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What Do Dreams About Cats Mean?

by | May 10, 2023

  • Dreams about cats symbolize intuition, feminine energy, and wisdom.
  • To understand what dreaming about cats means, you must reflect on issues in your waking life.
  • Cat dreams are generally regarded as a good omen, except for black cats in a dream, which signify a negative sign.

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Cats have a deep connection with humans and have long been regarded for their unique capacity to sense things outside human perception. Their heightened sense of sight and hearing have been revered by different cultures and religions, which perceive them as higher beings or spiritually more aware.

Thus, when you have dreams about cats, you should understand if there are unique messages behind them.

In this article, we’ll explore the different spiritual symbolism of cat dreams, how different cultures perceive them, and how all of this translates to cat dream interpretation.

General Symbolism of Cats in Dreams

Cats are known for their association with the spiritual world. Others treat them as spiritual guides for humans, leading dreamers to explore or begin their spiritual awareness.
In Japan, cats are symbols of good luck and fortune, while in China, they are also highly regarded as creatures of good fortune, tranquility, and good luck. In ancient Egypt, cats were highly associated with their goddesses, believed to hold special protective powers to ward off evil spirits.

When it comes to dreams, modern dream interpreters also include a cat’s natural spiritual instincts to provide meaning to cat dreams. Here are some of the dream symbolism of dreams about cats:

1. Luck

As mentioned, several cultures believe cats bring good fortune. Dreaming about a cat is believed to be a sign that good luck, prosperity, and blessings will come your way soon.

2. Curiosity

Cats are naturally inquisitive. This could symbolize your character, who always needs to find information about a particular person before you trust them.

3. Flexibility

Cats are incredibly flexible and highly agile and can easily escape through tiny spots and corners. A cat dream could symbolize your character of being able to adapt to your environment and circumstances quickly. The dream could also be a reminder of your innate skills and abilities.

4. Feminine Energy

Cats are highly associated with feminine energy. A cat dream symbolizes sensuality, inner strength, and power. Dreaming of a cat could be a warning about a particular female in your life, or it could also be a reminder of your sensual power.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dream

As mentioned earlier, cats are revered for their close association with spiritual awakening. Because of their natural ability to have heightened sight and hearing compared to humans, they can perceive threats beyond human comprehension.

Dreaming about cats could symbolize your intuition and be a reminder to listen to your gut and always trust yourself when making decisions.

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Though the Bible does not mention dreams about cats, Christians perceive these feline friends as dangerous, evil, and having negative energy. They also view cats as associated with paganism, witchcraft, and misfortune.

Common Cat Dreams

To better understand your cat’s dreams, you need to be more specific about the exact details. The more information you can remember, the better it is for you to understand your subconscious mind’s message.

In this section, we’ll talk about the most common kinds of cat dreams and their possible meanings:

1. Dream About Saving Cats

Dreaming about saving cats could mean you are reclaiming your power and independence. You may have failed in your career or relationship, but the dream tells you you have the strength and courage to overcome and regain your power.

2. Dream About Cats Attacking You

Cats attacking you in your dream is said to be a cause for concern. Cats, by nature, are gentle and loving. If they attack a person, it means they sense danger or negative energy. So if cats are attacking you in your dream, this could signify a dangerous person you’re not aware of, or you are doing things to sabotage your personal life or career.

3. Dreams of Holding a Cat

Holding a cat in your dream could mean you are timid and lack confidence, and it could signify you’re hiding behind the cat’s power or using the cat to help you face your problems.

Experts also believe this dream could be a sign of your stubbornness. You may be too opinionated, so you need to hold yourself and pause before you speak without thinking.

4. Dream About Multiple Cats

Multiple cats in your dream could be a sign that you need to be more spiritual in your life. You may be too busy with work or your personal life that you need to remember to give time to your spiritual journey.

5. Dream About Talking Cat

A talking cat could signify a traitor or a false friend in your midst. Cats don’t talk, so for the animal to speak in your dream symbolizes a fake person in waking life. Be wary of friendly people who are being too nice to you, as they may be deceitful and bring you negativity.

6. Dream About Big Cat

A big cat, such as a tiger in your dream, can symbolize your inner strength, authority, and also prosperity. The presence of a big cat is powerful, so it also means you have the ability to overcome whatever problems life throws at you.

7. Dream About Cats Playing

Dreaming of cats playing is said to signify good fortune. It is believed to represent social acceptance but not to take life too seriously. You may have been too busy that you forgot to go out and have fun with friends. It’s a reminder to learn to live in the moment.

8. Dream of Cat Hugging Me

If a cat is hugging you in your dream, it could mean wealth and material possessions will soon arrive in your life. It also implies self-growth, progress, and the desire to create a new societal image.

9. Dream About Cats Fighting

To dream about cats fighting means there’s an inner struggle within you. You want to quit your job but also need the money. You may want to end a relationship but have kids to consider.

This dream could also symbolize your assertiveness. You tend to go after what you want in life, no matter what. It can remind you to weigh your decisions and not always give in to your impulses, or you will struggle with others.

10. Dream About a Cat Showing Up at Your Door

If a stray cat shows up at your door, this is believed to be negative energy coming into your household soon. It could be a deceitful person who will steal from you or a person who wants to bring you down.

Another possible meaning is a reminder that you need to connect with your wisdom in dealing with real-life issues.

11. Dream About Cat Staring at You

If a cat is staring at you with loving eyes, which includes a slight tilt of the cat’s head, this is said to be “eye kisses” from a cat. If you dream of this, it symbolizes affection and love. You may be in love right now, or this represents your love for your kids or family.

However, if the stare is piercing and you perceive it in the dream as threatening, it could mean the cat is sensing something you can’t see. It typically sees a dangerous person around you. In waking life, try to be more cautious about the people you allow into your inner circle.

12. Dream of Cat Scratching Me

If a cat is scratching you in your dreams, it could be a sign that you’re feeling threatened in real life. There might be someone who’s out for your position at work, you have a new competition in your business venture, or someone is trying to steal your partner away from you.

It could also symbolize the need for self-exploration.

13. Dream of the Injured Cat

A dream of an injured cat symbolizes an imbalance in your life. Your intuition, mind, and feminine side are not agreeing on something, so there’s an internal pain or turmoil within you. You should assess certain things to find that balance.

14. Dream About Sick Cat

A sick cat in a dream symbolizes doubts about your ability and decisions. The cat is usually playful and confident in its intuition, but because it’s sick in your dream, it could mean it can’t exert these abilities.

The dream could be a reminder that you need to listen to your inner cat more, and that’s to listen to your intuition and strong feminine energy.

15. Dream About Finding My Lost Cat

Finding your lost cat could mean suffering from grief, self-pity, or hopelessness, but now you’re okay. You have experienced loss or a recent painful experience, but you are better now.

However, the dream also means you must rediscover your feminine side since you may have lost touch with it amidst your pain.

16. Dreams About Cat Dying

A dream about a cat dying can mean you have neglected yourself, and you may have become too busy with work and other vital things in your life that you still need to remember to have fun and enjoy your feminine side. It could also signify the end of a female relationship.

17. Dreams About Dead Cat

To dream of a dead white cat is believed to be a sign that you need to get rid of problems before they consume you.

To dream of a dead black cat is said to be a good omen and that you will overcome struggles in your waking life.

To dream of two dead cats is believed to be a sign that you’ll receive unexpected help soon.

18. Seeing My Dead Cat Alive in Dream

If your cat passes away and you see it alive and healthy in your dream, it could be your cat’s spirit trying to comfort you and help you move on. It could also represent new hope and joy in your life, especially after a period of loss or grief. So it’s a good sign to see your cat alive in your dream.

19. Dream About Two Cats

A dream of two cats represents great luck. It also means you need to search for deeper wisdom in making decisions about your life and moving forward with businesses, work, or personal relationships.

20. Dream About Multiple Cats in the House

If you dream of multiple cats in the house, this could signify that you live in your own world. You may be too self-centered and believe the world revolves around you. It’s time for a wake-up call and empathize with other people’s points of view in real life.

It could also signify deceit and betrayal by people close to you in real life.

21. Dream of Feeding a Cat

If you dream of feeding a cat, it symbolizes trouble in your relationship. This could come in betrayal or deceit, which could also mean things are not going well in your relationship.

22. Dreaming of a Cat Giving Birth

Dreaming of a cat giving birth signifies new beginnings, a fresh start, or reminding you of your nurturing side.

23. Dream About Cat Biting You

A cat biting you means it’s an aggressive cat in your dreams, and this could mean someone is out to take advantage of you, so be vigilant in your waking life. This may also reflect your own character, so try to check if you’ve recently been greedy or selfish.

24. Dream About a Cat Biting Your Hand

If a cat bites your hand in your dream, it could mean you have enemies and toxic friends around you. You trust them, but they also intend to be close to you. It can also be a sign that conflict is about to occur in your life.

25. Dream of Cat Biting My Left Hand

A cat biting your left hand in a dream could signify you need spiritual and emotional protection in your life right now. It means you need to gain wisdom and insight to help you with the negative emotions you may be experiencing.

26. Dream About Stray Cats in House

Dreaming of stray cats in your dream could mean you are lonely or you lack social support. You may be going through something, but no one is reaching out to you, which is why you feel lonely. The stray cats represent being surrounded by people who don’t love you or care about you.

27. Dream of Cat Jumping on Me

A cat jumping on you in your dream could mean something is holding you back from fully succeeding. You might be repressing emotions, holding back an ability, and hiding something that could help you solve problems. You need to jump on opportunities and express yourself to succeed symbolically.

28. Dream About Cat Turning into Human

If a cat turns into a human in your dream, it could mean the opposite in real life. This can tell you are the one who wants to turn into a cat who has no responsibilities and sleeps, eats, and plays all day.

You may have been too generous and sacrificed yourself for too long that you finally need a break.

It’s a reminder that you need to stop sabotaging yourself and let your mind rest. Take a vacation or have a self-care day, which can help you recharge and feel like a human again.

29. Dream About Black Cat

Dreaming of a black cat is a sign of bad luck, and negative things are said to come into your life soon. It may not be the perfect time to quit a job, start a business, or go on a vacation.

30. Dreaming of a Friendly Black Cat

If you dream of a friendly black cat, this could mean you’ve met someone who will be reliable in your life. This person can also be your protector.

31. Dream About White Cat

A dream about a white cat is also deemed a bad omen, and this implies an entanglement you may have with a business partner that will cause financial turmoil. This misfortune is believed to cause trouble in your household.

32. Dream About Orange Cat

An orange cat in your dream is believed to be a sign of good luck and signifies new beginnings, positive relationships, vitality, and ambition.

33. Dream About Gray Cat

A gray cat is said to symbolize calmness. However, when you dream about it, it can be a warning sign that you must prepare yourself for betrayal. It is a reminder to stay calm when this happens and use your intelligence to deal with the matter.

A Word of Advice

Our dreams are products of our subconscious mind. However, different cultures and religions have used cats as symbols, and their beliefs sometimes defy logical thinking. Nevertheless, there are things in the world that can’t be explained, and sometimes, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

In the case of cats being signs of bad omen, it is always safe to be cautious of warning signs that dreams of cats symbolize.

For example, a black and a white cat represents terrible omens. When you dream about them, you can be more careful with your money and relationships, which should always be the case. Dreams, however, highlight these important factors in waking life, so it doesn’t hurt to believe in these dream interpretations of cat dreams.

Since dreams also represent our innermost thoughts and emotions, you can also use cat dream symbolism to help improve your mental, emotional, and even financial state.

Some dreams may be random, but they usually contain important messages from our psyche. All we need to do is pay attention to the details of our dreams and apply them in our waking life.


1. Is it good to see a cat in a dream?

Some cat dreams are symbols of bad luck, but this can still be considered a good thing because it prepares us for what’s to come. It can also help us prevent certain negative things from happening.

2. Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Black Cat In Hinduism?

In Hinduism, a black cat is said to be a bad omen since they regard black cats as evil and messengers of ill will.

3. Who is the Egyptian goddess of cats?

The Egyptian goddess of cats is Bastet, who symbolizes protection against spiritual attacks. Egyptians carry and keep cat symbols with them, believing it can ward off evil spirits and eliminate negative energies.

4. Do cats dream about their owners?

Experts believe cats dream about their owners, as they have deep connections with their primary caregivers.

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