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Sagittarius Man In Love Signs & How To Tell if He Likes You

by | Dec 2, 2018

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If you want someone who loves adventure, filled with an undying love for excitement, and full of passion, then the archer-centaur Sagittarius is your man.

There will never be a dull moment with the Sagittarius man, and falling in love with him will give you one heck of a roller coaster ride in life.   

If you want to attract this partner in crime you will have to attack with whatever physical assets you have. Be fun, loving and keep your smile white and wide. Intrigue him, don’t engage him fully – Sag man want a challenge, so don’t just offer yourself to him on a silver plate. Play hard to get. But don’t overdo it, as they might just give up on you.

How to Seduce the Sagittarius Man

This star sign is a contradiction of sorts – while he is hard to capture, he is also easy to acquire

Why? He rarely says no to chances and opportunities because of his love of freedom and his thirst for variety. 

What does this mean? It means that when you ask him out, he’ll probably say yes even though he doesn’t know anything about you. This stems from their “what-could’ve-been” attitude to life – always taking chances because they never know what adventures are in store. 

On the other hand, they’re also hard to get because of this very reason. They love their freedom and their free-spirit lifestyle that being chained down is something that they avoid at all times. 

But when they do fall in love, they’re exceptionally dedicated, incredibly loyal, and trustworthy.   

How to get a Sagittarius man to chase you?

Here are some tips:   

1. Be Flirtatious

  The Sagittarius Male is a big flirt and they love getting attention. Show him that you’re interested by going up to him and introducing yourself – he’ll love the confidence. Show him that you’re interested and bring on the smiles and jokes.   

2. Be Mysterious

  Flirt like crazy but don’t spill the beans of your entire life all at once. 

The Sagittarius Man loves the chase so don’t reveal everything about yourself in one conversation or date.

Keep him guessing and keep him wanting for more by being a tease – if he wants to know more about you, you can say, “Sure…on our next date, maybe.”   

3. Be Upbeat

  Smile a lot and keep things lighthearted. Avoid anything that leads you into negative conversations, such as talking badly about a person or a situation. Be fun and playful.   

4. Be Open to Change

  The Sagittarius Man is always seeking for new knowledge and new adventures, so you should be open to go out of your comfort zones to be able to keep up with him. Be spontaneous and go with the flow.   

What are the best birthday gifts for a Sagittarius man?

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1. Jewelry
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4. Outdoor
5. Grooming

Sagittarius Man In Love Signs

  The Sagittarius Man loves women who know to how to take care of themselves – women who dress well, smell nice, and have great style.

While they do have short attention spans, when they do fall in love, they are very committed and dedicated. They are also very brutally honest and tactful.

They can be brash at times but they don’t do so to be mean, but to express what they feel. 

what does a sagittarius man do when he likes you


How to seduce a Sagittarius man – Sexuality

  Because he is very passionate and fiery, sex life with the Sagittarius Man is exciting, varied, and dangerous. If you are the shy type, sex with him may be a little daunting but once you start to enjoy it, you will be in for an adventure.   

The Sagittarius Man in Relationships

  What he looks in potential partner?

The Sagittarius Man is not only attracted to looks but he also seeks intellectual stimulation.

When dating him, expect to be engaged in deep, inquisitive discussions about everything in life.

Because they love completely and fully, expect the relationship to be intense and full of new and exciting adventures together for long term.   

Money and the Sagittarius Man

  The Sagittarius Man is confident financially – he is not afraid to spend because he is confident he can easily regain his money back.

These men are creative and skilled in many professions and end up becoming CEOs of companies, due to their confidence and their ability to take risks. 

They are generous but do not splurge on unnecessary luxuries, but would rather spend on experiences rather than material things.   

Questions to Ask When Dating a Sagittarius Man


What are the positive and negative sides when dating a Sagittarius Man?




  • your relationship will never be dull – you will always be on your toes 
  • you will experience many new adventures 
  • your relationship will be passionate and unpredictable 
  • you will feel completely and utterly loved 
  • you will feel secure and know that this man will fight for you 
  • you will have a renewed sense of the world 
  • your relationship will be the kind of love that changes your perspectives on many things in life 




  • lack of stability because the Sagittarius Man doesn’t like staying in one place for too long 
  • there will be periods of not being able to see each other when he is off on his next adventure without you 
  • lack of organization and planning when it comes to trips and activities may not sit well for many 
  • you have to be completely trusting because he is always out there in the world 


Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs




  • The Sagittarius Man and the Libra Woman – This is one of the best matches among the sun signs. The best match for the Sagittarius Man, they are both outgoing, social, energetic, easy-going, have a thirst for adventure, and are both playful adventurers. They also both seek intellectual stimulation and have a love for romance. 
  • The Sagittarius Man and the Aries Woman – Both being fire signs, there is a strong chemistry between the signs, and their mutual love for adventure will bring excitement to the relationship. 
  • The Sagittarius Man and the Gemini Woman – Both love to travel, both are enthusiastic, they are light-hearted, and neither seek control in relationships. 
  • Other Matches: The Aquarius woman is also a great match because of her rebellious streak, as well as the Sagittarius woman, who has many things in common with the Sagittarius man but may have too many things in common. 

Interested who to date?



  • The Taurus Woman – too controlling for the Sagittarius Man 
  • The Cancer Woman – too cautious for the risk-taking archer 
  • The Virgo Woman – too much of a workaholic for the Sagittarius’ fun nature 
  • The Scorpio Woman – too possessive for the Sagittarius man’s free spirit 
  • The Pisces Woman – too moody and sensitive for the Sagittarius’ playful nature 
  • The Capricorn Woman – lives too much by the rules 

Interested who cheats the most?


How to Tell if a Sagittarius Man Likes You?

  The Sagittarius Man is a flirt, so it can be a little hard to determine if he likes you at that moment or if he really likes you.

He loves the chase, so if he constantly asks you to join him in his adventures, then you know he has the hots for you. 

Although he likes to be asked out, he loves the process of running after someone, so don’t reveal that you like him so much so there’s a little mystery and you keep him guessing. 

And the result? He keeps asking you out until he discovers who you really are and how you really feel. 



How to Keep the Sagittarius Man?

  So you’ve finally caught the elusive archer-centaur.

What now? He loves his freedom so don’t chain him down – if he wants to climb Mount Everest tomorrow then let him. You may miss him for a month but it’s what his spirit wants, so you have to tolerate and accept his spontaneous adventures and activities. 

He hates possessive and jealous types and loves independent women who have lives of their own. The perfect relationship for the Sagittarius men is the kind where he can go on his trips and adventures and come home to a loving and independent partner who also has her own thirst for life. 


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