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What Do Dreams About Having a Baby Girl Mean?

by | May 9, 2023

  • A dream about having a baby girl is believed to bring positive signs, such as happiness and prosperity.
  • A baby girl in a dream signifies empathy, creativity, and expression of emotions.
  • According to Hindu beliefs, dreaming of a baby girl symbolizes a good omen.

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Babies are beautiful and precious but also fragile and vulnerable. If you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, dreaming about a baby girl can be expected. You may want to have a baby girl or boy, so your subconscious mind produces vivid dreams involving babies.

However, if you dream of a baby girl and you’re not pregnant, this could offer you several different dream interpretations.

In this article, we’ll explore general baby girl dream symbolism, the most common dreams of a baby girl, and their possible meanings.

General Symbolism of Having a Baby Girl in Your Dreams

When trying to understand our dreams, we should take it with a grain of salt. In the case of a baby girl, we need to look at the characteristics – young, pure, joyful, but also fragility and the need for caring and nurturing.

What were the details of your dream? How did you feel in the dream? By analyzing these things, you can have the best interpretation of a dream about having a baby girl.

Nevertheless, since this kind of dream is quite common, general symbolism is associated with it. And here are some of them:

Wishful Thinking

If you’re pregnant and you dream of a baby girl, you may desire to have one, or if you want a baby boy, it could disrupt your plans. Most often than not, dreaming of a baby girl is wish fulfillment.


A baby is fragile and vulnerable, and it won’t survive without the care of a caregiver. This dream could reflect your current emotional, financial, or physical state. Do you need help in an area of your life? Do you feel like your business, job, or relationship is vulnerable right now? Look at what areas of your energy need some love and care.

Good Fortune

In Hinduism, there’s a belief that babies are reincarnations of Hindu goddesses. Because of this, a baby girl in a dream can symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.

Emotional Expression

Since females are typically regarded as the more emotional gender, a dream of a baby girl could signify your need to be more emotionally expressive. Maybe you’ve been repressing your anger, affection, or frustrations, and this dream could remind you that it’s completely okay to show how you feel.

Sensitivity and Empathy

This dream also reminds you to be more sensitive and empathize with the people around you. Maybe you’ve been rude or mean to loved ones and friends lately, but deep down, you felt guilty. You can’t accept feeling remorse for having valid reasons to be angry, so your subconscious mind reminds you to be more sensitive when dealing with other people.

These are the general interpretations of the dreams of a baby girl, but there are more detailed dreams that contain specific scenarios. The more complex the dream is, the better it is for you to understand its symbolism.

Common Dreams of Having a Baby Girl

Here are some of the most common dreams of having a baby girl and their possible interpretations:

1. Dream of Newborn Baby Girl

A dream about a newborn baby girl symbolizes new beginnings. The birth of a baby represents a new life in this world, and it could mean a new job for you, a new relationship, a new business venture, or something new coming into your life.

It also signifies happiness, growth, and prosperity. A baby girl is regarded as a good omen in many cultures, which means dreaming of a baby girl is a positive sign.

2. Dream of Being Pregnant with a Baby Girl

If you’re pregnant and dream of a baby girl, it could mean you want one. It may be a critical phase in your life wherein you realize that you’re ready to become a parent and wish to raise a little girl.

If you wanted a boy but dreamed of a baby girl instead, your plans may be derailed in daily life.

3. Dream of Having a Baby Girl But I’m Not Pregnant

If you dream of having a baby girl, but you’re not pregnant, this could have several interpretations. It could mean good luck in your business or work, happiness in your relationship, or the need to change an area of your life significantly.

If you’re a man and you dream of having a baby girl, it could mean you need to get in touch with your feminine side.

4. Dream of Having a Baby Girl While Pregnant

This dream could signify you need to care for your inner child. You may have experienced trauma in your childhood that you repressed. You may have witnessed the abuse, but you choose to forget about it because the pain was too much to handle. However, the pain surfaced in your adulthood, and it’s affecting your relationships.

This dream tells you that you must accept what happened and heal.

Or, it could also be one of many random pregnancy dreams you experience while pregnant in real life.

5. Dream of Holding a Baby Girl

To dream of holding a baby girl could symbolize your close-knit relationships with your loved ones. You are being reminded to be grateful for what you have with your family and friends.

However, you may have become too busy at work or in your business and romantic relationship. Your dream is reminding you to spend more time with your family, as they are also a significant part of your life that needs nurturing and care.

6. Dream of Having a Baby Girl with Your Boyfriend

A dream of having a baby girl with your boyfriend is a good sign, and it indicates that you are ready to move into the next level of your relationship. This could mean an engagement or a joint business venture, meeting the family, and another progression in the relationship that will make you closer.

It does not always mean you want to have a baby with your boyfriend, but it simply implies you are going in the right direction in your relationship. Joy and happiness are on the horizon for both of you.

7. Dreaming of Baby Girl Crying

A crying baby needs help, and it may need food, milk, water, or a diaper change. If you dream of a baby girl crying, it signifies you need help in waking life. You may be overwhelmed with work, problems, with emotions, and it’s time you seek the help of others.

Your dream is telling you it’s okay to seek help and that people around you can give you the support and help you need.

8. Dreaming of Failing Your Baby Girl

If you dream of failing your baby girl, it doesn’t always mean you’re neglecting your child in real life, and it could mean you’re ignoring yourself. If you’ve been too busy with other vital things, you may have neglected your health, appearance, and emotional state.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask what parts of yourself need love and care right now.

A Word of Advice

Dreams are the windows to our souls. They’re not just images and visuals we have in our slumber; they hold immense messages from our subconscious mind and are there to help us improve our waking life.

You need to pay attention to the details of your dreams, such as the characters, the emotions, the situations, and the overall message. Use these dreams to help you gain self-awareness and improve your life.

And so, if you have dream scenarios about having a baby girl, there’s no need to worry. It’s a good sign, a good omen in many cultures. A baby girl is considered to be a gift from the Universe. When you have a baby girl in real life, you have a sensitive, empathic, and emotional child who will love and care for you as you love and care for her.

A sign of abundance, happiness, and prosperity, embrace this dream and allow it to bless you in real life. Be more in tune with your emotions, heal your inner child, spend more time with family, and most of all, never forget to take care of yourself, too.


1. What does it mean to dream of adopting a baby girl?

To dream of adopting a baby girl can mean you need to make an urgent life decision. Adopting is a major undertaking, and it symbolizes a significant change in your life you need to work on right away.

2. What does it mean to dream of holding a baby girl?

To dream of holding a baby girl means embracing your femininity, emotions, and inner child. It also reminds you to be grateful and embrace the blessings in your life, such as your loved ones.

3. What does it mean when you dream about a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test could be wish fulfillment. You may want to have a baby, but if this desire isn’t in you, it could signify a creative idea and the need for a fresh start. It could be a new business, an expansion of a business venture, or the desire to create a new relationship.

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