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Scorpio Man In Relationship & How To Sexually Please Him

by | Nov 16, 2018

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Just a few questions that will be answered in this article:

  1. How does scorpio man show love?
  2. How to sexually please a scorpio man?
  3. How to attract scorpio men?
  4. How to get a scorpio man to chase you?
  5. How to know if a scorpio man likes you?
  6. How to seduce a scorpio man?
  7. How scorpio man express his love?
  8. How to make a scorpio man fall in love?

Brooding and mysterious, the Scorpio man may be private but once you have him under your spell, then you’re in for the most passionate romance of your life.

How to Seduce the Scorpio Man

  Hardworking, focused, and in-control, the Scorpio Man is usually successful in whatever industry he is in, has a cool and calm exterior, and an unnerving confidence that draws you in. So how do you attract the Scorpio Man? Here are some tips to get him wrapped around your fingers:   

1. Be Mysterious

Nothing attracts the Scorpio man more than an alluring woman that no one seems to figure out. Male Scorpios love puzzles and uncovering hidden information, so the more you seem intriguing, the more he’ll chase you. 

When you make things too easy, such as presenting yourself as an open book, he will easily get bored and lose interest. So give him a little challenge and you’ll surely find him following your every footstep.   

2. Dress to Tease Not to Please 

Scorpio men love mystery, and they don’t like it when women dress too provocatively. Leave a little to the imagination by wearing beautiful clothes that hide your flaws and highlight your assets. For example, when going to a club, you can wear a tight fitting, long-sleeved short dress with heels – your skin is covered but the fabric shows the form of your body. 

Or, you can try the “No-Ho, Ho-No” approach to dressing: when you’re wearing a revealing top, make sure the bottom part of your body is covered, such as wearing a tank top with jeans; when you’re wearing a pair of short shorts or a short mini skirt, wear a loose and conservative top such as an oversized knit jacket over a pair of denim shorts.   

3. Be Well-Informed

  Most Scorpio men are intellectuals, which means conversations, where you don’t speak out, will bore him. Be well-informed about current world events and with many different philosophies. The Scorpio man may be attracted to beautiful women but to keep him interested, you must be able to carry out long and interesting conversations.   

What are the best birthday gifts for a Scorpio man?

1. Jewelry
2. Watches
3. Technology
4. Outdoor
5. Grooming

How Does Scorpio Man Show Love 

  The Scorpio man is affectionate and loves physical intimacy. In fact, he needs sex just as much as he needs food and water. When he falls in love, expect some intense and passionate love-making and an adventurous sex life. 

The Scorpio man is not easy to figure out, however. It’s not easy for him to open up and trust someone. It usually takes him about 5 dates or more to start breaking down his walls. So when he does start sharing his fears, joys, and emotions to you, then you know he’s about to fall for you. 

scorpio men in relationship


The Scorpio Man Sexuality

Sex is highly important for the Scorpio Man. He is intense, passionate, and he treats sex as a daily activity. He will try anything in his pursuit of sexual gratification, making him the perfect mate for a passionate casual fling. But this doesn’t mean that he’ll be the ultimate cheat when in a relationship. He does value commitment and goes to great lengths to show the woman he’s committed to how much he loves her.   

The Scorpio Man in Relationships

  The Scorpio Man’s language of love is physical – meaning he expresses his love for you through sex and physical intimacy. To make him happy, you’ll have to give him ample supply because when you consistently refuse him, he will have a tendency to look for gratification somewhere else. 

Relationships with a scorpio can be passionate, but also a little possessive. While female friends are not a problem, you might want to lessen your interactions with your male friends since the Scorpio man is incredibly territorial. This can be sweet at first but can pose problems when his jealousy becomes irrational. 

He is romantic and traditional in the sense that he loves including his woman to special occasions with his family and close friends. He also loves sharing his weekends, so you’ll end up spending a lot of time together when you’re in the relationship.   

Money and the Scorpio Man

Career-minded, the Scorpio man is focused and hardworking. He sets his mind to long-term investments, making him financially ambitious. With an innate need to be in control, he is especially good at managing money and has strong self-control when it comes to spending.   

Questions to Ask Yourself When Dating a Scorpio Man


What are the positive and negative sides to dating a Scorpio Man?


  • Your relationship will be fiery and passionate 
  • Your sex life will be mind-blowing 
  • You will feel safe and secure in terms of physical safety and financially 
  • The Scorpio man values his career so you know you have a partner who makes sure your future is secure 



  • Can be demanding under the sheets 
  • Possessive 
  • Easily gets jealous 
  • Dominating 
  • Can be neglectful when he’s focused too much at work 


What Zodiac Signs are Most Compatible with the Scorpio Man? 


  • Cancer – A Water sign just like Scorpio, Cancer women are passionate, compassionate, incredibly loyal and have a sense of duty – which is something that works well with Scorpio’s innate desire to lead and dominate. 
  • Pisces – Another Water sign, Pisces women share Scorpio men’s high level of sensitivity, intuition, and their understanding nature works well with the Scorpio Man’s hot temper. 
  • Taurus – Opposites on the Zodiac wheel, Taurus is a great match for the Scorpio man because she is loyal, and has a deep sense of commitment to relationships. 

Read which zodiac sign to date?


  • Leo – As the Lion sign, the Leo woman will be too strong-minded for the dominating Scorpio. 
  • Virgo – The Virgo woman is too timid for the sexually aggressive Scorpio. 
  • Libra – Libra’s light-hearted approach to life will offset Scorpio’s serious nature. 
  • Scorpio – At first, their chemistry will be that of erupting volcanoes and epic fireworks, but as both similar personalities’ start to show, theirs will be that of heated arguments and big egos that don’t make compromises for each others’ needs. 
  • Sagittarius – Her free-spirit lifestyle will clash with Scorpio’s seriousness. 
  • Capricorn – Her lack of passion will bore the Scorpio. 
  • Aquarius – Her progressive and rebellious streak will make her feel smothered by Scorpio’s possessiveness. 


How to Tell if the Scorpio Man Likes You?


Because the Scorpio Man loves secrets and layers, you’ll know that he likes you when he starts to open himself up to you. When you find him talking about his feelings, his opinions, and starts telling you about his life, then you know he trusts you.

When he starts inviting you to spend time with his friends, bringing you to family events, and other activities with his close knit social group, that’s when you know he’s falling in love with you.   

How to keep the Scorpio Man?

  Number one on the list is sex: you have to enjoy it as much as he does, and as often as he wants to. He measures love by how much sex you both have, how incredible your sexual life is, and how much physical intimacy you both share. You’ll know he’s starting to lose interest when you’re having less sex or when he withholds it. 

Second, the Scorpio man is incredibly possessive and jealous, so loyalty is paramount in the relationship. Once you break his trust, nothing will ever be the same again. His anger lingers on more than most other Zodiac signs and he has a good memory of past wrongdoings. He is not the type to forgive and forget, so once you betray him, you know it’s time to hit the road. 

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