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What is Prana Energy & How Can We Feel It?

by | Apr 16, 2020

What is prana energy as it relates to those understanding chakras and meditation?

It can be simply seen as another word for life force energy, the same as chi (qi) in Chinese culture, universal energy, the sustaining vital force of existence, the great cosmic force in new age ideals.

These all describe well the function of prana as the descriptions give its importance. The stuff that underpins it all.In most concepts of prana, it can be absorbed in-breath, and in some ways that it is simply breath: our vital life force.

The 5 types of Prana

  1. Prana vayu
  2. Apana vayu
  3. Samana vayu
  4. Udana vayu
  5. vyana vayu

Working with Prana

The air we breathe and how we breathe it in helps in the centering of prana and has a strong role in other related schools of thought like prana yoga, which is yoga with an emphasis on the breath. Because our heartbeat correlates with the prana, as well as oxygen we breathe in, the heartbeat is part of the prana system as well. The heart distributes this energy throughout our bodies. Meditating on the Heart Chakra will allow you to more fully realize the understanding of cosmic prana and its benefits.

Movement of Prana – The regulation of this life force is done through our breathing as mentioned above. How we control our breath translates to the outward way we live our lives.

Measured and thorough with focus, or erratic and short with stress. The flow of Prana is meditating on this life cosmic energy to bring about prana healing. Allowing the inner energy of ourselves and the energy of the universe to heal itself.

It is important to realize that prana is not the air we breath itself, or only breathing, but that is the more these things are the entrance to the world of prana energy.Some in the Western world who keep an open mind can liken this as source code. The underlying basis of our existence but in spiritual and humanistic terms. I am not saying one is the other but only drawing on the analogy. The ‘1’s and ‘0’s are not the objects of programs themselves, but every program contains them. This flows throughout without yet being a particular thing, and is, in fact, part of all things.Qi, pranic energy, a cosmic energy, life force, the force, quantum physics all these terms can be attached to the same idea, that there is a substance or un-substance that permeates all of existence, underlying energy, or code, or consciousness that gives birth to all things.

What is Qi and why does it matter?

WHAT IS CHI? CHI, or QI (or in Japan, “KI”), is a Bioelectromagnetic Field… an electromagnetic field produced by living biological organisms. This is produced in much the same way as, when an electrical charge is sent along a wire, a magnetic field is then produced around the wire along the length of which the charge is sent.

We are all electrical beings, constantly surging with electrical transmissions to and from between the brain and all of our nerves and tissues, as well as along the spinal cord. They may be tiny charges individually, but at any given millisecond, there can be trillions of them sparking off at once. This produces a Bioelectromagnetic field, often called the aura or qi.

Keeping in mind that a magnetic field is not a substance in and of itself, it is an active force that does exert its influence within the surrounding substance. However, due to the fact that the area within the field is being influenced, this acted upon substance can then be said to be one’s qi, as it is under the command of said force.

How to Enhance Your Life Force Energy in 11 Easy Steps

1. Meditate

Sit or lie comfortably. You may even want to invest in a meditation chair or cushion, and invite life force energy to join within us. Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband might help you relax as well.

2. Breath

With right breathing, we will bring life force into our physical body. Do mindful breathing – simply focus on your breath – deep inhale and exhale.

3. Eat High-Vibe Foods

By eating high vibe foods you will take a step towards raising your vibration. A high vibrational diet will best serve you in your life when combined with inner spiritual work.

4. Affirmations

With Prana energy, we can bring our positive thinking into creation. With positive affirmations we will reprogram our subconscious mind, and create the reality we really want.

5. Laughter

People will always say life is not fair! Yes we have ups and downs but we should never give up, and laughter can help us big time, it can lift us to the place of light when we are down, and it breaks the lower vibrations and negative thoughts. Laughter also relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, protects the heart, burns calories, lightens anger’s heavy load, and may even help you to live longer.

6. Loving Actions and Being

Love is a choice, not a feeling or an emotion. It’s a decision you make every day of your life, it is a frequency of the universe – give it away and your heart will lighten.

7. Live your Passion

Make Your Life More Meaningful and find your life purpose! Most people around us don’t have a purpose and they are unhappy. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others and be self-loving.

8. Be in your Body

Many of us are disconnected from our physical being. One simple technique to reconnect your body to the mind is to use breathing techniques and meditation.

9. Releasing Toxic Relationships

Negativity has a negative effect on life force moving forward, especially if we are in an abusive relationship. Those negative people are draining our life’s energy – not fun! Those people do not deserve our attention and we called them “energy vampires”.

Letting go of someone you care about is definitely a difficult thing to do, but if those people are draining you, you will have to end this relationship, because they are blocking the flow of the life energy.

10. Be Consistent

Energy is constantly moving, and the key to consistency is setting and achieving specific goals we set them up. At first create smaller goals and try to achieve them – while doing that learn to be consistent.

11. Compassion

Be compassionate toward self and others. If you are judgmental this can stop life force energy by flowing. The Golden Rule is “Treat others how you want to be treated.”

Writer Judita Tanko

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