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What Do Dreams About Zombies Mean?

by | Apr 24, 2023

  • Zombie dreams can be terrifying but there’s no need to panic as they can simply reflect your inner emotions.
  • A dream about zombies can mean you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Dreaming of zombies can also mean a big change or transformation that’s happening in your waking life.

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If you wake up from having a dream about zombies, you might be feeling terrified, confused, and highly disturbed. When we watch zombie movies, they are often associated with the end of the world, survival, a deadly outbreak, and general doomsday themes. Therefore, it’s completely natural to be scared once you open your eyes.

And one of the most natural things to do when you wake up from this type of dream is to try to determine if it meant something. Could a real zombie apocalypse happen? And should you be alarmed when you dream about zombies?

In this article, we’ll explore the general symbolisms of zombie dreams, the most common kinds, and their possible meanings.

General Symbolism of Zombie Dream Meaning

Most people will automatically attribute a zombie dream to something terrible. You dreamed about the walking dead, so something bad is about to happen. But there’s actually no need to worry. Zombie dreams may be classified as nightmares, but when it comes to the details of our dreams, they are actually more symbolic than literal.

The key to understanding our dreams is to reflect on our waking life. If you recently watched zombie movies or a TV series, it’s completely normal for you to dream about the walking dead. Our subconscious tries to make sense of the information we absorb during the day, so dreaming about zombies after watching a movie may be completely random.

However, if you haven’t watched a zombie recently, your dream might be telling you something. Here are the general symbolisms of zombie dreams:

1. Overwhelmed

Dreams reflect our waking life. A zombie is typically a terrifying creature, causing emotions of fear and dread. You may be feeling overwhelmed in your waking life, such as being pressured at work, having many personal problems, or having too much on your plate.

You may dread waking up the next day because you have too much to do. Thus, you dream about a zombie that gives you the very same emotions you’re feeling in real life.

2. Detachment

A zombie is usually depicted as having no emotions and no life. In waking life, you may feel detached and distant from the people around you, in your work, and other areas of your life. You may be feeling lonely or you don’t care at all, and thus, you dreamed about a zombie because it symbolizes your detachment in your waking life.

3. Transformation

A zombie is created through a virus or supernatural means. But before they changed, they were once alive. Dreaming about zombies could signify a major change in your life right now. It could be a negative or a positive change, such as letting go of old habits such as smoking or drinking so you’re becoming sober. It could also be negative if you were once happy but now you’re feeling sad and lonely.

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4. Negative or Bad Habits

A zombie also represents something in you that you can’t “kill off.” It could be a bad habit, negative influences, or even a toxic person in your life. You may know this habit or person is bad for you, but no matter how much you try to get rid of it, you simply can’t.

5. Loss of Control

A zombie becomes one not because it wants to but because it caught a virus or a supernatural occurrence made it into one. Thus, a dream about a zombie could also mean a serious lack of control in your life. You may not want this change to happen, but you can’t do anything about it, so you feel helpless and powerless.

These are the general symbolism of zombie dreams but the more details you have, the more significant and complex your dream interpretation becomes.

In the following section, we’ll dive deeper into the different possible meanings of zombie dreams.

Common Zombie Dreams

Here are the most common zombie dreams and their possible interpretations:

1. Dreams About Zombie Apocalypse

A zombie apocalypse dream signifies the end of the world or doomsday. This could symbolize the end of something important in your life, such as a relationship, a job, or you’re moving into a new city. The end is something you dread and something that’s not in your control, so you feel sad and fearful about what’s to come.

Try to ask yourself if there may be a change in your life that you’re sad or scared about.

2. Dreams About Being Chased by Zombies

Being chased by zombies in your dream could mean there’s an event in your life that’s about to happen, but you don’t want it. You may be running away from something negative in your life, or a negative person. There may also be something new you don’t like in your life, such as a new roommate, a new project you need to finish, or a new responsibility you don’t want to accept.

3. Dreams About Turning into a Zombie

If you turned into a zombie in your dreams, it could mean you have some unsettled emotions and you don’t like the feeling. Because you can’t escape this negative feeling, you may feel like you’re turning into something ugly in real life.

It could also mean you have emotions you can’t control, like a bad temper, or you’re too sensitive, and you don’t like the person you are when you feel these emotions.

4. Dreams About Killing a Zombie

If you successfully killed a zombie in your dream, it could mean you are successful at achieving your goals. But because the object was a zombie in your dream, it could mean you will succeed or have achieved killing something negative in your life, such as a bad habit, leaving a toxic relationship, or quitting a terrible job.

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5. Dreams About a Zombie Outbreak

If you dreamed about a zombie outbreak and you tried to save someone, it could mean you want to help or love someone and you want to protect them. It can be a good sign if you successfully saved this person from the outbreak, as it can symbolize positivity in your relationship.

If you dream of a zombie outbreak, you may be fearful that something is about to happen that you can’t control.

6. Dreams About Being Eaten by Zombies

Being eaten by zombies is said to contain positive signs. It is believed to be a sign that something positive will come into your life. However, it could also mean that you’re jealous of someone and that you’re being “eaten” with envy.

7. Dreams About Zombie Virus

A dream about a zombie virus could mean you feel threatened. Is there a person at work who’s always undermining you? Or do you feel like your partner likes someone else? A zombie virus is something that you don’t have yet in your dream, so you may be fearful that you will get this dreaded disease. In real life, this may symbolize an event that you fear will happen and want to avoid at all cost.

8. Dreams About Zombies Attacking You

A dream about a zombie attacking you could mean you feel like someone is taking advantage of you in real life. You feel attacked by this person, and that is why you feel like someone is out to get you.

9. Dreams About Running Away from Zombies

If you dream about running away from zombies, it could mean you are not happy with the way life is going for you. You are running away from your present waking life and searching for something else. This could be a dead-end job, a toxic relationship, or you want to move away to another city.

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A Word of Advice

A zombie dream may be a nightmare but there’s no need to panic. It may be the stuff of horror movies, but if you dream about it and recently watched a zombie movie, it’s normal for zombies to appear in your dreams.

The zombies dream symbolizes emotions you may have in waking life and are merely reflected in your sleep.

Zombies can be disturbing creatures so it’s completely okay to feel scared when you wake up. Once you do open your eyes, try to remember the details of your dreams, write them down, and relax.
Analyze your current life and what’s happening to you and try to relate the symbolism explained here. Are you running away from something, or maybe you’re about to transition into something significant in your life?

Ask yourself these questions, remember the symbolism we discussed here, and use your zombie dreams to improve your self-awareness.


1. What does the apocalypse symbolize in dreams?

An apocalypse in dreams means the end of something in real life. It could be the end of a bad habit, a relationship, a job, or something significant in waking life.

2. What does it mean when you have a zombie dream while pregnant?

Because pregnant women’s hormones are all over the place, it’s normal to experience vivid dreams, including dreams about zombies. However, it can also mean stress in your pregnancy or a needed shift in career or personal issues.

3. How do I stop having zombie dreams?

To stop having zombie dreams, you may need to lie low on watching zombie movies for a while. You can also use the symbolism and common meanings found in this article to relate to your waking life and try to manage your emotions. Having positive thoughts before sleeping can help prevent nightmares, which include dreams about zombies.

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