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What Do Dreams of Having Sex Mean?

by | Jun 12, 2023

  • Do your dreams of intimacy leave you puzzled or uncomfortable? Discover the general and biblical meanings of sex dreams and the factors driving your nocturnal desires.
  • Have you ever had dreams about having sex with a stranger, a boss, or a celebrity? Do you ever wonder what it could mean? Uncover the potential interpretations of these common sex dreams and what they might tell you about your subconscious mind.
  • Are you overwhelmed with interpreting your dreams or anxious about what they might imply? Get expert advice on approaching dream analysis and find short, easy-to-understand answers to frequently asked questions about sex dreams.

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Dreams about a sexual act are quite a common phenomenon. They can be baffling, thrilling, or sometimes even a little unsettling, yet spiritual symbolism reflects one’s subconscious desires. In other cases, there may also be a more profound symbolism behind them. Let’s dive into this intriguing area of your life.

General Symbolism of having sex in your dreams

Sex in dreams doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s waking life sexual desires. According to Lauri Loewenberg, a renowned dream analyst, sex dreams are about psychological union, or merging different aspects of personality. The symbolism of this dream can also be about power, control, or accomplishment.

What do sex dreams mean spiritually

  • Union or Integration: In many spiritual traditions, sex is considered a profound act of union. It can mean the merging of the individual with the divine essence. It could mean the merging of one’s feminine and masculine aspects. And it could also mean the merging of different aspects of self.
    In short, a sex dream could symbolize a desire for such spiritual union or integration.
  • Divine Love: Some spiritual traditions interpret sex dreams as symbolizing divine love or divine ecstasy. This may be viewed as a deep yearning for a closer connection with the divine or the universe.
  • Creative Energy: In spirituality, sex is often associated with the vital life force. It also is associated with creative energy. Both are vital in symbolic roles in the creation of life.
    A sex dream for that reason symbolizes a desire to harness this creative life force. It may also represent the birthing of new ideas or ventures.
  • Kundalini Awakening: In certain Eastern spiritual traditions, a sex dream could signify “Kundalini” energy awakening. Kundalini originates as a curled-up serpent resting at the base of the spine. Its awakening can lead to spiritual transformation.
  • Shadow Integration: Based on Carl Jung’s ideas, sex dreams might symbolize a dialogue with the “shadow” self. The shadow self is the aspect of our personality that we suppress or deny. This could signal a process of accepting and integrating these parts into our conscious self. If the process is successful it leads to personal growth and wholeness.
  • Inner Balance: The sexual dreams involving the opposite sex, can symbolize balance or integration of masculine and feminine energies within self. These energies are not necessarily tied to gender. They represent different qualities or attributes, such as action and acceptance, logic and intuition, etc.

Biblical meaning of having sex in a dream

Biblical interpretations of dreams vary, but some believe sexual dreams might symbolize a desire for deeper intimacy or unity. It could also symbolize a struggle with lust or temptation.

What causes sexual desire in dreams

Many factors can influence sexual desire in dreams. It might reflect your real-life sexual desires. It can also be triggered by a movie you watched, a book you read, or even a casual conversation. Keep in mind that dream interpretation is deeply personal, which means what works for one does not work for someone else.

Common Dreams Involving Sex

Dreams about having sex may take many different forms, and their interpretation can vary significantly. Here are a few of the more typical sex dreams with potential interpretations:

1. Dream About Sex With A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Dreams about having sex with a boyfriend/girlfriend may symbolize both satisfaction or discontent with the partner’s emotional connection and intimacy. In this case, you have to pay attention to the emotions you are feeling in the dream.

For example, did you feel good, loved, satisfied, or maybe stressed, worried, unwanted, or even used? Depending on the emotion, dreams will tell you which direction your need for intimate connection is taking you.

2. Dreams Involving Sex with your Boss

Dreams about having sex with your boss symbolize your desire for power. An intimate encounter with an authority figure is usually a “tell” that expresses your deeper desires. For example, having the need to be seen, recognized, or even be in their position.

3. Dreaming About Sex With an Ex

Dreaming about having sex with an ex does not necessarily mean you want to reconnect. It most often symbolizes you are still processing the breakup. In some cases, there are still unresolved issues between you two.

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4. Dream about sex with a celebrity

Dreams about having sex with a celebrity symbolize your desire for success and recognition. It could reflect admiration of their qualities as represented by this particular figure.

5. Dreams About Sex With Family Members

Dreams about having sex with family members may be disconcerting and deeply rattling. It can actually be quite common. It symbolizes our desire for those qualities which they possess within them.

6. Dreams About Sex With a Stranger

Dreaming about having sex with a stranger symbolizes your curiosity about the inner self. Curiosity about the aspects of self that are still unknown, reaching further deep down, outside of one’s comfort zone.

7. Dream About Sex With a Woman

Dreams about having sex with a woman symbolism differ. Heterosexual men, having sex with a woman symbolize one’s longing for feminine qualities, such as nurturing or emotional openness. Being a lesbian woman, these dreams would symbolize natural desires in daily life.

8. Dream About Sex with a Man

Dreams about having sex with a man symbolism differ. Heterosexual women, having sex with a man symbolize one’s longing for masculine qualities, such as strength or assertiveness. Being a gay man, these dreams would symbolize natural desires in daily life.

9. Dream About sex in public

Dreams about having sex in public symbolize two directions. One direction would be an urge for recognition. Another direction would be fear of exposure.
It is essential to recognize the emotion that comes with the dream. Emotions such as panic or fear of being caught, or careless enjoyment, will tell us what rests deep inside.

sex dream meaning

10. Dreams About Making Love

Dreams about making love symbolize one’s need for unity, power and transformation within themselves and society.

A Word of Advice

Dream interpretation can provide valuable insights into your subconscious mind but should always be treated as an entirely subjective process. Pay attention to how the dream makes you feel.

Associations made between different aspects of the dream. Associations made within the dream. And also the context of the dream. And do not be intimidated to consult a dream expert, should your interpretation prove challenging or disorienting.


1. Do sex dreams always mean something?

Not necessarily; sometimes dreams are just a dream. However, if a particular dream elicits strong emotions or reappears frequently enough, we notice that further investigation should occur.

2. Having sex in a dream meaning in Hinduism?

Dreams in Hinduism often reveal our inner state and past actions (karma). Sexual dreams are often depicted as symbols of desire or union or transformation.

3. Having sex in a dream meaning in Islam?

Dreams in Islam can provide spiritual insight; however, their interpretation can vary greatly depending on context and individual. When it comes to sexual dreams, interpretation may differ greatly depending on both context and the person involved.

4. Can you feel sexual pleasure in a dream?

Yes. It is absolutely possible to feel physical sensation as well as pleasure in a dream.

5. What does it mean when you dream about being pleasured?

Dreams about being pleasured may symbolize one’s desire for pleasure, satisfaction or acceptance within oneself in daily life.

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