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How To Seduce A Gemini Man And Make Him Miss You

by | Oct 30, 2018

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If you’ve got your eyes on a Gemini Man, here are some tips to getting his attention, how to know if he’s in love, and what to expect when you finally date him. 

The natural charmer, the Gemini Man can swoop women of their feet. Master wordsmiths, they are excellent communicators, romantic, adventurous, and passionate.

However, as the Zodiac sign symbolised by the Twins, they can have a Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality – great at one moment and incredibly moody the next. You still want to attract a gemini man?

How To Seduce A Gemini Man

  The Gemini man has a natural zest for life and a great sense of adventure. He needs spontaneity like he needs air, and thrives on novel and different things at all times. He is surprising, social, flirty, and a jack of all trades – good at many things to impress you. So how do you attract him?   

1. Flirt

  The Gemini man loves to engage in conversations, making it easy to talk to him. Show him that you’re interested by asking him about his interests, such as travel or any hobby that you know he’s fond of.   

2. Be Alluring

  The Gemini man has a wandering eye so it’s best that you look good and take care of your looks if you want to keep him interested. Wear feminine clothing that reveal subtle amounts of skin and show off the shape of your body.   

3. Hang Out in Social Places

  These men love being around people, so expect to find him at a local bar or club, or at parties. He won’t be able to see you if you’re stuck in a cubicle at work or you prefer staying in on a Friday night. Get yourself dressed up and head over to the places he frequents.   

4. Flirt with Your Body

  When you do start talking to the Gemini man, use your body to show him you like him. Carefully touch his arm, shoulder, or hand, and always face your body towards him.   

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The Gemini Man in Love

  It can be hard to decipher if the Gemini Man is genuinely in love with you because it is their normal behaviour to be flirty. They may make romantic gestures but may merely act this way as pure diversion.

He has a problem to commit because he hates being tied down and loathes boredom and routine. This explains why he’s always moving around and jumping from one project to another, and even from one partner to the next.

When he does fall in love, however, he will be protective, romantic, passionate, and loyal. But for how long? It can be hard to know.   

make a gemini man miss you

The Gemini Man’s Sexuality

  The Gemini Man is playful in the bedroom and loves the excitement that comes with sex. For him, sex is an adventure that involves many acts, such as foreplay, teasing, and experimenting with different sexual activities.

When he is in a long-term relationship, he expects his partner to keep up with his sexual appetite, such as exploring with sex toys, different locations such as outdoors, and different positions. He is a generous lover who makes sure his partner is satisfied, often looking for ways to please.   

The Gemini Man in Relationships

  Dating the Gemini male is explosive, passionate, and full of adventure. One thing’s for sure, you will never get bored with his exciting and spontaneous personality.

He is, however, difficult to be with if you seek for stability and consistency, as he will never stay in one place for too long, or do one thing for long periods of time. 

The Gemini guys cannot hold jobs for very long, although financially he tends to be sufficient at all times. If you’re thinking of a long distance relationship, then think again as he is not the most reliable or trustworthy. His thirst for change and novelty will always get in the way of a stable and functional relationship.

The only way he can stay with someone is if the woman is genuinely independent and self-sufficient. But because he is always looking for something better, he can have unrealistic expectations, leading to disappointments.   

Money and the Gemini Man

  Although the Gemini Man hardly keeps jobs for long, he always find ways to finance himself and his adventures. He tends to plan for long-term financial security, and will always have sufficient funds in his bank account.   

Questions to Ask Yourself When Dating a Gemini Man


What are the Positive and Negative Sides to Dating a Gemini Man?




  • Your relationship will be exciting and full of adventure. 
  • You will explore and learn new things and skills.
  • Your relationship will be filled with travel and meeting new people. 
  • Sex will be mind blowing and passionate. 
  • You will never be bored with the Gemini Man – not one day. 




  • He is unreliable and untrustworthy. 
  • He has high standards and expectations of you. 
  • He is unstable and not ideal for family life. 


What are the Gemini Man’s Matches and Mismatches?




  • Aries – The Aries woman is energetic and always ready to take the initiative. She also makes decisions quickly, making her the perfect support system for the fickle-minded Gemini. 
  • Aquarius – Her love of freedom and change is perfect for the Gemini man’s always moving nature. 
  • Leo – She constantly needs reassurance that she is loved, and with the Gemini Man being the master communicator and wordsmith, he will have her eating his words. 
  • Libra – Both are sociable, making it easy for them to decide on what activities to do. She also has a harmonious nature, making it easier for her to accept and handle the Gemini man’s antics. 
  • Virgo – She is romantic and an intellect who wants distance and space – perfect to give the Gemini man’s time and space to do his adventures. 
  • Gemini – Both will be extremely understanding of each other, but their similarities might make it hard for them to find time to be together. 
  • Sagittarius – Their relationship will be both chaotic and inspirational. Her love of freedom coupled with his love of adventure will bring them together to many places around the world, will make them experience many different adventures, and will give them absolute satisfaction in terms of their natural love of excitement. Both are not practical, however, and as soon as the realities of daily life start to appear, they can both become bored and chaotic. 

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  • Pisces – She is the worst match for the Gemini Man as she is extremely sensitive and has a deep need for emotional intimacy. The Gemini Man distances himself from his emotions, as well as those of others, and this pairing will certainly be doomed for disaster. 
  • Scorpio – She is private, emotional, and demands undivided attention – which are things that the Gemini man is not. He is sociable and presents his life as an open book, closed off from his feelings, and gives attention to as many people and things as possible. 
  • Taurus – The Taurus woman is slow to change and likes routine and stability – which is the complete opposite of the Gemini man’s personality. 
  • Capricorn – The Capricorn woman is distant and rarely goes out of her comfort zone – making her the opposite of spontaneous. The Gemini man will get bored easily with her. 

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How to Know if The Gemini Man Likes You

  You will know that he likes you if he stays with you in one place. If he constantly moved from one city to another but decided to stay in the city where you happened to live and work, then you know he’s in love with you.   

How to Keep the Gemini Man

  Gemini man secrets – The #1 thing that will kill your relationship with the Gemini Man is boredom. Never bore the Gemini Man or he’ll look for something exciting elsewhere. His hunger for change and new activities will both bring you together and tear you apart, so you have to keep up with him at all times. 

If he wants to go on a rock climbing adventure on the day that happens to be your anniversary, you’ll either have to go with him or let him go without you. It’s either his way or the highway with the Gemini Man. But if you do want to be excited every day of your life, if you do want to stay on your toes, feel young for the rest of your life, and just take life by the balls, then being with the Gemini man will complete you. 


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