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Dreaming about a zebra is a sign that most of your interests and enterprises are fleeting and not based on sound judgment. To see one in the wild implies you pursue foolish projects that usually prove unsatisfactory.

Zephyr (Soft Breezes)

To dream of soft zephyrs indicates you are very aware of your inner feelings and pay close attention to the slightest affection.


Dreaming about the Zodiac indicates a rise in material possessions. It can also imply an increase in your peace and happiness. To see it appearing in a weird state indicates you are having unpleasant experiences which you cannot explain. It is said that you will gain knowledge by studying the Zodiac, and you will experience good fortune in the future.


A dream about zombies can mean you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Dreaming of zombies can also mean a big change or transformation that’s happening in your waking life

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Zoological Garden

To dream of visiting a zoological garden indicates you seek knowledge, and implies continued success with your financial dealings. It is believed that if you tend the garden you will gain knowledge.

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