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Dreaming about a crying baby is indicative of ill health or disappointments in your life. A happy baby indicates a new or happy love affair and good relations with friends. When a baby is nursing it means you a very content and peaceful. Dreaming about a sick baby means you could be unhappy and depressed.

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For a man to dream that he is a bachelor is an indication he is not happy in his current relationship. When a woman dreams of a bachelor she feels some man in her life is self centered and unavailable for a personal relationship.


To dream of seeing a bare back is a bad omen and denotes a loss of money. If someone turns their back on you it means a loss of respect and you will be hurt by jealousy. Lending advice or money is dangerous when you see a naked back.


If you dream of causing gossip (back biting) about someone it means you will find yourself with many problems if you don’t correct your behavior. It indicates your subconscious mind feels you have been unfairly critical of someone. If someone is back biting you it means you feel there may be problems with your family or friends.


To dream of playing backgammon and losing means you will be unlucky in love. If you win you will be lucky in love and have many friends. If you are watching a backgammon game it means you are disturbed because you have unwelcome guests.


Dreaming about eating bacon is good if it is clean and being handled properly. Holding bacon with dirty hands is considered a bad omen. If you dream of bacon that is rancid or rotten it indicates you are having a troubled affair.


To dream of a badger is a sign that you have won a battle that you fought very hard for. Seeing an injured badger is a sign you should put off any battles for another time.


This is not a bad dream if the music is pleasing and can be a sign of good fortune. If the sound is horrid and the player is dirty with torn clothes it is a sign of bad luck.


If you need to make bail your subconscious mind is telling you that help is needed from someone else. It may mean you need professional help for your finances or your business.


If you dream you are a bailiff it indicates you are striving to make a better living for yourself.  If you are arrested by a bailiff it means you have problems or errors in you personal finances or business that need to be corrected.


Dreaming about a bakery and all the great smells that waft through the air is a sign of good luck and success for you.  To dream you are the baker and are making the bread indicates you are willing to work hard to improve your position in life.


If you are playing in a ball game it indicates you are expecting to hear good news soon.  If you are watching a ball game it may mean you are shy and afraid to participate in games with others.


Dreaming about a balcony is a sign you are looking for romance.


Dreams about balloons are considered a bad omen and bring problems with everything you’re your love life to business.  Ascending in a balloon signifies a troublesome journey.


Dreaming about a banjo is considered to be a good omen that will bring joy and happiness to your life.  If you are playing the banjo it indicates you have enjoyable times with many friends.  Watching someone else play the banjo means there may be a new love in your life soon.


To see vacant tellers in a bank indicates a loss of money for your business.  If you are a teller and give out too much money it indicates you feel that you are careless.


It is very good to dream about a banquet.  To see yourself having fun with friends and family indicates contentment and happiness in your life.  To see empty tables at a banquet means you have had some recent disappointments.


To dream of tending a bar, denotes that you will resort to anything to gain advancement.  Seeing a bar denotes exciting activity and the gathering of friends for the purpose of having good times.


Dreaming about a barber indicates you will gain success through struggling and paying close attention to business.  For a young woman to dream of a barber means she will gain personal wealth soon.


If you are walking around barefoot in your dream in indicates your expiations for something has not come true, and all of your efforts are failing.


If the barn is filled with corn and grain dreaming about a barn is considered a good omen and indicates prosperity in the future.  If the barn is empty it means hard times and little wealth.


To see a barometer in a dream means you expect a change in your affairs which will prove profitable to take place soon.   If it is broken you expect problems with your business.


To dream that you are in a basement indicates you feel uncomfortable and cold and expect trouble in the foreseeable future.


If you are carrying a basket in your dream it signifies you see success in the future if it is full and failure if it is empty.


If you are taking a warm and comfortable bath it means you are content and relaxed with your present position in life.  A cold bath would indicate you are unhappy or disappointed with yourself.


Seeing bats in your dream indicates you are experiencing very much sorrow in your life and are fearful of the illness or death of a friend or family member.  Dreaming about bats is always a frightful and unpleasant experience but does not necessarily foretell of impending illness or death.


To see a beacon light indicates you will soon be safe from whatever illness or fear you now have.  For a traveler it means refuge, and for the sick a speedy recovery.  If your business or a personal relationship has been failing it means you see hope for the future.


Relaxing on a beach signifies your value of calm and quite moments.  Running on the beach indicates your relentless desire to keep healthy.  Working on a beach means you expect to soon.


To dream of a bear indicates you are experiencing overwhelming competition in personal or business pursuits.  To kill a bear means you have overcome fear and triumphed in your pursuit of a good life.

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Beauty in any form is very good. A beautiful woman brings joy and pleasure.  A beautiful scene brings joy and hapiness in your daily life.  A beautiful child indicates you are pleased with the reciprocal love you give and receive.


Watching a beaver work indicates you realize much hard work and effort will be necessary to achieve your current goal.  If the beaver is struggling, it may indicate problems with a project you are doing, and some corrections may be required.

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Dreaming of sleeping in a bed outdoors in a pleasant setting means you are having delightful experiences and expect success in your endeavors.  Seeing a neat clean well made bed denotes peace and tranquility.  If you are sleeping in a bed that is not yours you are expecting success in a future business transaction.  If you are making the bed it means you expect visitors soon.


If you are drinking beer in your dream you are expecting a delicious and rewarding event.  If you are watching others drink beer but you are not, it may mean you feel you need more self control.


Bees signify pleasant and profitable times.  It is considered lucky to dream about bees because they are hard workers and help beautify the world we live in.  If you dream about bees you are looking forward to a bright and bountiful future.

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To hear bells tolling in your dreams means you feel you are being called to assist or help someone.


If you are betting on something in your dream it indicates you are getting desperate to achieve your goals.  Betting usually means you are looking for an easier way to achieve them.  Dreaming about betting is not always a bad thing.  Some dreams about betting are included in fun filled events you are dreaming about.


This type of dream usually indicates you feel you have been let down by a friend or family member recently.  It may not mean they betrayed you but dreams can over exaggerate an unpleasant incident at times.  Carefully examine this type of dream so you do not misunderstand its meaning.


Dreaming about the bible means you are disillusioned and looking for acceptance.  Reading the bible indicates you fear you cannot resist the temptations and persuasiveness of a friend.


To dream about riding on a bicycle indicates adventure and bright prospects ahead.  If you are riding uphill and struggling you feel the prospects may be difficult to achieve.


If a man dreams about bigamy it is an indication he fears loosing his manhood.  For a woman it means she is feeling dishonor or shame


Playing billiards indicate the dreamer is having troubles of some sort, usually over legal or property matters.


Dreaming about birds is usually considered to be a good omen.  Happiness and good times abound when you are dreaming about birds chirping and flying about.  Beautiful colored birds indicate good luck.  If you see dead birds it is a sign of unhappiness, disappointment and sorrow for an offspring.  Seeing birds flying overhead is a sign of prosperity, and to see dying birds means a loss of money or income.  An empty nest indicates you are feeling alone and deserted.

Bird’s Nest

Seeing an empty birds nest indicates gloom, unhappiness and a bad outlook for your business.  If there are eggs in the nest the outlook for business is very good.  If there are young birds in the nest you feel your dealings with people have been happy and successful.


Dreaming that you are giving birth to a child means you expect to hear good news soon.  Watching someone else give birth indicates hidden desires or fears you may have.  Watching an animal give birth is a sign of victory.

Birthday Cake

Dreaming about a birthday cake means you expect good luck in the near future and good relationships with your family and friends.  If it is an ugly cake you may have some temporary setbacks.


To be eating or baking biscuits is a sign of family disputes and arguments that are happening.  If you are sharing the biscuits it means the disagreements have been settled.


This type of dream is considered a bad omen and indicates you feel endangered and that someone wants to do you harm.  Dreaming about getting bitten usually indicates you wish you could undo damage you have done in the past that are unable to repair.  It can mean you feel you are about to experience some monetary losses that you cannot avoid.

Black Bird

Dreaming about black birds means you feel you are in a rut you are unable to get out of.  If you see black birds flying over head it indicates your problems will soon go away.


Picking blackberries is considered unlucky and denotes illness or problems.  Eating black berries indicates financial losses.


If your blanket is new and clean it indicates you are experiencing success in your life.  Soiled blankets mean you feel you have many problems.


To dream of being blind indicates a sudden change for the worse in your financial situation that you are unable to correct.  Seeing a blind person means you feel a worth person is coming into your life.


If your clothes are stained with blood, this type of dream indicates bad business deals that you should avoid and that you should stay away from strange or new friendships.  If blood is flowing from a wound you are experiencing physical ailments or worries.  Seeing blood on your hands is bad luck and considered to be a warning that someone will turn on you.

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Blue Jay

Encountering a blue jay in one’s dream typically holds positive connotations. People might interpret the sight of a blue jay as a sign of success and progression in their waking life.

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To dream of a boa-constrictor is similar to dreaming about the devil.  It indicates bad luck and trouble in the near future.


The theme of the dream you are having indicates the meaning of dreaming about a boat.  If the water is clear and it is a beautiful day it means happiness and joy.  If you are in stormy waters and the sky is gloomy and grey it means you feel unhappy and threatened.  If you have an accident with the boat it indicates you are afraid something bad is about to happen in your life.


If you see bones sticking out of your extremities it indicates you feel someone is plotting against you.  To see a pile of bones means you see hunger and illness around you.


Dreaming about books indicate you feel your life is very stable and sound.  You believe steady progress is the best way to reach your goals if you are reading a book in your dream.  Any time you dream about books it means you feel you are slowly reaching your goals.  Keep in mind that the theme of the dream indicates what you are progressing in.


To see a bookcase indicates you are associating knowledge with your work and feel you must keep educating yourself.  An empty bookcase means you’re afraid you will run out of funds before you reach your goals.

Book Store

Visiting a book store indicates you are very interested in discovering new adventures and seek knowledge.


If you are wearing new boots or shoes in your dream, you are convinced you will be lucky at your business and in your personal life.  If the boots or shoes are old and ragged you are experiencing an illness or problem in your personal life that you believe is very serious.


Dreaming about boys playing or just having a good time is considered a good omen in a dream, and usually indicates you are accomplishing your present goals.  If the boys are hurt or fighting it normally means you are very concerned about something in your current personal or business deals.


If the bottles are full you are overcoming any obstacles you may have and is considered to be a good omen dream.  Half empty or empty bottles indicate you are concerned about your future.

Bow and Arrow

Seeing a bow and arrow in a dream denotes you are successfully influencing others.  To make a bad shot with your bow means you are having problems controlling your actions.


Opening a box that is full of items you want is a sign you are currently happy with your progress in your business or personal life.  If the box is empty you are expecting some type of disappointment in your near future.  Opening a box full of money is said to mean you are looking forward to retirement.


If you see a branch full of leaves or fruit it means you are experiencing a pleasant and bountiful period in your personal.


Dreaming that your brakes failed and you are out of control in your car indicates you feel you are out of control in your personal life.  Dreams about failed brakes are usually considered a warning dream and could mean you need to carefully examine what is happening in your life.


If you are baking bread it indicates a desire to provide for those around you. If you are eating bread it means you are happy and content. When you dream about bread it is almost always part of a happy dream.


Usually comes in a favorable and enjoyable dream and indicates you have a healthy zest for life. If you are eating breakfast with a group of people it can mean you enjoy being surrounded by friends and family.


If you dream about bricks it indicates you are having problems or disagreements in your business or personal relationships.


To dream that you are the bride indicates a strong desire for a close personal relationship. The theme of the dream and your current personal circumstances would determine the type of relationship you are seeking. If you are not the bride it would indicate you are very happy about recent events in a friend or relatives life. Dreams about brides are considered a good omen and are usually associated with happy and joyous dreams.


If you are crossing a bridge and reach the other side safely it indicates you are expecting major changes in your life or lifestyle. If you cannot reach the other side you fear complications in your life may prevent you from these changes.


To dream that you are affected with bronchitis indicates you are feeling discouraged about prospects for the future and there may be complications you must handle. Dreaming you are ill usually indicates you are concerned about something you need to accomplish.


Dreaming about a bronze statue signifies you feel you are failing in a romantic relationship and your attempts to resolve the issues are not effective. If the statue moves it indicates you are considering an affair with another person.


To dream of brooms, denotes you expect rapid improvement in your financial situation.


The theme of this particular dream determines the reason for the dream. If your brothers are happy and full of energy your relationship with your family is improving. If the brothers are sad or grumpy the relationship between you and your family is deteriorating.


Dreaming about buffalos indicates you expect to come into an inordinate amount of money soon.  If you killed the buffalo it means you might want to think twice about getting involved with the business venture that may gain you this income.


To hear joyous blasts from a bugle means you are in for some happiness and harmony in your life.  Blowing a bugle is considered good fortune.


Something revolting and disgusting is happening or is expected to happen in your life if you dream about bugs.  Carelessness and sickness is associated with bugs.


To see large and magnificent buildings with a lot of green lawn around them indicates you feel you are destined to a rich and happy life.  If the buildings are tall and majestic your life will be celebrated with joy and happiness.  Old dilapidated buildings indicate a problem with your love life.


To see one pursuing you means you are having trouble with your business that is caused by competitors.  If you dream of a white bull you will lift yourself to a higher plane and overcome your problems better her fortune.

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If you dream you are attacked by a bulldog you are transgressing into areas you do not belong and are afraid of what might happen.  To meet a bulldog in a friendly way means things are getting better in your life.


Bullets are considered a bad omen.  If you are hit by one it means you may be ill enough to see a doctor but have not done so.  It is thought that through a dream the sub conscious mind can sometimes warn us that our body is not functioning properly.

Bumble bees

Usually a dream with a bumble bee in it is not considered to be a good dream.  We associate a bumble bee with pain and therefore it is considered a bad omen.  This type of dream is considered to be a warning that something in your sub conscious mind is telling you to be extra cautious.


To dream burglars are in your house would mean you do not feel completely comfortable with your surroundings at this time, and do not feel safe.  Dreaming about burglars indicate you are afraid of losing something of value.


If you attend the burial of a relative and the day is clear and sunny it is a sign you feel in good health and your relationships are good.  You are afraid that sickness and ill health will affect more people who are close to you If the weather is gloomy.

Buried Alive

To dream that you are buried alive denotes that you feel you are about to make a great mistake in your life that could cause you great pain and misery.


If you dream you are waiting for a bus it indicates you feel you have had a set back and are waiting to recover.  If you are riding on a bus you are on your way back to recovery.


To see a butterfly in your dreams indicates prosperity and happiness.  If they are flying around, you want friends to join in your celebration.  The bigger and more beautiful the butterfly, the bigger and grander you feel the celebration is.

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Seeing a buzzard in your dreams indicates you are afraid a scandal is about to arise that concerns you or a family member.  If they fly away as you approach you may have been able to smooth over the scandal and things will work out.

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