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What Do Dreams About Blood Mean?

by | Jun 8, 2023

  • Blood dreams can hold considerable symbolism, signifying vitality, sacrifice, and even sin, potentially reflecting deep-seated feelings, desires, and fears within us.
  • Multiple interpretations exist depending on personal, spiritual, or cultural beliefs, with blood dreams often seen as signals from the subconscious, communicating important messages about our inner state.
  • Diverse blood-related dreams carry distinct meanings, such as expressing concern for others, revealing hidden guilt, or signifying the need for support and assistance, allowing us to understand ourselves better.

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Dreams are a portal to the subconscious feelings, desires and fears, therefore a valuable ve figure out what they are trying to relay to us. If you have ever dreamed about blood, you may wonder what it means and how it reflects your inner state. Does it mean that you are injured or sick, angry or violent, passionate or energetic, maybe even good omen or bad omen?

The answer is not always straightforward, as dreams can have different meanings depending on the context, the dreamer, and the culture. Let us dive in and explore some possible interpretations of dreams about blood and what they can tell us about ourselves.

Dreams in which blood is present may cause you to reflect upon its meaning for you and reveal something about yourself that was otherwise unseen: an injury, illness or violent emotions may all come into play here; in contrast, passion and energy could indicate what’s underlying your dreams.

General Meaning of Blood in Dreams

Blood symbolizes life, vitality, energy, passion, and strength. The fluid circulates in our veins and arteries, carrying oxygen and nutrients to every cell of our body. It is also a substance that can be spilled or shed in situations of injury, violence, sacrifice, or death.

It also holds different meanings in dreams depending on the spiritual or religious beliefs of the dreamer. For example:

Spiritual meaning of blood in a dream

  • Blossoming: Period blood is often seen as a symbol of blossoming, a new phase in one’s life. It can represent maturity through growth, such as puberty, motherhood, or menopause.
  • Fertility: Period blood can also be a symbol of fertility. It means being open to new possibilities and experiences, new adventures.
  • Release: Period blood can also be a symbol of release. A release of emotional burdens or experiences that still our processes, in a sense, anything that needs to be released and leave our systems.

Blood Meaning In The Bible:

  • Life: In the Bible, blood is a symbol of life. It is seen as a means to connect to God through sacrifice or rituals.
  • Covenant: Blood has also been used as a symbol of covenant. In the Old Testament God agreed with Israel by scattering their blood on an altar as a symbol of this bond of loyalty and assurance that he would always remain near them.
  • Sin: In the New Testament, blood is a symbol of sin, as it’s presented with Jesus shedding his blood on the cross to atone for the world’s sins. This is why Jesus in Christianity is often referred to as the “Lamb of God.”


Common Blood Dream Meaning and Their Interpretations

Blood dreams can have different interpretations in different scenarios and details as they are playing out.

Let’s look at some common blood dreams and their associated interpretations:

1. Dream of Someone Bleeding

Dream of someone bleeding symbolizes your concern or worry about someone’s health, well-being, or safety. It can also symbolize your guilt or responsibility for hurting someone emotionally or physically.

2. Dreaming of Blood-Stained Clothes

Dreaming of blood-stained clothes symbolizes that you are hiding or suppressing negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, or shame. It can also symbolize you trying to cover up or hide some mistakes or faults that you have made.

3. Dreaming of Blood on Your Hands

Dreaming of blood on your hands symbolizes guilt or remorse for something you have done or said. It also symbolizes in some cases your potential involvement in some unethical or immoral activities that are harming others

4. Dreams in which eyes, ears or nose are bleeding

Dreams of eyes, ears or nose bleeding symbolize that you may be suffering from some mental, emotional, or physical stress. It can also symbolize that you are ignoring, rejecting or disregarding important information or advice that is being given to you

5. Dreaming about blood transfusion

Dreaming about blood transfusion symbolizes a need for some support, assistance, help, or guidance from someone else. In another case it symbolizes you are sharing or exchanging some vital energy or resources with someone else or others.

6. Dreaming of Drinking Blood

Dreaming of drinking blood symbolizes that you are trying to gain power, strength or vitality over someone, or from another source. It also could symbolize that you are exploiting or abusing someone else for your own benefit or gain.

7. Dreaming of Vomiting Blood

Dreaming of vomiting blood can symbolize you are feeling sick, maybe disgusted or repulsed by something or someone. But it can also symbolize you are trying to eliminate or get rid of negative emotions, thoughts or influences.

8. Dreams in which teeth fall out with blood

Dreaming about teeth falling out with blood symbolizes an upcoming change, loss, or transition. It also symbolizes a feeling of insecurity, anxiety, or powerlessness about something. This dream may also connect with meaning of *dreams about teeth falling out.

9. Dreams About Blood Dripping

Dreams about blood dripping symbolizes losing vital energy, passion or even enthusiasm in your life. Like something important and meaningful in your life had been misplaced. It can also symbolize wasting valuable time, money, or resources on something insignificant or even unimportant.

10. Dreams Involving Blood Clots

Dreams of blood clots symbolize the feeling of being stuck, being blocked, restricted or stagnant in an aspect of life. It can symbolize holding on to grudges, resentments, or negative emotions preventing you from moving forward and achieving progress.

11. Dream of Blood on the Floor

Dreams of blood on the floor symbolize you are feeling vulnerable, exposed, or threatened by something or someone, or can also symbolize witnessing or experiencing violence, conflict, or trauma in your life.

12. Dreaming About Accidents and Blood

Dreams about accidents and blood symbolize a warning or danger, an unexpected event occuring in your life, where you are losing control, or have no control over the events. It can also symbolize the feeling of guilt or responsibility over harm or damage done to yourself or others. It also may relate to *dreams about a car accident.

13. Spiritual meaning of miscarriage and blood in a dream

Dreams of miscarriage and blood symbolize one is experiencing a major shift in life such as grief, loss or disappointment. On another hand it may also symbolize letting go of hopes, dreams or life plans that are no longer significant, realistic or feasible.

Dream Interpretation of Menstrual Blood in Dreams

The Spiritual Significance of Menstrual Blood in a Dream

Menstrual blood symbolizes fertility, femininity, creativity, and transformation. It is a part of a natural cycle within women’s bodies. It occurs every month, marking the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is associated with pain, discomfort, stigma or even taboo.

Dream interpretations involving menstrual blood can be a symbol of many different things, depending on the dream’s context and specifics, let’s take a look at a few possible interpretations:

What does a dream about getting your period mean

Dreams about getting a period symbolize experiencing some physical, emotional, or hormonal changes in one’s life. It can also symbolize a beginning of a new phase or a new project in one’s life.

Biblical meaning of menstrual blood

Dreams about menstrual blood in Christianity symbolizes impurity, sin, or even a curse. It can also symbolize God’s wrath or judgment over humanity.

1. Period blood on the face – spiritual meaning

Dreams about period blood on the face symbolize a feeling of shame, embarrassment or humiliation by something or someone. It also symbolizes a confrontation by something hidden or suppressed within self that needs to be open and expressed honestly.

2. Dream of someone else’s menstrual blood

Dreams about someone else’s menstrual blood symbolizes empathy or sympathy with one’s pain, suffering or challenges they are facing. It may also symbolize feeling of disgust, repulsiveness or violation by another’s actions or behaviors.

3. Dream of Menstrual Blood on the Floor

Dreams of menstrual blood on the floor symbolize a feeling of insecurity, vulnerability, or a threat by something or someone. It can also symbolize witnessing or experiencing violence, conflict, or even trauma in one’s life.

4. Dream of Period Blood on Clothes

Dreams of period blood on clothes symbolize one’s attempts to hide or conceal negative emotions, thoughts, or influences that may be affecting them. It may also symbolize one is feeling dirty, stained, or tainted by something or someone.

This dream scenario can indicate that you are trying to hide or conceal some negative emotions, thoughts, or influences that are affecting you. It can also mean you feel dirty, stained, tainted, or even threatened by something or someone.

5. Dream of Cleaning Menstrual Blood

Dreams of cleaning menstrual blood symbolize healing, purifying, or cleansing from negative emotions, thoughts, or influences that harm and impact one’s life. It also may symbolize the attempt to restore balance, harmony and order in one’s life.

A Word of Advice

Blood dreams can be both disturbing and enlightening, depending on how you feel about them and what they mean to you.

Remember that dreams are a natural and normal part of your sleep cycle and that they can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth. However, they are not the only way to access your inner wisdom and intuition. You can also listen to your gut feelings, follow your heart, and trust your instincts.

Dreams involving blood can be both disturbing and comforting, depending on their interpretation and significance for you. It’s important to remember that dreams don’t always represent reality, as they are influenced by many variables including emotions, memories, expectations, and experiences that you bring into them.

It is important not fully to rely on your dreams as absolute truths or predictions, but rather more so as clues or hints to better understand yourself and life. Use dreams for guidance, inspiration, or insight but do not allow them to control or dictate your actions or decisions.

Recurring dreams about blood may be an indicator that something needs to change in your waking life. Talking to people you trust, friends, family members, partners or professional counselors, can help, as well as taking steps such as getting enough restful sleep each night, eating healthily, exercising regularly, meditating regularly or practicing relaxation techniques to improve physical, mental or emotional well-being.

Keep in mind that dreams are a natural and necessary part of sleep and can serve as an invaluable source for self-discovery and personal development. But they are not the only means of tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition; you should also listen to your gut feelings, follow your heart, and trust your instincts.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about dreams about blood.

1. What does it mean when I see blood in a dream Islam?

According to Islamic dream interpretation, seeing blood in a dream could have different meanings, depending on the color and quantity of the blood. In a general aspect of interpretation, red blood is a good sign that indicates wealth, happiness, or victory, while too much red blood can be a bad sign that indicates violence, danger, or loss. Black blood is a bad omen and symbolizes illness, evil, or sin. Yellow blood is a bad omen as well.

2. What does it mean when you dream about blood at a crime scene?

Dreams about blood at a crime scene can indicate that one is witnessing or experiencing violence, conflict, or trauma in life. It can also mean that there are feelings of guilt or responsibility pestering one for causing harm or damage to self or others. Facing the consequences of one’s actions or seeking justice for oneself or others is encouraged.

3. What does it mean when you dream about violence and blood?

Dreaming about violence and blood symbolizes one’s feelings of anger, aggressiveness, or violence towards someone or something in life. It can also symbolize the feelings of being threatened, attacked, or victimized by someone or something in one’s life. Healthily expressing emotions or protecting oneself from harm or potential danger is imperative.

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