ENVELOPE; good news.
EYE; be observant, watch for details. A mean eye – jealousy; nice looking eye – someone is thinking about you.


FACE; one face – a change in belief of one area in life. Several faces – a change in lifestyle.
FAIRY; joy and enchantment.
FAN; flirtation, indiscretion.
FEATHER; instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
FEET; an important decision.
FENCE; limitation to activities, minor setbacks toward future success.
FERN; disloyalty, an unfaithful lover.
FINGER; emphasizes the symbol to which it points.
FIR; artistic success. the higher the tree, the better.
FIRE; achievement, avoid hasty decisions.
FIREPLACE; matters related to your home.
FISH; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (dolphin, whale)
FIST; an argument.
FLAG; danger ahead.
FLOWER; wish coming true.
FLY; domestic irritations. the more flies, the more annoying little problems. (insects)
FORK; a deceitful friend. (pitchfork)
FORKED LINE; many paths ahead, decision to be made.
FOUNTAIN; future success and happiness.
FOX; a deceitful friend, up to no good.
FROG; success through a change of home or job-depending on the location in the grounds.


GALLOWS; social failure.
GARDEN ROLLER; difficulties ahead.
GARLAND; success, great honour.
GATE; opportunity, opening to a new path. (door)
GEESE; unexpected visitor.
GIRAFFE; think before you speak.
GLASS; integrity.
GLOVE; a challenge.
GOAT; enemies threaten.
GONDOLA; romance, travel.
GOOSE; finding good solutions.
GRAMOPHONE; pleasure.
GRAPES; happiness.
GRASSHOPPER; news of a much travelled friend.
GREYHOUND; good fortune, with help of loyal friend.
GUITAR; happiness in love.
GUN; trouble, quarrels. (pistol)



HAMMER; overcoming obstacles, ruthlessness, work that is uncongenial.
HAND; friendship.
HANDCUFFS; trouble ahead.
HARE; timidity, tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation you are facing. (rabbit)
HARP; harmony in love.
HAT; a new occupation, a change in job. bent and broken-likely to fail at this quest.
HAWK; sudden danger born of jealousy.
HAYRICK; think before you act.
HEAD; new opportunities.
HEART; love and marriage.
HEATHER FLOWER; good fortune.
HEN; domestic bliss. (chicken)
HILL; obstacles, setbacks.
HOE; hard work leading to success.
HOLLY; an importance occurrence in the winter.
HORN; be wary, dangers ahead. (bugle)
HORSE; good news from a lover. head only – romance.
HORSESHOE; good luck.
HOUSE; security.


ICEBERG; danger.
INITIALS; unusually those of people know to you. if next to a triangle, the initials of strangers.
INKPOT; a letter.
INSECT; domestic irritations. the more flies, the more annoying little problems. (fly)
IVY LEAF; reliable friend.


JESTER (joker); party or social gathering-relaxing nature.
JEWELLERY; a misunderstanding. (earring, necklace)
JUG; gaining recognition, importance.


KANGAROO; domestic harmony.
KETTLE; illness. (coffeepot, teapot)
KEY; a new house, relocation, two keys crossed; success in investment.
KEYHOLE; beware of curiosity of strangers.
KING; a powerful, successful ally.
KITE; wishes coming true, keep an eye on it though, need to see it through.
KNIFE; toxic situation needs to be ended. (dagger)


LADDER; promotion.
LAMP; trouble threatening, but averted. success through own knowledge.
LEAF; prosperity, good fortune.
LEO; influential friend. (lion)
LEOPARD; news of a journey.
LETTER; good news. near dots – news about money.
LIGHTHOUSE; trouble threatening, but averted. success through a friend.
LINES; straight and clear – progress. wavy – uncertainty. slanting – failure.
LION; influential friends. (leo)
LOCK; obstacles in your path, if opened-obstacles overcame. (padlock)
LOOP; impulsive actions could bring trouble.


MAN; a person relevant for the figures involved.
MAP; travel, change through travel.
MASK; deception.
MEDAL; a reward.
MERMAID; temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
MITRE; honours.
MONKEY; a trickster.
MONSTER; terror.
MONUMENT; lasting happiness.
MOON; love, relationship coming into your life. (crescent, decrescent)
MOUNTAIN; a high set ambition.
MOUSE; theft.
MUSHROOM; fast moving growth.
MUSIC; good fortune.


NAIL; malice, injustice.
NECKLACE; misunderstanding in what was done. (jewellery)
NEEDLE; be wary, minor dangers ahead. (buckle, broach)
NET; traps for the unwary, be careful.
NUMBERS; indicate a timeline, the number of days before events.
NUN; quarantine.
NURSE; illness or a trip to hospital.
NUTCRACKERS; difficulty is passing.


OAK; good fortune.
OAR; a small worry, help from someone to overcome difficulties. (paddle)
OCTOPUS; danger.
OPERA GLASSES; a quarrel, nitpicking.
OSTRICH; travel.
OWL; gossip, scandal.
OYSTER; acquired riches. (shell)


PADDLE; a small worry, help from someone to overcome difficulties. (oar)
PADLOCK; obstacles in your path, if opened-obstacles overcame. (lock)
PALM TREE; success, honour, happiness in love.
PARACHUTE; escape from danger.
PARASOL; a new lover.
PARCEL; a surprise.
PARROT; mean gossip among friends. (cockatoo)
PEACOCK; with tail spread-riches. surrounded by dots-luxurious life.
PEAR; comfort, financial ease.
PEOPLE; visitors.
PENTAGON; intellectual balance.
PEPPER SHAKER; a troublesome secret.
PIG; material success brings emotional problems.
PEGEON; an improvement in trade. sitting-lasting improvement.
PILLAR; supportive friends or family members.
PINE; an important event in winter.
PIPE; keep an open mind, thinking to a solution.
PISTOL; trouble, quarrels. (gun)
PITCHFORK; a deceitful friend. (fork)
POLICEMAN; secret enemy.
POT; respect through service to society.
PROFILE; a new friend.
PUMP; generosity.
PURSE; a profit.
PYRAMID; solid success.



QUESTION MARK; hesitancy, caution.


RABBIT; timidity, tendency to pull away fast, be braver in a situation you are facing. (hare)
RAILWAY; long journey.
RAINBOW; happiness, prosperity.
RAKE; organize your life.
RAT; treachery.
RAVEN; bad news.
RAZOR; quarrels resulting in partings.
REPTILES; enemy waiting to hit, treachery. (crocodile, alligator)
RIBBON; happy event, celebration.
RING; the situation has come full circle-competition, two rings-marriage
ROCKS; burdens.
ROD; visitor.
ROSE; popularity.


SAW; person not connected to a situation interfering.
SCALES; a lawsuit. balanced scales – justice. unbalanced scales – injustice.
SCEPTRE; power, authority.
SCISSORS; domestic arguments.
SCYTHE; be careful, someone could end your happiness.
SHAMROCK; good luck, wish coming true.
SHEEP; happiness.
SHELL; acquired riches. (oyster)
SHIP; successful journey.
SHOE; a journey to a better situation.
SICKLE; e careful, someone could cause trouble in your happiness.
SIGN POINT; draws attention to the symbol to which it points.
SKELETON; a sign of loosing hope in yourself, a need to build self up.
SNAKE; hatred, an enemy set to destroy your world in a very sneaky way.
SPADE; hard work leads to success.
SPIDER; determined and persistently accumulating, money coming in.
SPOON; generosity.
SQUARE; a symbol of being protected.
SQUIRREL; prosperity after a struggling time of work.
STAR; good health, happiness. five-pointed star – good fortune.
STEEPLE; slight delay in processing.
STEPS; an improvement in life.
STICK; visitor. (walking stick)
SUN; immense power, a very good and unexpected development.
SWALLOW; journey.
SWAN; smooth progress, contented life.
SWARD; you are changing your life for better-fight for your happiness.


TABLE; social gathering, good venture (desk)
TEAPOT; illness. (coffeepot, kettle)
TELEPHONE; every truth has 3 sides to it, don’t jump to conclusions about what you hear.
TELESCOPE; adventure on your path.
TENT; travel.
TIE; happy event, celebration.
TOAD; beware of flattery, it can be deceiving.
TORCH; a turn for the better.
TORTOISE; criticism, keep a firm skin.
TOWER; financial growth in a slow and steady pace.
TREE; things are evolving slowly but surely exactly as you want them to.
TRIANGLE; unexpected event. point upward – brings success. point downward – brings failure.
TRIDENT; a deceitful friend wielding the power.
TRUNK; a long journey, fateful decisions.


UMBRELLA; annoyances, a need for shelter. if open – shelter found. if closed – shelter refused.
UNICORN; the wish you were working to fulfill will be granted.
URN; wealth, happiness.


VASE; a wedding celebration.
VIOLINE; selfishness.
VOLCANO; emotions out of control-impatience.
VULTURE; your money is everywhere and you are going after it.


WALKING STICK; a visitor. (stick)
WASP; trouble in love.
WATERFALL; prosperity.
WEATHER VANE; indecisiveness.
WHALE; good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness. (dolphin, fish)
WHEEL; complete – earned success. broken – disappointment.
WHEELBARROW; a meeting with an old friend.
WINDMILL; business success through hard work rather than brilliance.
WINDOW; open – good luck through a friend. closed – disappointment through a friend.
WINGS; message.
WISHBONE; a wish granted.
WOLF; inner strength, you will take care of self and yours.
WOMAN; pleasure.
WORMS; scandal.
WREATH; happiness ahead.


YACHT; pleasure.
YOKE; being dominated.


ZEBRA; adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
ZEPPELIN; delays, perseverance necessary.

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