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How to Know If A Taurus Man Likes You – Falling In Love Signs

by | Nov 20, 2018

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If you prefer the strong and silent type, then the Taurus Man definitely fits the bill. He is dependable, incredibly loyal, and fiercely trustworthy. A man of few words, he seeks stability, long-term relationships, and practical on all decisions regarding money and finances. 

Slow and steady wins the race with a Taurus man. A Taurus man tends to keep his feelings close to his heart but if he likes you, you’ll definitely see it in his smile.


Why Set Your Heart on a Taurus Man and How to Get Him

  Today is the time of fleeting romances – finding someone dependable, who will work on the relationship until the very end, and genuinely trustworthy, can be hard to find. This is why the Taurus Man is a much coveted prey – they may be the slow and silent type, but when they do open up, their love can be everlasting. 

Because the Taurus Man is not aggressive, he can be a little frustrating at first. He is not the type to walk up to someone and introduce himself – he takes his time to observe someone’s behavior before he makes a move. Because of this, you will probably have to ask him out yourself but he will also be taken aback with a woman’s aggressive behavior, so it’s best that you let him know you’re interested before you do ask him out.   

How to Seduce a Taurus Man?


Follow these tips to attract a Taurus man:


  • Show Your Femininity – The Taurus Man loves old-fashioned manners and women with refined tastes. Dress classy and take the time to look good, show him you are a woman who appreciates good art, good music, and good wine. 
  • Organize Your Life – Have a good and stable career, organize your home, and get your life together. The Taurus Man dislikes disarray and enjoys order, so make sure your life is in order, too. 
  • Enjoy Down-to-Earth Activities – The Taurus Male loves luxury and comfort – he is content with a cozy dinner at home with family and friends over a night out in town. When you do ask him out, a good idea for a date would be a home-cooked meal at your spic and span home. 

In a nutshell, make sure you are showing him your feminine side, get your life together, prefer simple yet fulfilling activities, and flirt with him a little before you show you’re interested.  Sooner or later you will be spending time together – you don’t believe me? Ask a Psychic.

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 Taurus Man Falling in Love Signs

  Although the Taurus Man is hard to attract, when he does fall in love and open himself up to someone, he will make sure that he uses all his power to spoil her. The Taurus Man is materialistic and he showers his object of affection with everything that she needs. 

He is romantic and loves old school dates, such as a dinner out and a movie, and enjoys intimate gatherings over crowded clubs or bars. 

how do you know when a taurus man loves you


How to tell if a Taurus Man is into you – Sexuality


The Taurus Man is not overtly daring in bed. However, he is sensual and passionate and believes emotions play a huge part in the art of making love. He loves foreplay and enjoys kissing and caressing, and loves setting the tone. Although he’s not aggressive in bed, he can be more passionate and creative with the right partner.   

When a Taurus Man says he loves you – Relationships

  The Taurus Man is patient and enjoys the pleasures of courting, which can be frustrating for many women. He takes his time and analyzes situations and your behaviors before making his move. 

When he does get into a relationship, he is looking for a best friend, a confidante, and someone he can spend the rest of his life with. He is not an inconsistent lover and will not jump from one relationship to another. He loves long-term relationships and will do everything he can to keep the relationship going. 

The Taurus Man is not good at love games and will take things at face value. It is not a good idea that you ask him for “space” or that you need a “break,” if you think there are problems. He may view this as you ending the relationship.   

Which Signs are Most Compatible with the Taurus Man?


Since Taurus is an Earth sign, the two other signs ruled by the element, which are Virgo and Capricorn, are most compatible with the Taurus Man. 

Virgos and Capricorns both share the Taurus Man’s cautious and practical approach to life, as well as their intrinsic materialistic natures. Capricorn is its most compatible sign, however, due to their common appreciation for worldly success and financial practicality. 

The least compatible sign with the Taurus Man is Aquarius. Aquarius women are highly progressive, non-conformist, and rebellious, which will make the relationship challenging due to the Taurus Man’s resistance to change.   

Money and the Taurus Man

  The Taurus Man is materialistic and appreciates the finer things in life. He will most likely surround himself with comfort and luxury, and take pleasure in art, good music, good life and they love food.

He is practical and knows the worth of his money.   

Questions to Ask Yourself When Dating a Taurus Man


What are the positive and negative sides to dating a Taurus Man?

  Positive sides: 

  • he is dependable so you know he will always be there for you when you need him 
  • he is trustworthy and loyal, so cheating and flirting with other women will not be a problem for you 
  • when issues or conflicts arise in the relationship, he will work it out with you 
  • he is materialistic, so you know you will live a comfortable and financially stable life 
  • he is romantic and a family man, so he’s the type to bring home to meet your parents, as well as being the marrying kind 


Negative sides: 

  • he is stubborn and refuses to change 
  • he can be boring because he enjoys being comfortable – going to the same restaurants and doing the same activities 
  • he lacks initiative 
  • he has a tendency to bottle up his emotions 

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How to know when a Taurus Man is in love?

  You will know that the Taurus Man loves you when he will do everything in his power to keep you by resolving issues and conflicts. He is incredibly loyal and you’ll see this when you’re in a relationship with him – he is not easy to attract so you won’t see him eyeing other women or flirting with an ex-flame. 

He has a flair for romance so think picnics outdoors, candle-light dinners, old movie marathons, and intimate conversations under star-filled skies.

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How to Keep a Taurus Man?

  The paramount importance to the Taurus Men is loyalty – as long as you are loyal to him, your relationship will last a long time. But once you break this trust, once you betray him, that will be the end of it. The Taurus Man will never trust you again once you betray him. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know to attract and keep the Taurus Man in your life. Remember to be feminine, keep things classy, keep it comfortable, stay loyal, and be patient – the Taurus Man is the most dependable of all, and if you’re looking for a long-term, stable, and consistent relationship, he is everything you’re looking for. 

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