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What Do Dreams About Water Mean?

by | Mar 14, 2023

  • Dreams about water reflect your innermost emotions.
  • Different kinds of water dreams symbolize different meanings; it depends on the details and how you feel about the dream.
  • Dreaming about water can be good and bad, but it reminds you to pay attention to what your heart tells you.

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In the spirit world, water symbolizes emotion. Water works like a mirror; it reflects your image to you. When you dream about water, it represents your inner emotions. Some feelings may appear on the surface, while others are hidden.

Dreaming about different kinds of water forms signifies other emotional states you may be in. Though these dreams may seem random, they hold significance. They may seem like typical images of water in your dreams, but you need to pay attention.

In this article, we’ll discuss the general symbolisms of water dreams, the most common kinds, their interpretations, and how you can use these dreams to help you in your emotional journey.

General Symbolism of Water Dreams

Dreams of water bring about different emotions when you wake up. Some water dreams can make you feel calm, while others can make you feel sad, but most often than not, these dreams leave you confused.

What could your dream mean? And is it telling you something? As mentioned earlier, water represents emotions, which is exactly what it symbolizes in dreams.

These are general symbolisms of water in dreams:

1. Emotional State

Water represents your emotional state. You may be going through an overwhelming problem and dream about a flood. Or, you may be having troubles in your relationship, so you dream of traveling over rough waters.

2. Unaddressed Feelings

Most of the time, you can’t see what’s underneath deep waters. A dream of the ocean can represent hidden or unaddressed emotions, which means you have a sea of emotions you need to pay attention to.

3. Creativity and Fertility

Water has also been linked to fertility and creation. If you swim in water or pull yourself out of a body of water, the dream can signify pregnancy or a form of rebirth.

Other symbols of water dreams include change, renewal, or emotional well-being. Not all water dreams will have similar meanings, but you can use these symbolisms to relate to your waking life.

The accurate interpretation of your dreams depends on you. One person may feel happy when dreaming about rain because it reminds them of a time they danced under the rain. Another may fear it because her ceiling caved in after an incident of torrential rain.

However, you can use these symbolisms to help you better understand what your dreams could be telling you.

Common Water Dreams and Their Interpretations

Here are the most common water dreams and their interpretations:

1. Drinking Water

Dreaming about drinking water could mean you need to be nourished. You may have been neglecting yourself recently and need to pamper and take care of yourself.

2. Tidal Waves

Dreaming of tidal waves could mean you feel overwhelmed emotionally by a problem in your life. This problem is pulling you away from your peace of mind or everyday routine.

3. Drowning

Dreaming about drowning means a problem in your life is consuming you. Maybe you are burned out from work, you’re in an abusive relationship, or your financial problems are becoming too much to handle.

4. Rain

If you dream about heavy rainfall, it could signify sadness, grief, or loss. It could mean happy tears or positive emotions if it rains while the sun is shining.

5. Muddy Water

Muddy water in your dreams can mean sadness. Water is supposed to be clean and clear, but when it’s cloudy, it can tell you’re sad or have negative emotions in your waking life.

6. Clear Water

Clear water in your dreams symbolizes clarity of thought and emotion. If you need to decide, dreaming of this type of water means you have a clear vision of what you want.

7. Contained Water

Contained water can mean repressed or bottled-up emotions. Check how you’re feeling and if you’re being true to yourself.

8. Water Leaking

Dreaming of water leaking is a dream primarily associated with women who are about to menstruate or go through their menstrual cycle.

9. Water Flowing

Dreaming of water flowing means a stream of emotions is going through you. Let the feelings flow and allow yourself to feel them.

10. Floodwater

Dreaming of floodwater could mean that there is a problem in your life that is continuing to take over you. It is getting worse and worse every day, so you need to do something about it in your waking life before it completely consumes you.

11. Swimming Pool

To dream of diving into a swimming pool means you must “take the plunge” when deciding on or starting a new venture, and it could also mean you need time to relax.

12. Waterfall

Dreaming of a waterfall can mean letting go of things you cannot change in your life, and it can tell you are allowing the flow of nature to run its course.

13. River/Creek

Dreaming of a river or creek can mean you are going in the right direction in life. You are at peace with how your life is going.

14. Sea Creatures

Dreaming about a fish in the water symbolizes pregnancy or fertility and can also mean creativity.

Related: What do fish symbolize in dreams?

15. Other Animals in Water

Seeing an alligator or shark in the water could mean that you have something in your life right now that you fear.

16. Traveling Across Water

If you dream of traveling across the water on a boat, it signifies the state of your relationship. If the water is calm, there is peace in your relationship, and if the water is rough, it could mean trouble.

17. Breathing Underwater

Breathing underwater could mean the presence of an emotionally overwhelming problem in your life, but you have what it takes to handle it.

A Word of Advice

Any water dream is about your emotional state. Whether it’s dreaming about drinking water, swimming underwater, or being in a river, your dream is telling you to analyze your emotions and pay attention.

Some dreams about water remind you of your strength and ability to overcome problems, while some dreams reflect your negative or positive emotions.

Whatever your water dream is about, it’s telling you to pay attention to your emotions. Take some time to reflect on issues you may be facing, listen to any feelings you may be hiding, and take care of yourself when needed.

Use these symbolisms and common interpretations to relate to your waking life. Accurate interpretation relies on your personal experiences. Whether these common meanings apply to you or not, the most important thing about dreams is it helps you pay attention to areas of your life you need to attend to.

Listen to how your soul feels and take the necessary steps to be true to your emotions.


1. Is it good to dream about water?

Yes, dreaming about water is good because it mirrors your emotions in real life. It helps to remind you about issues you need to take care of in your waking life.

2. What does water symbolize?

Water symbolizes emotions in the spirit world, and dreaming about it reflects your innermost thoughts and feelings.

3. Why is water a powerful symbol?

Water is a powerful symbol in dreams because it represents your mind, body, and soul. It reflects your innermost thoughts and feelings in your waking life.

4. Is water a spiritual element?

Yes, water represents renewal, cleansing, clarity, and healing.

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