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Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat – Is He Among Them?

by | Apr 30, 2023

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Astrology is believed to have an influence on human behavior, decision-making, and everyday human affairs. In terms of love, many people look at their zodiac signs to see if they’re a good match with their romantic partners, or to find a possible prediction about how their relationships are going to turn out. 


Which Zodiac Sign is Most Likely to Cheat?

When a man cheats, it brings one of the most painful kinds of betrayal to a woman. It’s not only her faith, trust, and love that are being destroyed, but her entire self-esteem, dignity, and sense of self are being shattered. Betrayal is in itself earth-shattering, but being cheated on is an entirely different level of devastation that completely changes a woman’s life. 

As such, astrology has also been used to determine whether or not a man will cheat. Although cheating has more to do with a man’s character and circumstance over his zodiac sign, his horoscope can help you find the clues to watch out for. 

They could also give you advice on how to keep your man happy so he won’t be tempted to cheat. 

There should never be an excuse to be unfaithful, and these explanations or definitions are not an attempt to defend a man’s cheating behavior.

This is merely a guide to the personalities of men according to their zodiac signs, and possible explanations as to why they may or may not stray from their relationships. 

Let’s begin. 


The Signs of the Zodiac – Will He Cheat?

1. Cancer (June 22 to July 22)

Do cancer men cheat

  • The Cancer man are one of the most loyal people in the world. 
  • They seek partners with whom they can connect with emotionally. 
  • Intimacy for them is not confined to physical connection, but in deep, stimulating, and empathic understanding between two people. 
  • Betrayal is never an option for them, but it can still happen. 

They may seek an emotional connection with another partner when they feel like you’re not being emotionally intimate with him anymore. However, affairs are rarely carried out since guilt is too much for them to bear. 

They’re also prone to attachment and can find it hard to let go, so they often stick to one partner through thick and thin. 

2. Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

do pisces cheat

  • Selfless and hopeless romantics, their love for their significant other is unconditional. 
  • Pisces man have a strong desire to please their partners, such as being generous in bed. 
  • They are very easy to fall in love with since they can shower you with so much love and affection and mirror your wants and values. 
  • Because of their need to make their partners happy, they are often taken advantaged of. 


When they feel that their efforts are being unappreciated, this could make them want to seek that appreciation from someone else. 

They seek stability and security in their relationships, and when things may start to get chaotic, they may see that as a threat to the relationship.

It is important to note that cheating, however, is their last resort. 

3. Scorpio (October 23 to November 22) 

are scorpios cheaters

  • Scorpio man are passionate and adventurous.
  • They have a tendency to seek excitement at all levels, and are very sensual. 
  • It takes time for them to open up and build trust with their partners, and when they do, they express their love in extravagant means. 
  • They’re also passionate under the sheets and considers sex as vital to their relationships. 

Their extreme thirst for excitement, however, drives them crazy, and when things start to become mundane or repetitive in the relationship, they may become bored. When this happens, they may seek the same level of passion from someone else. 

But because it takes them time to build trust, they would more likely run to the arms of someone whom they already trust, such as a friend, or maybe an ex girlfriend. 

4. Aries (March 21 to April 19)

are aries cheaters

  • The Aries man is straightforward and quick. 
  • He is very passionate and expressive about his feelings and often finds women reciprocating his thirst for passion and undying devotion. 
  • When this happens, though, it creates a false sense of security to the woman, who may believe his affections are limited to her and her alone. 

The Aries man always has a thirst for adventure and seeks a woman with the same energy level and desires as himself. When the woman does not show the very same enthusiasm as he does, he may begin to seek it from someone else. 

They cannot stand a dull lifestyle, and you will always be on your toes with him, making it an exciting relationship at the start.

When they do cheat, they will maintain their same level of affection to their partner, making it seem like there’s nothing wrong. When he is found out, it often comes as a shock to their partner and the people around them. 

5. Leo (July 23 to August 22)

are leos cheaters

  • The Leo man is the alpha male – strong, independent, self-assured, charming, and outgoing. 
  • He knows what he wants and how to get it. 
  • He is successful, never anxious, and believes he can always get what his heart desires. 
  • They know how to draw the line between love and sex, and are good candidates for being in an unemotional relationship. 
  • When they do engage in a loving relationship, they shower their loved one with surprises and spontaneity, making the relationship exciting and passionate. 

However, when they don’t get what they want in the relationship, they can easily go astray and not feel guilty – as they can easily separate love from sex. These kinds of men are in great, loving marriages but have one or two affairs throughout the relationship. 

The affairs do not last long, however, as the Leo man can easily switch off his desires as he pleases. 

6. Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21)

are sagittarius cheaters

  • Sagittarius man are extremely loyal once they find the right partner. 
  • They are spontaneous and strongly desire to explore new things in life. 
  • They’re very experimental and you’d often see them engaging in many different activities – exposing them to a lot of different people, and of course, a lot of different women. 
  • They are also very experienced, having had many relationships. If they haven’t, they are prone to wanting to gain many sexual experiences with different women before they decide to settle down. 

They do take relationships seriously but their need for spontaneity is also their downfall. When their partner does not make time or loses their interests in the same things, he may get bored and seek attention from someone else. 

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7. Taurus (April 20 to May 21)

signs a taurus man is cheating

  • The Taurus man loves deeply and passionately.
  • They have a strong desire to be accepted, to belong, and to feel safe and secure. 
  • It takes them a while to open up to someone, but when they do, their trust can be unwavering. 

However, they often demand the same amount of passion and affection from their partners, and when they feel like they’re not getting it, they can be tempted to seek it from someone else. 

  • Stability and security are essential to them as the sense of belongingness is their top priority.
  • The Taurus man wants to be in a relationship where the woman is dependent on him, giving him a sense of purpose and a strong feeling of being needed and wanted.  

When you exclude him from an event, crisis, or problem that you want to solve yourself, he may feel threatened and be tempted to seek acceptance from another. 

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8. Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

are virgos cheaters

  • The Virgo man isn’t much of a talker. 
  • They’re not very expressive about their emotions and often keep their thoughts to themselves. 
  • It can be very hard to read them, making you question whether they’re really interested in you. 
  • Deep down, they have a strong desire to be loved and wanted. 
  • When they build a relationship, they’ll show as much love and affection, expecting the same to be returned to them, including being generous under the bed. 

When they start to feel like they’re not wanted anymore, they may seek comfort from another woman. This usually occurs right after arguments or conflicts when they feel the most vulnerable, making them question their worth and place in the relationship. 

9. Capricorn (December 22 to January 20)

are capricorns cheaters

  • The Capricorn man is the man least likely to cheat.
  • It takes them time to open up, build trust, and to show their partners who they really are. 
  • They’re very cautious about everything that they do. 
  • They have very high standards and their hearts can be difficult to win over. Not a lot of things impress them, so it can be hard to read their thoughts. 
  • Once they do open up, however, they are very honest and affectionate. 
  • Because it takes them time to build relationships, they will try their hardest to work things out when things go wrong. 

Because they value the trust and worth of their relationships, they will only cheat when their significant other have betrayed them first. 

It can also be difficult to tell if he is cheating or not because he is very careful with everything that he does. 

He may have an affair without you knowing about it for months or years. You may even discover his infidelity years after it occurred. 

10. Gemini (May 22 to June 21)

are geminis cheaters

  • Gemini men are charming and flirtatious. 
  • They love to date as many women as possible, and find excitement and thrill in the chase. They don’t keep many women at the same time, however, as they seek for a stable and perfect partner with whom they can connect with emotionally and physically. 
  • Physical intimacy is very important to them and can often gauge how much their partner loves them. 
  • Communication is also very essential to them, where they expect to receive utmost honesty. 

The Gemini man is most likely to cheat when you don’t show him the very same passion under the sheets as he’d expect, when you are not communicating in a way that he deems honest, and when you neglect him emotionally and physically. 

11. Libra (September 23 to October 22)

are libras cheaters

  • The Libra man is considered to be the woman’s life partner – he longs for stability more than anything. 
  • He wants your 100% full commitment or nothing at all. 
  • They seek for harmony at all times, and will always prfioritize their partner above all things to achieve peace and stability. 

The Libra man’s downfall is solitude. He does not want to be alone for too long, which makes long distance relationships extremely hard or completely impossible.

It’s not that he’s clingy, but the Libra man needs to feel your physical presence most of the time to feel loved and wanted. 

  • If his feelings and needs are being neglected, he may also feel the desire to go astray. 

12. Aquarius (January 21 to February 18)

are aquarius cheaters

  • The Aquarius man loves intellectual conversations. 
  • He seeks women who are engaging, analytic, and have minds of their own. 
  • He loves independent women and often have them living their own lives. 
  • He is never possessive or jealous, and feels a complete sense of security and trust over their partner. 
  • He is secure with himself and does not feel the need to compare himself to other men. 
  • When he gives his trust, he expects his significant other to take good care of their relationship as well as having the freedom to do what they want. 

When their partner abuses this freedom, however, the Aquarius man won’t hesitate to be disloyal. According to them, relationships are all about equality and won’t blink an eye once you destroys his trust. 

Astrology can be a great tool to figure out if you have the same set of values and wants with your man.

If you don’t, then the zodiac signs can help you navigate through the relationship better since you know their desires and possible personalities.

Once you know, you can understand how to behave or react when certain issues in the relationship arise. 

But of course, this is only a guide and does not really apply to all men who share the same zodiac sign. 

Cheating is devastating and should never be defended. This is merely a fun way of trying to see which men are more likely to cheat, which are not, and what you may choose to do about it. And we say Stay faithful!

Do you want to know if he is cheating?


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