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Aura Reading – 4 Steps Guide to Reading Other People’s Aura

by | Jul 26, 2019

Question to ask yourself before reading the article.

  1. Have you ever noticed those instances when you meet someone and you automatically don’t like them?
  2. Or that you feel like there’s something about that person that seems off?
  3. Or sometimes you meet someone for the first time and you’re automatically drawn to that person?


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Well, some believe it’s because of their aura.

What is an Aura?

An aura is said to be an energy field emitted by a living thing that represents its emotional and physical state. Every living thing, whether a person, animal, or plant, is said to emit an electromagnetic field that corresponds to a certain color, which is called an “aura.”This auric field radiates about 6 to 18” from the body, and constitutes colors, whether one single color or a multitude of colors. Some auras or colors are solid and bright while other colors are cloudy and blurry.The ability to see or read auras is considered a psychic ability but anyone can learn the skill. All it needs is time and patience.In New Age medicine, the human aura is said to indicate certain illnesses as it is said to correspond with the different Chakras or energy points of the body.Though auras are said to be seen, they can also be felt, such as the case of sensing someone’s vibe. Other ways of reading the aura is also through Kirlian Photography, a photographic technique said to capture a person or object’s electrical discharges.

What are the Colors of the Aura?

Practitioners of aura reading can see all the colors, as well as different colors that cannot be labeled. But for the purpose of this guide, here are the most common colors of the aura, as well as what they represent:

1. Violet

People who emit the violet aura are said to be highly spiritual and have spiritual wisdom.

2. Blue

People who emit the blue aura, are said to be expressive, especially verbally expressive. They are eloquent, charming, inspirational, intelligent, and organized.

3. Green

People who emit the green aura are said to be creative, hardworking, respected, and determined.

4. Purple

People who emit the purple aura are said to be intuitive, mysterious, sensitive, knowledgeable, philosophical, and are in tune with nature and animals.

5. Red

People who emit the red aura are said to be passionate, sensual, energetic, temperament, aggressive, competitive, direct, and adventurous.

6. Orange

People who emit the orange aura are said to be creative, empathetic, generous, charming, and kind. Though they may be quick to anger, they also easily forgive and forget.

7. Yellow

People who emit the yellow aura are said to be confident and dynamic, hardworking, logical, intelligent, critical of themselves and others, and they also tend to be workaholics.

8. Gold

People with the gold aura are said to be extravagant, lavish, and social.

9. Pink

People who emit the pink aura are said to be great entertainers, loyal, caring, loving, and romantic.

10. Brown

People who emit the light brown aura are said to have lack of confidence and are easily discouraged. Dark brown auras, on the other hand, is said to represent selfishness.

11. Black

People who emit the black aura are said to be depressed, have bad intentions, or indicates a major illness.

A mixture of colors can also be seen. For example, a person radiates the red aura, but may also have black colors surrounding his physical body. This could indicate that while the person may be energetic and adventurous, he may also feel depressed and lonely.

A person’s aura is also not permanent. The aura can change depending on what is happening in his life as of the moment. A person may emit the black aura now but after healing, he may emit the color violet, which indicates peace.

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How to Do Aura Reading: A Step-by-Step Guide

As mentioned, the ability to read auras may be a psychic skill but it can be learned. To begin, you can simply start by reading another person’s aura.Here are the steps to learning and practicing to do aura reading for beginners:

Step 1: Look for a Designated Room

Step 1: Look for a Designated Room

Look for a designated room in your house to practice aura reading. Make sure there are no distractions such as sounds, and other objects that may cause you to lose focus. It must be quiet enough for meditation.


Step 2: Find a Neutral Colored Background

Step 2: Find a Neutral Colored Background

The room must have a neutral background such as a white wall or any wall that’s whitish in color with no other objects, prints, or patterns.


Step 3: Secure Good Lighting

Step 3: Secure Good Lighting

Do not use a room that’s dim or with yellowish lighting as this can affect the colors of the aura that you will see. Natural lighting is the best so make sure there are plenty of windows in the rooms. But if you can’t access natural lighting, you can make use of lamps and candles to create proper lighting.


Step 4: Look at Your Subject

Step 4: Look at Your Subject

Have your subject, preferably a person, stand in front of the neutral background. Let him stand about 14” to 18” from you. Let him wear a plain colored shirt and avoid patterns and prints, as these can distract you.

Make sure your subject is within your peripheral vision. Start focusing on your subject. Let your sight fall out of focus.

Look at the layer of space around your subject, about 2 to 4” from his body. As your sight falls out of focus and you concentrate, you will start to see a haze of color, particularly a cloudy white color. After a few seconds or minutes, this fuzzy white color will start to reveal the person’s aura.

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You can also pay attention to the shapes of the colors as sometimes after-images can appear, which are not auras. An after image could be circle or in the shape of a person, and this could indicate the presence of a spiritual guide beside your subject.When you see the aura, you can write it down and later explain to the subject what you saw. Try to tell him what the color of the aura means and ask him whether or not it is indicative of his current state.Aura reading takes time and practice, so practice with different subjects, even including plants and animals. The more you practice the better you will be and eventually, over time, it will become automatic to you.

How Do I Know What My Aura Color Is?

Reading your own aura can be more challenging than reading someone else’s. If you are more sensitive or intuitive than most others, then this won’t be a problem for you. But if you’re easily distracted, you may want to practice meditation first so your mind is clear.Just like reading someone else’s aura, look for a room where there are no distractions, have good lighting, and have a neutral background.Clear your mind, close your eyes, and set an intention into the Universe that you want to read your own aura. There are 3 ways that you can read your own aura:

1. Rub Your Palms Together

Rub your palms together and you’ll immediately feel a warm energy. This energy is called the Aka, which, according to the ancient Egyptians, is said to be the invisible threads that make up matter.Hold your palms close together after you’ve rubbed them and you’ll get to see a faint white haze between them. Concentrate and over a short time, you will begin to see your aura.

2. Use a Mirror

Stand in front of a full length mirror and make sure your background is neutral or white. Concentrate, ask the Universe to show you your aura, softly gaze on the area that constitutes the outline of your body, make your sight fall out of focus, and view the haze of color that surrounds you.

3. Place Your Hand on a White Piece of Paper

You can also place your hand on a piece of paper to see your aura. Rub your palms together and place one of your hands over a white piece of paper. Focus, pray to the Universe, and again, make your sight fall off a little, and see the haze of color appear around your hand and onto the paper.If you can’t see your aura, you may be distracted or you may already have a preconceived notion of what you want to see. You have to be focused and free from distractions when you practice aura reading, whether on yourself or on others.


The ability to see auras may be a psychic ability but anyone can learn the skill. Absolutely every living thing emits an electromagnetic frequency and though it is not visible to the physical eye immediately, with focus and practice, you can actually see someone’s aura around them.Understanding another person’s or one’s own aura can help you create a path to which to continue with what you have in your life right now, or to heal a situation that you need to get out of.

New Age medicine practitioners believe the aura indicates an illness or disorder in a person that needs to be corrected and they use these aura to know what course of action to take to start the healing process.

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Aura reading is a fun way to understand yourself and another person but it will also help you better yourself, as well as the people around you.

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