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What do Dreams About Alligators Mean?

by | Mar 27, 2023

  • Alligators can be vicious and brutal, but dreaming about them has positive and negative interpretations.
  • Dreaming about an alligator can mean you need to pay more attention to your inner self or intuition.
  • To dream of seeing an alligator can also mean you fear something in your waking life.

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General Symbolism of Alligator Dreams

Professional dream interpreter and author Lauri Loewenberg advises us to consider the general characteristics of animals we dream about. In the case of alligators, what is their most prominent feature? Well, it’s the snout.

The snout makes up half of the alligator’s body. It’s a powerful force when used, considering its massive opening, sharp teeth, and strong jaw.

Loewberg believes dreaming about alligators provides us with several interpretations. Based on the snout of the alligator, the dream can mean there is a communication problem or issue in your life.

The dream could mean someone in your life is talking badly about you, or you have communication conflicts with a person. Additionally, it could also mean you may be taking criticisms and hurtful words from the people in your life. Another symbolism could also be about a person in your life who has a big mouth. An alligator biting you can mean a person close to you might be saying things that destroy your reputation or who’s offending you.

Specific interpretations can have different meanings, but they may all be based on an alligator’s dominant snout feature.

Other general symbolisms of alligators include psychic powers. Alligators are known to sense danger and have a certain duality, being able to live on land and water. Because of these characteristics, ancient civilizations and cultures believe alligators symbolize intuition and introspection.

To dream of alligators could mean you need to tap into your inner power to handle things in your waking life. It could also mean your gut feelings are right about a particular person or situation.
Other possible meanings of alligator dreams could be worry, dread, fear, but also inner strength and power.

In the following section, we’ll cover the common types of alligator dreams and their possible meanings.

Common Alligator Dreams

We’ve come up with the most common kinds of alligator dreams and their most common interpretations:

1. Dreaming of Being Attacked By An Alligator

To dream of being attacked by an alligator can mean being attacked by something toxic in your waking life. The image of an alligator in your dreams can be terrifying since it has rough, distorted skin, piercing eyes, and a prominent jaw that can kill in minutes.

If you wake up feeling distressed, your dream could mean something or someone in your life might cause you trouble, and you need to get away from it or them.

2. Dreaming of Killing An Alligator

If you dream of killing an alligator, this could mean you have bottled up anger or resentment towards a person in your life. The act of killing the alligator is your subconscious desire to eliminate that deep emotion.

It could also mean you are avoiding something you fear in your life. You may feel threatened in your job or business and want to kill that threat.

3. Dreaming of an Alligator Biting or Eating You

Dreaming of being bitten or eaten by an alligator can be terrifying, but it’s symbolic of something in your life eating you alive. This could be debts you can’t settle, conflicts causing you emotional pain, or goals not being reached.

4. Dream of Alligators Chasing You

An alligator chasing you in your dream can have you catching your breath upon waking. But the likelihood of an actual alligator coming to get you in real life is highly unlikely. It represents more of your emotions, such as running away from something in your waking life.

It can also mean you are afraid of your own power and strength. Maybe you’ve depended on others your whole life, and you’re scared of facing problems alone. However, you also know you can do it; but you’re afraid.

5. Dream of Alligators and Snakes Fighting

Alligators and snakes are creatures to be feared in the wilderness. To see them fighting in your dream means you are currently struggling to choose between two powerful forces in your life.

The spiritual symbolism of alligators is the inner self, while snakes are symbols of spiritual awakening. This dream also means you struggle to find your inner peace, maybe because of real-life problems.

6. Dreaming About an Alligator Eating Someone

If you dream of an alligator eating someone, it could mean you are insecure about a specific person. A person might be more successful than you, and you feel insecure. Because of this, you dream of killing that person’s success so you won’t feel ashamed of this particular lack in your life.

7. Dreaming About an Alligator in the Water

If you dream of an alligator in a confined space with water, such as a pool or aquarium, it can mean you are doing an excellent job at containing your anger, pain, or insecurities.

If you dream of seeing an alligator below the surface of the water, it could mean you are aware that something terrible or fearful will soon come into your life.

Additionally, water represents emotions, so the alligator in the water could also be telling you to pay attention to how you’re feeling in your waking life.

A Word of Advice

Dream interpretation can be a therapeutic tool that helps you achieve self-awareness. Dreams are our own messengers, telling us things our subconscious mind wants us to know. Understanding our dreams and relating them to our waking life can help us understand specific problems and issues we may be having. Because of this, it forces us to face and manage them to improve our lives.

Dreams of alligators, especially recurring ones, can mean we must now face our emotional pain, issues, and problems. Because your dream happens repeatedly, you need to understand the general symbolisms and most common interpretations and relate them to your waking life.

Sometimes, we are unaware of or refuse to accept certain truths in our lives. However, they always surface in our subconscious; dreams can be your mind’s messenger in sending you these signals.

To dream of an alligator can be scary, but don’t worry; literal dreams are rare. An alligator dream represents your inner fears, and your mind tells you to do something about it.


1. What do alligators symbolize in dreams?

Alligators in dreams can symbolize fear, pain, grudges, or intuition.

2. What does it mean to dream of alligators or crocodiles?

To dream about alligators can mean facing a fearful situation in your waking life. Alligators represent your fears but also your intuition, so it reminds you to listen to your inner voice.

3. What does seeing alligators mean spiritually?

Native Americans believe that alligators are symbols of cleansing and healing. They are known to regard alligators with great reverence, often wearing alligator teeth to protect them when they enter dangerous waters.

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