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How to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love – What are the Signs

by | Nov 28, 2018

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As the first fire sign of the zodiac, the Aries man is passionate, full of life, and energetic: in short, he is full of vigor. He is masculine and a man’s man, as he naturally possesses a leader personality. 

He’s protective and a natural provider, making him the perfect partner for any woman who wants security and explosive romance. 

How to get an Aries man to commit? Do you have your eyes set on an Aries man? Read on to find out how to attract him, what to expect, and what to do to keep him once you have him.   

How to Attract the Aries Man  

1. Dress Girly

  Aries men love girls who are feminine. Wear dresses and skirts, and engage as many of his senses as you can – smell great and feel great to touch. As natural protectors, Aries men love women who are damsels in distress: someone they can help or provide for, making them feel special and important. So if you want to be the kind of woman he falls for, dress and act feminine.   

2. Flirt

  Aries men are egocentric so when you shower them with attention and affection, they’ll surely notice and pay you attention, too. They are action-oriented and if they happen to like you and you’re acting all flirty, they won’t think twice about asking you out. Use your body to flirt with the Aries man – gently touch his arm, graze his back with your fingers, or simple eye contact will get him to look your way.   

3. Admire Him

  The Aries man is full of himself – he is confident to the point of being arrogant, and self-assured that he thinks positively about everything in life.

He has a winner attitude in the sense that he believes he can do whatever he wants, get whatever he sets his eyes on, and achieve everything that he desires in life.

Because of his ego, he loves it when people admire and praise him. So when you get to talking, admire details about him such as his appearance, his car, his career, or his hobbies.   

4. Let Him Chase You

  The Aries man loves to chase, as if he is a predator and you are his prey. He’ll easily get bored if you give in that fast. So don’t make it easy for him. If he asks you out right off the bat after you start flirting, you may tease him a little by saying you’ll check your schedule first or you can say you’ll call him instead.   


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How to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love

  The Aries man is romantic and believes a perfect partner for him exists. He may be a charmer and he may work his way around women but when he does find his ideal love, he will fall in love immediately and deeply.

Even if the object of his affection is not available or says she’s not interested, he won’t take no as an answer and will proceed to chase her with utmost passion and energy. 


The Aries Man Sexuality

  The Aries man has a high sex drive and can be demanding in bed. Because he has lots of energy, expect that fireworks will be happening in the bedroom.

A sensual and passionate lover, the Aries man’s need for physical contact will make your sex life exciting, diverse, and incredibly satisfying.

The Aries Man in Relationships

  If the Aries man believes you are his perfect partner, then you’re about to have a long-term and exciting relationship. He loves to provide, so expect your needs to be met without you even asking for it; expect planned-out, as well as spontaneous romantic dates; and plenty of time in the bedroom.

He does take life by the horns and expects your relationship to be just as exciting, dynamic, and interesting. So as soon as the excitement of new love dwindles, you’ll have to think up of new things to do and new routines to make since the bored Aries man will have a tendency to look for exciting activities elsewhere. 

Keeping up with the Aries man’s vigor can be exhausting for many but if you like spicing up your relationship on a frequent basis, then he is the man for you.

Learn when to end relationship.

Signs aries man is in love with youHis love for life is equal to his impatience for life as well. He is hot tempered and stubborn, and will constantly have emotional outbursts whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. You’d have to be tolerant and understanding of this personality trait and not take things too seriously when he does have his temper tantrums.   

signs aries man is in love with you

Money and the Aries Man

  Because he lives life to the fullest, he can be impulsive when it comes to his spending habits. He would often buy things that he wants but not necessarily needs, even without taking a look at his bank account. He is frivolous, but makes sure he has enough money to finance his lifestyle. When he does invest, it will be a mixture of risky and safe business investments.   

Questions to Ask When Dating an Aries Man


What are the Positive and Negative Sides to Dating an Aries Man?




  • He will be protective of you, making you feel safe in the relationship. 
  • He will provide for you, making him ideal for marriage and fatherhood. 
  • He is exciting and passionate about his ideal love. 
  • He is hardworking, ensuring you of a good future together. 
  • He is romantically traditional at heart, so you can enjoy romantic dates every now and then. 




  • He is self-centered and can be selfish. 
  • He has a bad temper. 
  • He does have a wandering eye as he is a natural charmer. 
  • He is demanding when it comes to sex, making it hard for many women to keep up. 


What are the Signs Most Compatible with the Aries Man?




  • The Leo Woman – They both share the same need for attention and have strong social skills, so their relationship will have a busy social calendar. They also have a positive outlook in life as well as similar values. 
  • The Sagittarius Woman – The Aries man has a natural independent nature – not needing anyone to fill any whole in his life. This independent personality will sit well with the Sagittarius woman who also values her own freedom and space to explore her interests. Their relationship will be that of shared adventures while also remaining their individual selves. 
  • The Gemini Woman – They both love social gatherings and outdoor activities. They also share the same sexual interest, making their sex life exciting. 
  • The Aquarius Woman – They both love adventure and excitement and both love having their own space to themselves. 
  • The Aries Woman – It’s very rare that two similar signs can work well together but the Aries man and woman are strongly attracted to each other. They bring out the best in each other, but their quick tempers and self-centeredness can be a hindrance to the success of the relationship. 



  • The Cancer Woman – This is the worst match for the Aries man because she is extremely sensitive while the Aries man lacks tact. If you ask him what he thinks, he’ll tell you without holding back, even if it means hurting you. The Cancer woman will find this difficult to handle as she seeks for emotional stability. 
  • The Virgo Woman – She doesn’t move fast and prefers taking things slow in many matters in her life. She is reserved while the Aries man is expressive. She is critical, too, which won’t sit well with the egocentric Aries man who loves women who admire and adore him. 
  • The Libra Woman – The Aries man loves damsels in distress that he can rescue and lead. The Libra woman is too fun-loving and independent to be dominated by the Aries man. 
  • The Scorpio Woman – Both signs have dominant personalities, which won’t create a harmonious relationship. 
  • The Capricorn Woman – The Aries man’s spending habits won’t sit well with the frugal Capricorn. She is also traditional and stable while the Aries man likes to change it up every now and then. 
  • The Pisces Woman – She is sensitive and gentle, while the Aries man is brash and tactless. She will take things personally when she will be the grudge of his temper. 
  • The Taurus Woman – Both have different approaches to life. The Taurus woman seeks stability and security, preferring the home life; while the Aries man loves to go out and have adventures. 

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How Do You Know if an Aries Man Likes You?

 The Aries man is frank and straightforward. If he likes you, he will make sure that you know it. He will chase you and won’t stop until you become his. He has no problems making a move and making his intentions clear, so gauging whether or not he likes you or not won’t be a problem. 

How to Keep the Aries Man

Because the Aries man is egocentric, the only way to keep him is to feed it. Praise him, adore him, give him attention, and keep up with his energy. Avoid routine and keep things interesting by surprising him with a gift or a vacation, or even by simply cooking up an exotic meal. Once you stop giving him attention, he will have a tendency to look for it somewhere else. 

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