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What Do Dreams About Being Kidnapped Mean?

by | May 12, 2023

  • To dream of being kidnapped can mean you feel trapped in your waking life.
  • A kidnapping dream symbolizes you are not in control of your life, and you feel like someone else is running the show.
  • Dreaming of kidnapping can be disturbing, but the event merely represents your inner emotional state.

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Being kidnapped is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. When you’re being taken without your consent and brought to an unknown location, it can be one of the most terrifying things to happen.

It is, therefore, understandable that dreaming about being kidnapped can invoke the same emotions if it were happening in real life. You wake up scared and disturbed, and the natural inclination is to make sense of what just happened in your dream, or rather, a nightmare.

In this article, we’ll talk about the general interpretations of kidnapping dreams and explore common dreams about kidnapping and their possible meanings.

By giving light to kidnapping dream interpretations, you can avoid having the same dream or prevent these nightmares from occurring again.

General Symbolism of Dream of Being Kidnapped

Spiritual Interpretation of Kidnapping Dreams

Dreaming of being kidnapped is symbolic of your emotional state in waking life. You may have a general energy of negativity in real life, which also appears in your dreams.

When it comes to dreaming of kidnapping, it is typically associated with negative thought patterns, such as worrying, feeling depressed, feeling insecure, trapped, manipulated, and controlled.

It is also highly associated with anxiety, insecurity, and fear. Dreams are a way for the subconscious mind to bring out thoughts and emotions you may be hiding.

When you experience these emotions, yet you repress them, that’s why they appear in your dreams. It would help if you cleared yourself of these negative energies so you won’t experience kidnapping nightmares.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Being Kidnapped

Kidnapping is mentioned in the New Testament, and dreams about it are believed to be the work of Satan. It is considered a form of spiritual hostage, where Satan bonds you spiritually because you are leading a path of sin.

Your accumulation of sin has permitted Satan to abduct you, and that is what the Bible believes to be the cause of dreams of your being kidnapped, abducted, or held hostage.

Because of this belief, you need to surrender to God, who will deliver you from the clutches of the Devil.

You Feel You’re Losing Control of Your Life

One of the general symbolism of abduction dreams is losing control of your waking life. This could be the result of a messy breakup, which you did not want to happen; a job loss; living from paycheck to paycheck and being close to getting evicted; losing a child to addiction; and so on.

When you feel like you have no control over the bad things happening in your life, you feel like an invisible hand is working to make your life miserable. Because you feel like you have no control over your life, someone is holding you hostage, and you have no freedom to choose where you want to go.

You Have Insecurities in Your Relationships

You may also feel like your partner is not doing things he should be doing for you. This could be an instance of cheating suspicions, your partner neglecting your needs, and not feeling attractive enough for your partner.

You may suffer from low self-esteem and insecurities, and you don’t feel safe in the relationship. This feeling of not feeling safe and secure can make you dream about being kidnapped because you feel like anything can happen and you’ll have no control over it.

You Feel Trapped

You may also feel trapped in your life right now. You may have a job, a good marriage, or kids, but you don’t love the life you live. You wake up, go to work, go home, and do it again the next day. You feel trapped in a life that doesn’t make you happy, but you need to do it because there are bills to pay and children to feed. You know you should do it, but there’s a feeling of being trapped.

You have kidnapping dreams because that’s how you feel in real life. Something is forcing you to do something you don’t want, but you have no choice.

You Feel Powerless

Another symbolism could be your feeling powerless in your waking life. Your spouse may be sick, but you can’t do anything to make her feel better; your son dropped out of college to pursue a passion, or your boss is constantly asking you to work overtime, but you can’t say no because you’re needed.

You want to change things but need more power to do it. So it feels like someone or something in real life is holding you hostage.

Common Dreams of Being Kidnapped

Aside from the general symbolism of this dream, there are also common scenarios of kidnapping dreams that need to be addressed. In this section, we’ll cover some of the most common dreams about kidnapping and the interpretation of their possible dreams.

1. Dreaming of Being Kidnapped by a Stranger

Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger can mean that there is a threat in your life, but you can’t pinpoint what it is or where it is coming from. There’s something wrong in your life, but you can’t determine why or what it is.

2. Dream of Your Child Being Kidnapped

Dreaming of your child being kidnapped can be scary. As a parent, you want to protect your children from harm and do whatever you can to ensure they are safe, comfortable, and happy. A dream about this can be a parent’s worst nightmare.

However, don’t worry, as this can merely represent your fears and worries about your kids. You may have sent them to summer camp, or it’s the first time they ride a school bus or recently started school. It’s normal for parents to worry about their kids; this can be a common dream representing your daily life.

It can also mean you fear losing your sense of purpose and meaning in life. If your children relied heavily on you, but now they’re making friends and having a life of their own, it could represent this feeling. You dream about them being kidnapped because you feel like you’re losing them emotionally when they’re only growing up.


If you dreamed of your daughter being kidnapped, it could mean you fear your child is distancing herself emotionally from you. Since daughters are believed to be more emotional, you dream about her being kidnapped.


If you dreamed of your son being kidnapped, it could mean you’re worried his friends are emotionally taking him away from you.

If you don’t have kids, it could mean you need to do some self-analysis and reflect if you’re being childish and immature in real life.

4. Dream of A Family Member Being Kidnapped

If your patients are the ones kidnapped in your dream, it could mean you want to be free from their control. Your parents may still inflict strict beliefs and rules on you, and you feel trapped. So you dream of them being kidnapped to help you escape their clutches.

5. Dream About Someone Else Being Kidnapped

If you dream of someone else being kidnapped, it could mean you are afraid of someone in your life and wish them harm. A kidnapping is a traumatic experience, and maybe you need to check whether your anger or envy towards someone in your life makes you want to do awful things.

6. Dream of Being Kidnapped and Falling in Love

To be kidnapped and falling in love with your captors is considered a form of Stockholm Syndrome. This also typically happens in romantic relationships, where there is abuse, but you continue to love and stay with the person.

You may have dreamed of this scenario because of a real-life toxic relationship, an abusive workplace, or someone being mean to you in real life, but you need them to survive, so you continue to stay.

7. Dream of Being Kidnapped and Escaping

If you dreamed of being kidnapped, held hostage, and escaping, this means you believe in your ability to overcome whatever obstacles come your way.

You may be going through something terrible in your life right now, and you feel the pain, but you’re not worried because you know you can get out of it.

8. Dream of Being Kidnapped and Murdered

Death is typically a good sign in dreams because it signifies the end of something in your life and the start of something new. However, if you feel negative emotions in your dream, it typically means you don’t want something to end, but it has to, and you have a lack of control over it.

9. Dream of Being Kidnapped and Killing the Kidnapper

If you killed the kidnapper in your dream, it means you can defend yourself and don’t need anyone to help you. It can also tell you are going through something in life, or someone is out to get you, but you will give them hell.

10. Dream of Attempted Kidnapping Meaning

An attempted kidnapping dream can mean you are about to lose control of your life. It hasn’t reached that point yet, but you can feel it happening. This can be a good sign because it reminds you to do something about it now that you can still prevent the worst from happening.

11. Dream of Saving Someone from Being Kidnapped

Dreaming of saving someone from being kidnapped means you have a solid social responsibility in real life. You may be the breadwinner of your family, or you’re a manager of a business, and you feel like other people are your responsibility.

It could also represent goals being achieved like a bad thing happened, but you successfully diverted it.

12. Dream of Being Kidnapped with a Friend

If you dreamed of being kidnapped with a friend, it could mean someone in your life is willing to help you when times are rough. You may be going through something in your current life, but you feel like your friend is always there for you, comforting you, and accessible when you need them.

13. Dream About Almost Getting Kidnapped

An almost kidnapping can still be scary, so if you dream about this, it could represent your feeling of being unsafe. You may be working part-time, and you don’t know if you’ll still have a job tomorrow; you’re in a relationship, and he’s had a history of cheating; or you live in a neighborhood full of crime.

Nothing has happened to you, but you feel like something will.

14. Dream of A Grandchild Being Kidnapped

Dreaming of a grandchild being kidnapped when you don’t have a real grandchild can mean the loss of your innocence. You may have been cheated on when you trusted the person; a friend may have betrayed you, and so on.

If you have a real grandchild, it could mean you feel like you’re losing your relationship. Your grandchild may have been close to you when they were little, but now that they’re growing up, they have become distant, visiting you less frequently, and you can no longer connect to them emotionally.

You are slowly grieving the loss of your emotional bond, and it feels like they are being kidnapped by your friends and their growth into society.

A Word of Advice

Dreaming of being kidnapped, your loved ones being abducted, and scenarios of hostage-taking can be terrifying. However, there are things you can do in your waking life to help prevent these dreams.

First, you need to remember the details of your dreams. The more information your dreams have, the better it is for you to understand them.

Secondly, you need to remember the emotions you felt in your dream. How you felt when the kidnapping happened in your dream is a good gauge of the possible interpretation.

And lastly, reflect on your waking life. Kidnapping in a dream is generally meant to represent a loss of control, feeling like you don’t have freedom, and being powerless with the things happening around you.

Reflect on your thoughts and emotions during the day, and determine if they somehow connect to the meanings of kidnapping dreams.

Once you can find the source of your stress, try to reduce it and manage any negative thoughts and emotions. Once the cause of stress is eliminated, you can expect to have better dreams.


1. Dreaming of being held against your will.

A dream of being held against your will is symbolic of your loss of control in real life. It would help if you determined what areas of your life feel like you’re being trapped. Be more wary of these and be more assertive.

2. Dream of being kidnapped by a stranger in Islam.

In Islam, to dream of being kidnapped symbolizes your accumulation of sins. You are a pawn for your sins and need to repay them, so you are being held hostage until you can. It can also mean you feel injustice in real life and feel like you’re being kidnapped.

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