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What Do Dreams About Horses Mean?

by | Feb 9, 2024

  • Dreaming about horses reflects the animal’s characteristics in your waking life: strength, stamina, and power.
  • A dream about horses can be a good and a bad omen; it depends on the context of the dream.
  • A horse dream can remind you to look within and find your inner power, vitality, and strength.

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Dreams can jolt us out of deep slumber, and when your dream involves horses, it could leave you with more questions than answers. What could a dream about horses mean? You haven’t seen one in person lately, so why are these animals suddenly appearing in your dreams?

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about horses, the general symbolism, dream interpretations of the most common horse dreams, and how to use this knowledge in everyday life.

General Symbolism

When trying to understand dream meanings, we always have to look at the general theme of our dreams. What was the dream about? If the central theme is horses, the best approach to understanding these dreams is to understand what horses represent.

Horses are strong, fast, and powerful, with high stamina and vitality. But they also represent freedom, independence, hard work, and mobility.

This section will cover the general symbolism of horse dreams and biblical and spiritual interpretations.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Horses

Horses are highly revered in the Bible. These animals are often depicted as the perfect epitome of bravery, strength, and nobility. In the Old Testament, horses symbolize luxury and power since only the wealthy owned them in ancient times. They also symbolized influence, being associated with royalty and nobility.

White horses are associated with Christ and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.
However, the Bible also associates horses with war and destruction. In times of conflict, horses are used as a means of transportation to battle. In the Book of Revelations, the four horsemen of the apocalypse were riding horses, bringing about war, death, pestilence, and famine.

If you dream about horses and you use Biblical interpretations, dreaming of a horse could mean two things:

  • It represents your current strength, power, and spirituality, or
  • It could also be a warning sign of a massive future misfortune.

Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Dreams About Horses

Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud were two of the earliest proponents of dream interpretation. Freud is dubbed the father of psychoanalysis, and he often considered things from a sexual perspective.

According to Freud, dreams about horses often occur more in women than men. He believed that dreams directly reflect our repressed thoughts and emotions. In his interpretation, women who dream about horses often desire to be masculine. This meant that women were often sexually repressed and shamed when they freely expressed their sexuality, and dreaming about horses represented their desire to be more assertive or sexually aggressive.

Carl Jung, on the other hand, interpreted horse dreams differently. According to Jung, dreams about horses reflect our inner animal instincts. These dreams could mean we have unexplored power within us or be reminders of our natural force of life and animalistic instincts of being wild and untamed.

Spiritual Meaning of Horse Dreams

Regarding spirituality, we can use the concept of spirit animals to derive meaning from these dreams. In animism, spirit animals are said to be a person’s specific animal guide. Each individual is believed to have an animal guide who helps them in their journey through life. This concept is similar to guardian angels in Christianity, but in animism, our guide is in the form of animals.

These spirit animals are believed to communicate with their humans through dreams, which could be one reason you dream about horses.

If you believe in animism, your spirit animal could be horses, and you’re dreaming about them because your spirit animal is trying to tell you something.

Some spiritual meanings of a horse dream could be that your spirit animal is trying to encourage you to use your inner power and strength to face problems in your life. Or, it could be a message that you must seek more freedom and independence.

General Symbolism of Horse Dream Interpretations

Based on the general characteristics of horses, here are some general symbolism of horse dreams and their possible interpretations:

1. Freedom and Independence

Dreaming of horses can symbolize your desire to have more freedom and independence in your life. You may have been working too much, and that dream of traveling worldwide is starting again. Or you haven’t had a vacation for a long time. You may feel like you’re longing for the sense of freedom horses have when running in the wild.

A dream about horses could symbolize your thirst for new adventures and your ability to run fast when you want to.

2. Strength and Vitality

The terms “horsepower” or “strong as a horse” are not mere words; they represent the strength and vitality of horses in real life. It’s no surprise that such terms are used to signify these positive characteristics since they represent horses’ true nature.

Dreaming about these animals could signify your desire to become stronger daily, or you could already be powerful, representing your current state.

3. Fun and Playfulness

Riding horses or seeing them on ranches signifies the outdoors and adventure. Dreaming about these animals could mean you long for this fun and playfulness. It could also mean you need more fun time and adventure. It could signify that you must file that vacation leave and plan a much-deserved holiday.

4. Hard Work

Have you ever heard of the term “workhorse?” During the early days of agriculture, horses were commonly used as the primary source of transportation or equipment to get things done. Today, a workhorse is a machine or equipment that works well and does much work.

Dreaming about a horse could mean working harder to achieve your dreams, or it could also mean you’ve been working too hard and need to rest.

The symbolism mentioned above and general interpretations of horse dreams can be applied to many different kinds of dreams about horses, but accurate interpretations are always personal.
You can use these general meanings as an anchor or foundation to begin understanding the meaning of your dreams.

However, if you’d like to derive more interpretation from your horse dreams, you might need to dig deeper and understand the meanings of the most common dreams about horses. Accurate interpretation depends on the context of the dream, how you felt during the dream, and the circumstances of your daily life.

The following section will discuss the most common dreams about horses and their possible interpretations.

Common Dreams About Horses

Here are some of the most common dreams about horses and their possible interpretations:

1. Riding a Horse

Dreaming about riding a horse means you are confident in your abilities. You have what it takes to achieve your dreams, control your life, and succeed. By confidently controlling something as strong as a horse, you signify your strength to overcome whatever life throws you. It could be a reminder of your inner power or a reflection of your subconscious thoughts of confidence and satisfaction.

2. Horse Chasing You

A horse chasing you in your dreams can be terrifying. One wrong move, and you’re seconds away from getting injured or, worse, killed. This could signify a current fear you may have, such as fear of being fired from your job or having a large debt you need to pay soon.

In real life, a horse is quite heavy and could represent the weight of your problems. You may be running away from these problems but can’t because they’re too massive to ignore, like a horse chasing after you.

3. Horse Attacking You

A horse attacking you in your dreams can leave you sweating in fear once you wake up. It could be a horse biting, kicking, or falling on you on purpose. This dream signifies something vital is bothering you or attacking you in real life.

It could be an overbearing boss, a medical problem, or someone in your life who is hurting you physically or emotionally. It could also represent the hurt and pain you feel in real life caused by an external factor.

4. You’re Attacking a Horse

If you find yourself attacking a horse in your dream, it could signify that you don’t like something in your life and want to hurt it or make it disappear. This could be any negative characteristic you have that has caused pain to other people. You may have done something and feel shame and guilt, so you attack the horse in your dream to try to rid yourself of these unpleasant emotions.

5. Flying Horse

A flying horse in your dream could signify your desire to rise above others. You may have been trying to get a promotion or pulling people down so you can rise above them. But since a flying horse in real life is impossible, your dream signifies that what you want will not happen.

6. You Taming a Horse

Taming a wild horse in your dream signifies your confident leadership in real life. A horse can be uncontrollable, but taming it shows you can lead and help others succeed.

You may be a teacher or supervisor at work and have felt unmotivated lately. The dream could remind you of your outstanding leadership or role-model abilities. So, remind yourself that you have this power.

7. Horse Escaping

Dreaming of a horse escaping could represent your desire to escape your problems or strengths. Maybe you’re not ready to face this problem and would rather run away than face it. This dream reflects your emotional state but could also reflect your desire to run away from life’s obstacles.

8. Falling Off a Horse

A horse represents vitality, power, and strength, and falling off a horse in your dream could signify that you’ve failed in real life. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost things in your life, and you’re feeling down right now. It could remind you that even though you’ve fallen, you can still stand up, get up, and try again.

9. Horse Running Towards You

A horse running towards you is considered a good omen. Horses are powerful, and they signify a significant change is about to happen in your life. If you feel calm and happy while the horse is running towards you, it means you embrace this positive change. Feeling scared in your dream could mean you’re not ready to change, even if it’s for the better.

10. Uncontrollable Horse

An uncontrollable horse in your dream could signify the inner wild instincts you’re trying to suppress. Maybe you can’t resist drinking alcohol or using illicit substances. You want to stop, but you feel like you can’t, and that is why you dream of a wild horse that can’t be controlled because you feel like you can’t control yourself in real life.

11. You Are the Horse

Dreaming of being a horse could signify your desire to be more assertive. Maybe you’ve lost someone, encountered failure, or can’t seem to chase after your dreams. Dreaming of being a horse represents your inner desire to be as powerful and majestic as a horse.

12. Wild Horses

Wild horses can symbolize your desire to be free and adventurous and listen to your inner voice. They could also represent your repression in real life. For example, you’ve always wanted to be an artist, but you need to put food on the table, so you can’t fulfill your dreams. Dreaming of a wild horse could represent your innermost desires that you can’t reveal or act out in real life.

dream of horses meaning

13. Dead Horses

Dreaming of dead horses may seem like a bad sign, but it’s not. It simply represents the end of something in your waking life. This could be the end of a working relationship, the end of a romantic union, or merely the end of a toxic habit. What makes dead horses in a dream a positive sign is that a new beginning will start in your life once something ends.

14. Baby Horses

Baby horses signify a desire to be young again, to be playful and cheerful, and your desire to indulge in something fun in your life. This is because foals are often seen playing around and having fun, which could symbolize your desire to express your inner child.

15. Injured Horse

An injured horse might represent your depleted energy in real life. It’s a reminder to reflect and analyze what areas need more attention to regain your lost passion or desire.

16. White Horse

A white horse in a dream is believed to be a good omen. It could represent peace, comfort, and even spirituality. It is a sign that something good will happen in your life but with a focus on your emotions or mental health.

17. White Horse with Wings

To dream of a white horse with wings in a dream is also a good sign. White horses with wings are revered in different cultures as they symbolize protection and transcendence in Celtic, Greek, Hindu, Iranian, and Buddhist mythology.

It could also mean you will experience triumph over hostile forces.

18. Black Horse

To dream of a black horse could mean you have harmful or toxic characteristics that you’re trying to hide. It signifies your shadow self, and dreaming about it could mean it’s starting to come out and that it could be a wake-up call to check your behavior and actions before it’s too late.

19. Brown Horse

Brown horses symbolize the earth, material things, and being grounded. They represent your ability to be centered and your confidence in achieving things, such as promotions and material success, while also practicing humility.

20. Red Horse

A red horse in your dreams is believed to symbolize passion and desire. It could remind you to find more love in your work or romantic relationship.

21. Horse in a Stable

A horse in a stable could mean you fear being contained. Horses are supposed to run free in the wild, but when kept in a stable, they cannot become what they are. You may feel constrained and repressed in real life because of outside forces. See if you can do something and free yourself from the chains other people have placed on you.

22. Horse in a Dressage

Dreaming of a horse in dressage or competition signifies your discipline and competitiveness. You may have been working hard at your business and feeling the crunch. It could mean your emotional state is competitive; thus, you dreamed about a horse in dressage.

23. Horse Manure

This isn’t exactly a horse per se, but horse manure in a dream is said to be a good omen. It is believed to be a sign of good luck and wealth. Ancient dream dictionaries show that manure is connected with feelings of contentment, happiness, creation, and a good start.

Here you have it: a dream interpretation guide on the most common dreams about horses. While these are the most common meanings of these dreams, it’s important to note that accurate interpretation depends on the context, your emotions, and your current state in life.

A Word of Advice

Horses are majestic creatures; you don’t get to see them daily unless you work with them. And so, when you dream about these animals, it can make you ask why.

These dreams can be good or bad, depending on the context. But don’t worry. If the dream is a warning sign or a wake-up call, it only means you need to look within yourself so you can find your power and strength.

Whenever you dream about animals, you only need to understand their characteristics to apply them to different aspects of your life. In the case of horses, try to understand what these animals represent and use this understanding to relate to your current state in your career, relationships, or spirituality.

Overall, dreaming about horses involves hard work, inner strength, power, and influence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is dreaming of horses a bad omen?

No, a dream about horses is not a bad omen unless it’s a dream about a horse attacking you or it’s a black horse. A horse attacking you in your dream means massive change is about to happen that you may not like. And a black horse represents your shadow self, a toxic part of yourself.

Nevertheless, these dreams don’t necessarily mean something terrible is about to happen. They’re just representations of negative things in your life but never a premonition of bad things to come.

2. Is it good luck to dream of horses?

Some dreams about horses are believed to be good luck, such as riding a horse, seeing white horses, and horse manure.

3. What is the general meaning of dreaming about horses?

When you dream about horses, the interpretations involve strength, power, vitality, and influence. Do you need to find courage in your life right now? Do you need to see your inner strength to overcome obstacles?

Dreaming about horses reminds you to practice introspection because all you ever need to achieve your goals is found within you.

4. Should I worry if I dream about horses?

No, there’s no need to worry if you dream about horses. If you dream about a horse attacking you, it simply means an external force is trying to harm you, such as a friend, co-worker, or family member who may be attempting to bring you down or betray you.

Dreaming about a horse kicking or attacking you reminds you to be more wary of the people around you.

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