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What Do Cheating Dreams Mean?

by | Mar 14, 2023

  • Cheating dreams can mean a lack of trust, feelings of neglect, or fears of abandonment.
  • When you dream of being cheated on, it could mean issues in the relationship need attention.
  • Dreaming of cheating can also mean you have unmet desires in your life.

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Waking up from a cheating dream can be emotionally disturbing. You’ll wake up feeling distraught whether you’re being cheated on or doing the cheating.

What could your dream mean? Does it mean your partner will cheat on you in real life? Or do you want to cheat on your partner?

We should take our dreams with a grain of salt when we understand them. There are many things at play when it comes to our dreaming mind, and knowing about the general symbolisms and common interpretations can help you make better sense of it all.

In this article, we’ll talk about the general symbolisms of cheating dreams, the most common cheating dreams, and what you can do to stop or avoid them from occurring.

General Symbolisms of Cheating Dreams

Dreams of cheating are pretty common. According to psychologist and couples therapist David Helfand, dreams about having sex or kissing someone else are incredibly normal and common.

One study conducted by Amerisleep showed that out of 1000 respondents, 21% reported dreaming about cheating on a partner, while 23% reported having dreams where they were cheated on by their significant other.

Some general symbolisms of cheating dreams include a lack of trust in the relationship, feelings of guilt, fears of abandonment, jealousy, or insecurity.

Common Dreams of Infidelity/Cheating

In this article section, we’ll cover the most common kinds of cheating dreams and their interpretations. While these are the typical meanings, it doesn’t mean these are true for every situation.

Genuine dream interpretation involves the personal details of the dreamer. One may dream about cheating because of a lack of intimacy in the relationship. In contrast, another may dream about it because they feel guilty over keeping a secret.

When you read these interpretations, you should assess your current situation with yourself and your partner. Try to relate these meanings in your day-to-day life and analyze whether they hold any weight.

However, knowing about these typical interpretations can help you make sense of dreams that are confusing to understand.

Here are the most common dreams of infidelity or cheating:

1. Someone Cheating On You

If you dream that someone is cheating on you, it can mean that you feel insecure or that there is a lack of trust in the relationship. If it’s your boyfriend or husband, being cheated on may mean you’ve been neglected in the relationship.

You may have noticed changes in the relationship, such as your partner or spouse spending less quality time with you. This may have triggered the lack of trust in your relationship, and you subconsciously think he is cheating on you with someone else. This thought may be too painful to admit, so instead of facing this lack of trust, you dream about it.

2. Cheating With a Stranger

If you’re cheating with a stranger in your dream, it could mean you are disappointed in yourself or feel like you’ve let yourself down. You may want the desire of a stranger to feel good about yourself.

3. Cheating With an Ex

Dreaming about cheating with an ex could mean you miss something about your former lover. This can also mean there are things in your past that you want to relive. If you’re in a current relationship, this might mean something is lacking in your relationship right now that you had with your ex.

4. Cheating With Someone From Your Real Life

If you dream of cheating with someone from your real life, such as your boss, a delivery person, or a barista you just met, it may mean they represented something you desired but can’t have.

Your boss may have an air of authority that you desire, the delivery person might have the presence of youth that you miss, or the barista might have an attitude of a free spirit that you envy.

3. Cheating With a Celebrity

Cheating with a celebrity could mean you want to escape your real life. A celebrity is someone that’s out of reach, and dreaming about having an intimate moment with them might be your subconscious mind expressing its desires and fantasies.

It could also mean the celebrity has the characteristics of a person you desire, such as having a beautiful face or body.

A Word of Advice

If you have dreams of someone cheating on you or you’re the one doing the cheating, it’s time to do some self-reflection. This kind of dream evokes feelings of anxiety and insecurity, which you may be denied in your relationship.

When you dream about it once, it might be a random occurrence, such as when you saw a movie with an incident of cheating. But if it’s a recurring dream, it might be time to talk with your partner about it.

Talk about any insecurities you may have, feelings of neglect, or any issue of unfulfillment in your relationship. If you can’t see eye to eye, going to a couples therapist may help you overcome these issues.

A cheating dream can be distressing, but it can catalyze change when you use it to analyze your real life. Your subconscious notices things you don’t want to admit, and when these issues manifest in your dreams, it’s your mind’s way of telling you now is the time to do something about it.

Use these symbolisms and common meanings to help you improve your relationship with your partner and yourself.


1. Are cheating dreams a sign of infidelity?

Cheating dreams are not a sign of infidelity, but they reveal issues you may be having with your partner or yourself.

2. Should I tell my partner about my cheating dreams?

Yes, you can tell your partner about your cheating dreams and share the symbolisms you’ve learned here. Use these general interpretations to tackle issues that plague your relationship.

3. Can recurring cheating dreams be a sign of a deeper issue?

Yes, recurring dreams are a sign of a deeper issue that must be resolved within yourself and the relationship. It could be a lack of trust, neglect, or unfulfilled needs.

4. How can I prevent having cheating dreams in the future?

You can prevent having cheating dreams in the future by being honest with yourself and your partner. If you have feelings of neglect, lack of trust, and fears of abandonment, don’t try to hide it, but rather, be open and communicate with your partner about your issues.

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