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To dream of a field of daisies in bloom on a beautiful sunny day implies happiness, health and prosperity. Seeing them out of season or on a gloomy day is considered to be a bad omen.


To see dahlias in a dream is seen as a good sign and indicates good fortune and happy times are at hand. If the dahlias are growing outside it indicates you are having monetary good fortune.


Seeing someone with a dagger in your dream indicates a fear that someone is trying to harm you. If you pull the dagger from someone’s hand it implies you have overcome recent fears and possible danger by taking some sort of action.


To dream of seeing a group of people dancing indicates you have or will have happy, cheerful and intelligent children. For young people to dream of dancing implies they are enjoying the many pleasures of life. If you dream of dancing yourself it indicates you are coming into some unexpected good fortune. Older people dancing imply a brighter future for your business is expected. Dancing is always considered a good omen.


Dandelions blossoming indicate happy unions and prosperous surroundings for you and your spouse or partner. To see yourself eating them is an indication you are not in the best of health and need to take caution.


A dream about danger is usually associated with your business or financial future.  If your life is threatened by immediate danger and you escape, it indicates you are succeeding with your financial plans.  If you are hurt or killed it implies that you are concerned you will lose your business or finances and your prospects are discouraging.


To dream of the dark is a sign that you lose your temper quickly, causing yourself many problems and hardships.  If you are overtaken by darkness while on a trip it indicates you are not in favor of taking this trip and are dismayed because of the dark.  If the sun comes out before ending the trip it implies you have overcome your fears and are pleased with yourself.  If you are lost and cannot find your way in the dark it indicates others provoke you because you lose your temper easily.  A dream about the dark is usually not a happy dream and considered a bad omen.


If you dream of dates growing on a tree it signifies happiness, prosperity and successful relationships.


Dreaming about your daughter indicates that many previously unhappy incidents are turning into joyful and harmonious experiences.


To dream of your daughter-in-law indicates an unusual occurrence has happened that brought you happiness and joy.


To watch the day break in a dream implies your plans for the day will be productive and successful.  If the day is dull and dreary in your dream it can mean you are under very much pressure to succeed in whatever endeavors you have planned for the day.


Dreams relating to death are difficult to interpret because they are misleading and confusing.  If you are dreaming about a person that is dead it could be because they have been on your mind lately or an occurrence has happened that would remind you of them.  

For many it can indicate the opposite of death and relate to some joyous family occasion.  The incidents seen and heard in our dreams are all of our own making and can reflect your feelings at any given time.  To dream that you have talked to someone that is dead is considered to be a sign of good luck.

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Death Person Alive

Seeing a dead person alive in a dream can be jarring, but it’s usually not a cause for alarm.

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Dead Relative

Dreaming of dead relatives can be jarring, but there’s no cause for alarm, as it’s not typically associated with a bad omen. To dream of a dead relative can be part of your grieving process. A dream about a dead relative can have different interpretations, depending on the details and how you felt in the dream.

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Dead Person Talking

Dreams of a dead person talking to you can symbolize grief, guidance, warning, or spiritual connection.

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To dream that you are in debt is not a good dream and indicates worries about financial or personal struggles.


To dream of decorating some place with bright flowers and ribbons indicates you are in a festive mood and are looking forward to activities in the near future. To see a decorated grave or casket implies sorrow and misfortune have overcome you.


If you dream of signing a deed it is usually associated with a bad dream and indicates a fear of losing all you own. (See Mortgage)


This is a usually considered a favorable dream denoting long and deep friendships. To dream of hunting a deer indicates a feeling of needing to provide for your family.

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If you dream you are experiencing delight at an event or watching some sort of entertainment it signifies you have had favorable returns on your investments. To feel delight when looking at beautiful landscapes indicates an appreciation for art and beauty.


To dream that someone demands something from you indicates you are experiencing a feeling of embarrassment. If the demand is unjust it suggests you have been put in an embarrassing position by and associate or friend.


If you see demons in your dream it is an indication you are overindulging in some way and need to change your ways before losing your health or mental stability. .


Dreaming about a dentist working on your teeth indicates you have reason to doubt the sincerity of a person you are having a business relationship with.


Dreams about depression are normally contrary dreams.  They do not reflect your true feelings and you are happy and delighted when you wake from one.


Seeing a derrick in a dream indicates you are experiencing strife and obstructions with your chosen career.


To dream of wandering through a dry and barren desert denotes fear of losing your way financially and becoming destitute.


To be using a desk in a dream denotes you have been having bad luck for some time now and you need money to extricate you from your problems.


Dreams about despair denote that you witnessing the distress and unhappy position of some relative or friend.


To dream of a detective indicates you are afraid your reputation is at stake for some reason and friends may forsake you.


The devil is always the forerunner of despair and is a symbol that represents evil in all its forms.  You are uneasy and disturbed when you dream of the devil and interpreting the dream is difficult.  This type of dream usually indicates the dreamer has recently been tormented or very unhappy.  You need to carefully search your mind for clues as to why you would have this type of dream.


To dream of owning diamonds can be somewhat of a pompous dream because they signify great honor and recognition. This type of dream can also indicate a feeling of security form owning diamonds. Diamonds are always considered omens of good luck.


To dream of dice is indicative of the desire to speculate and gamble. .


Dreaming that you are referring to a dictionary signifies you depend too much on the opinion and suggestions of others. It can indicate the need to make your own decisions.


To dream you are digging indicates that despite your best efforts you feel defeated and are not advancing in your lifestyle.
Dinner to Dynamite


If you are eating dinner alone it implies you have cause to think seriously about the necessities of life. To be one of many invited guests at a dinner suggests that you enjoy the company of your friends and associates.


Dreaming that someone threw dirt on you indicates you feel they want to destroy your character. To see fresh dirt around flowers and trees implies you feel healthy and fit.


You are indicating insecurity if you witness people disappearing.  It implies you need to improve your self image and have faith in yourself because this type of dream is caused by anxiety.


To dream that you have a disease indicates you are ill and have had an unpleasant dealing with a relative.


Dreaming about a dismemberment of any part of the body usually indicates a fear that your family or someone close to you is breaking up.  This is also a common dream when a relationship with someone you love is severed.


To be worried in your dream that you have been disgraced before friends and family indicates you are ashamed of some recent activity and are afraid it will be revealed.


To dream of having a dispute over minor subjects indicates a feeling of bad health or concern for your health.


To dream of being a long distance from your home denotes a desire to make a journey somewhere that is far away and exotic.  To dream that your friends are at a distance indicates slight disappointments with them.  To dream of distance usually signifies travel and a long journey.


Dreaming about falling into a ditch is a sign of personal loss and that you are worrying something is wrong.


Dreaming of diving in clear clean water indicates a favorable termination of some embarrassment. If the water is muddy you are suffering anxiety and are worried about many things. To see others diving indicates you have many pleasant companions.


To dream of receiving dividends indicates a successful completion of a profitable venture.


To dream of being divorced denotes that you are not satisfied with your personal relationship and are concerned it may fail. This dream is also common when a dear friend or family member is going through a divorce and you are distraught over it.


This is a very auspicious dream and can indicate good health and general prosperity. To dream that a doctor is treating you for an illness can imply you are concerned about your health and disagreeable differences between members of a family.


To dream of a vicious dog denotes you are concerned about associates becoming your enemies. To dream that a dog is happy and friendly towards you indicates you are gaining many new friends. To dream that a bloodhound is tracking you implies you have given into some kind of forbidden temptation. If you dream of a large formidable dog that is protecting you it indicates you feel someone strong is looking out for you. Dreaming about dogs is generally considered a good omen.

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To dream about dolphins is usually a good dream and implies you have accomplished your goals or performed a good deed and deserve praise. Since dolphins are considered to be highly intelligent mammals they signify you are making considerable mental strides toward your intellectual goals.

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Dreaming about Dolls will mean different things for men and women. It can represent a desire to be young and carefree again for women. When a man dreams of a Doll it can indicate he is looking for a particular type of women which has eluded him. These are very subjective dreams and you must examine them carefully to interpret them.


To dream that you are in a building with a large dome signifies you are going through a new and favorable change in your life.


To dream of playing at dominoes, and lose, you will be affronted by a friend, and much uneasiness for your safety will be entertained by your people, as you will not be discreet in your affairs with women or other matters that engage your attention. If you are the winner of the game, it foretells that you will be much courted and admired by certain dissolute characters, bringing you selfish pleasures, but much distress to your relatives.


To dream of a donkey indicates you were publicly humiliated or insulted by a person you are at odds with.  If you see yourself riding on a donkey it indicates you are expecting to encounter a rough and difficult passage to reach your goals.


To watch other people walk through a door indicates you are being left behind by your family or friends and is usually associated with a sad dream.  If you dream you are entering a door it implies you are looking for adventure and new horizons and wish to expand your knowledge.


Dreaming of doves denotes peace and harmony is all around and sorrow and disappointment are a thing of the past. Doves signify peace and love and tranquility. If you are among a group of people when doves fly overhead it indicates your relationships with friends are healthy and prosperous.

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To dream about a dragonfly indicates you are expecting bad news soon.

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To dream that you awake from a dream only to discover you are still dreaming indicates you are having problems that you cannot quit worrying about and need to examine your priorities.


To dream that you are driving a vehicle implies you need to be in charge and want to take control of most situations. If you are a passenger in a car it implies you will let other people guide you in decisions you must make


To dream that you are drowning is considered a bad omen and indicates you are failing in your business or personal relationships. If you save yourself it implies you have faith in your abilities to recover from the current situation.

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To hear the beating of a drum indicates a friend is having problems and you feel they are calling out for help.


Dreaming you are drunk is considered an unfavorable dream and indicates you are feeling lost and unstable.  If you are funny or having a good time in the dream it indicates you are putting on a front to shield your true feelings from family or friends.


To dream of seeing ducks swimming in a clear stream of water is considered a good omen and means good luck.  If you see ducks flying overhead it indicates you should have a safe and happy journey.


To dream of being dumb indicates you are failing in your ability to persuade others and bring them around to your way of thinking.


Dreaming about dusk is considered to be a bad dream and usually indicates a feeling of doom and hopelessness.  It can be brought on by having a series of problematic or unhappy days in your personal life.


To see yourself blowing up anything with dynamite in your dream indicates a desire to create a spectacle that will capture others attention.  This is not always a bad dream, but can simply be a subconscious effort to gain attention.

Dying – Alive person dying

Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive can be distressing, but it carries symbolic meaning rather than a literal interpretation, reflecting inner thoughts, stress, and subconscious fears.

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