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LJOR Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra Set Review

by | Jan 22, 2024

When searching for something unique to enhance your well-being and meditation routines, we stumbled upon the LJOR Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra Set. Intrigued by the potential of sound therapy, we’ve spent some time exploring how these tools can be woven into daily practices for a harmonious balance.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, each fork in the set resonates with a soothing and precise clarity. During testing, we found that the vibrant colors and clear chakra icons etched onto each fork don’t just add visual appeal but also help quickly identify the forks during a session. Though the set claims versatility in uses from easing tension to aligning chakras, we approached our sound therapy sessions without expectations, focusing on the experience itself.

The forks’ resonance lingers pleasantly, creating an immersive environment, whether for meditation or introducing an element of sound healing to yoga practices. The included accessories, like the rubber mallet and the cleaning cloth, ensure that the maintenance of these forks is as simple as their application. Storage is thoughtfully catered for with a sturdy aluminum box and a soft velvet bag, allowing for safekeeping or transport as needed.

While some tuning forks in the set produced resonances that didn’t quite match the richness of standalone forks we’ve previously used, the overall quality resonates well for those newly embracing this form of therapy. There’s a learning curve when it comes to perfectly striking the forks to achieve the desired sound, but it’s a skill that comes with time and practice.

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Bottom Line

The LJOR Tuning Forks Set stands out as a comprehensive kit for anyone looking to dive into sound therapy.

Its ease of use, quality of materials, and thoughtful design make it accessible to beginners and a delight for seasoned practitioners.

LJOR Tuning Forks for Healing

Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra SetFeatured

  • Set of 7 chakra forks + "Soul Purpose" fork
  • Quality aluminum alloy Materials
  • Convenient Storage
  • Versatility - yoga, sound therapy, or meditation

Overview of Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra Set

When exploring the realm of sound healing and chakra balancing, we came across the LJOR Tuning Forks set. Intriguing for its comprehensive selection, this set offers eight different tuning forks, each aligned with a specific chakra frequency. From our experience, the non-magnetic aluminum alloy construction is a sign of durability and provides pure tones with extended resonance. This longevity of sound is particularly beneficial when working on deep relaxation and purifying the mind.

Upon handling these tools, we appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of the silicone hammer and repair tool, which enhance the set’s versatility. The individual chakra markings on each fork make matching them to their corresponding energy centers effortless. These tuning forks bring a sense of focused calm, and their clear tones are conducive to meditation and yoga practices.

While these forks are skillfully crafted, the sound may not match the richness of higher-end models, which could be a consideration for professional practitioners searching for premium tonality. However, the color-coded forks, coupled with a comprehensive set of accessories and a sturdy storage solution—an elegant aluminum box and a velvet bag—add convenience and style.

Customer feedback collectively praises the quality and aesthetic of the set, although a few suggest that the forks could benefit from a more robust sustain. Our consensus? For those new to sound healing or seeking to expand their toolkit, this set balances quality and affordability quite well.

Craftsmanship and Material Quality

Experiencing the LJOR Tuning Fork Set firsthand, we’re impressed by the durable craftsmanship. The non-magnetic aluminum alloy material resonates with a clear tone that doesn’t waver, emphasizing the high-quality production standards. Each of the tuning forks, ranging from 126.22 Hz to 272.2 Hz, is robust in build and meticulous in detail, with icons and frequency values etched sharply onto their handles.
The versatile set arrives nestled in a protective aluminum box, which strikes us as a secure way to shield the forks from accidental damage and environmental factors. The included velvet storage bag serves as a thoughtfully added accessory for those needing to transport their set easily.

However, it’s not all about good looks. In terms of functionality, the long resonance time of the tuning forks is a testament to the material quality and tuning precision. The rubber mallet provided complements the forks well, initiating pure tones without requiring excessive force, which could have been an oversight with lesser quality material.
We noticed that regular cleaning with the cloth keeps the forks pristine, a simple yet crucial task to preserve their integrity. The complete set aligns with our expectation of what sound therapy instruments should be—reliable, accurate, and elegantly presented.

Complete Healing Chakra Set

As said, we recently, explored the LJOR Healing Chakra Tuning Fork Set, and the experience was quite enlightening. Comprised of a comprehensive array of eight tuning forks, each one is designed to connect with a specific chakra and vibrates at a unique frequency, ranging from 126.22 Hz to 272.2 Hz, including the intriguing Soul Purpose fork.
We noticed the pure and lasting tone it emitted when we struck a fork with the accompanying silicone hammer. The sound resonated on a deep level, which could be powerful for meditation practices and various sound therapy applications.

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LJOR Tuning Forks for Healing

Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra SetFeatured

  • Set of 7 chakra forks + "Soul Purpose" fork
  • Quality aluminum alloy Materials
  • Convenient Storage
  • Versatility - yoga, sound therapy, or meditation

We appreciate that this set comes with thoughtful accessories for maintenance and storage, such as a cleaning cloth, a repair tool, and a durable aluminum box—essential for keeping the forks in prime condition. However, it’s the rich, non-magnetic aluminum alloy material of the forks themselves that stands out, ensuring corrosion resistance and clear tones.

During our evaluation, the versatility of this set became evident. The forks served their purpose well, whether for deep relaxation, energy work, or even as a teaching aid. Yet, we must be honest in pointing out that while the overall quality is solid, these aren’t the highest-end tuning forks available, and seasoned practitioners might prefer something a tad more premium. But this product holds significant value for those new to biofield tuning or looking for a complete, reliable set.

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We believe this LJOR set is a commendable choice for beginners or those expanding their practice with sound healing. It’s crucial to emphasize the need for proper technique to fully harness the potential of these forks, as the learning curve can be steep for novices. Overall, we consider this set a beneficial addition to one’s spiritual toolkit.

Ease of Storage and Portability

When we think about integrating new tools into our wellness practices, the ability to store and transport them easily can make all the difference. Our experience with this tuning fork set from LJOR reflects just that convenience. The set arrives neatly packed in a robust aluminum box that safeguards the forks from damage and environmental factors. The case’s compact size doesn’t take up much space, making it practical for stowing away on a shelf or in a drawer.

The velvet storage bag is a blessing for those of us constantly on the move or practitioners who travel to clients. It’s lightweight, doesn’t add bulk, and fits comfortably in a tote or backpack. Transferring the forks from the box to the bag is a breeze, ensuring we can bring sound therapy’s healing power wherever we go. While the aluminum box is more about secure storage, the bag champions portability without compromising on protection.

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In summary, this tuning fork set is thoughtfully designed for hassle-free management, whether stored at home or carried along for sessions. The sturdy case and soft bag complement each other to offer both protection and portability, fitting nicely into our daily routine of chakra work, meditation, or yoga practices.

Versatility of Applications

In our hands-on experience with the LJOR Tuning Fork Set, we found its uses impressively diverse. Initially, we appreciated the thought that went into selecting frequencies for each fork, explicitly targeting the chakra points. This precision allows for a focused approach when working with clients on energy alignment and sound therapy.

While initially skeptical, we were pleasantly surprised by the forks’ ability to aid relaxation and improve meditation practices. Even those of us new to sound healing could effectively use the forks to enhance our sessions. The detailed icons on each fork made it easier to remember their respective chakras, streamlining the learning process.

When it comes to portability, the storage solutions are practical— both the durable aluminum box and the velvet bag offer safe transport, making the set ideal for those who want to maintain a practice while traveling.

The only downside noted was the sound quality, which seemed less premium than some professional sets. However, for beginners or those integrating the forks into an existing practice, this set provides the versatility needed to adequately explore the realm of sound healing.

Pros and Cons

Having recently tried out the LJOR Chakra Tuning Fork Set, we can share some insight on its advantages and disadvantages. They’ve been quite an addition to our sound healing and meditation practices, offering a unique experience with each use.


  • Quality Materials: The forks are crafted from aluminum alloy, ensuring they are durable and corrosion-resistant. This choice of material also contributes to their clear, sustained tones when struck.
  • Convenient Storage: Including an aluminum box and a velvet storage bag is thoughtful—providing options for safely storing and transporting the set. The cleaning cloth is nice to keep the forks in top condition.
  • Complete Set: The set includes the seven standard chakra forks and an additional “Soul Purpose” fork. It’s great for those looking to expand their practice and explore different frequencies.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s for yoga, sound therapy, or meditation, these forks are designed to be used in various practices. They’ve been quite effective in helping us reduce tension and align chakras.


  • Learning Curve: For those new to using tuning forks, there might be a struggle with the consistency required to see results. It takes practice to incorporate them effectively into a routine.
  • Expectation of Quality: A few users may find that the quality doesn’t match some high-end sets. While perfectly serviceable, the forks might come across as less luxurious compared to other premium options.
  • Volume and Resonance: Although the sound quality is generally good, there have been instances where they seemed quieter than anticipated. Depending on one’s experience and the environment, this may affect the overall experience.

Overall, the LJOR Chakra Tuning Fork Set stands out as a robust choice for anyone looking to dive into the world of sound healing. While its drawbacks warrant consideration, the set’s quality, completeness, and versatility make it a valuable tool for practitioners at various skill levels.

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Examining Customer Reviews

We’ve formed a comprehensive opinion after spending some time with the LJOR Tuning Forks. Many customers seem to share our sentiment that these forks are a fascinating addition to wellness practices, supporting activities like yoga and meditation with their harmonic vibrations. Most users express satisfaction, highlighting the ease of integrating these forks into their routines and their contribution to their healing processes.

The aesthetics and functionality of the set get high marks—vibrant colors correspond with the chakra points, and the tools resonate with clarity and precision. However, a few comments suggest that while the set is visually appealing and functionally adequate, it doesn’t quite meet the expectations one might have of a high-end product in terms of material quality.

From our own experience, the labeled frequencies on each fork make them user-friendly, and their sound quality is, indeed, quite impressive. The included carrying case also adds to the perceived value, providing a secure and organized method for transport and storage, enhancing our overall user experience. Overall, the product seems to consistently meet the needs for anyone looking to explore the realm of sound healing.


After spending some time with the LJOR Tuning Fork Set, we can confidently say that it has both its high notes and its areas for improvement. The set’s variety and the inclusion of the Soul Purpose fork cater to a broad spectrum of healing and relaxation practices, from yoga to meditation. The color coding makes identification a breeze, and the sound quality matches up well with therapeutic intentions. It’s apparent that a lot of thought went into the design, such as marking each fork with the respective frequency and chakra symbol for easy reference.

In practice, the forks offer a vibrant, clear tone which could be a boon for anyone looking to integrate sound healing into their routine. However, some users might find the quality less premium than expected. While the aluminum box is a nice touch for storage and transport, the overall experience can be influenced by how these forks compare to other sets in terms of build and acoustic fidelity.

Overall, this tuning fork set from LJOR makes for an enjoyable and visually pleasing tool in the realm of sound therapy, even if it might not fully satisfy the most discerning of practitioners. It’s an approachable kit for beginners but could leave experienced users seeking a bit more. Our time with these forks has highlighted their strengths in enhancing meditation and healing work, provided you’re willing to invest the time to learn and apply their potential.

LJOR Tuning Forks for Healing

Tuning Forks for Healing Chakra SetFeatured

  • Set of 7 chakra forks + "Soul Purpose" fork
  • Quality aluminum alloy Materials
  • Convenient Storage
  • Versatility - yoga, sound therapy, or meditation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits can one expect from using tuning forks on chakras?

Using the tuning fork set on chakras can have several potential benefits. Users often report a sense of deep relaxation and decreased stress after sessions. Tuning forks can help to balance and align the chakras, which are understood as various energy centers in the body, potentially leading to improved emotional equilibrium and mental clarity.

2. Do tuning forks work for healing?

The use of tuning forks for healing, known as sound healing, is a non-invasive practice that promotes wellness by leveraging vibrations to interact with the body’s energy field. While scientific evidence is limited, anecdotal reports and preliminary studies suggest potential benefits such as stress reduction, improved emotional balance, and relief of muscular tension. Skepticism exists within the scientific community, but the growing appeal of tuning forks in wellness reflects ongoing interest in alternative healing modalities.

3. Can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to use tuning forks for chakra healing?

Certainly. Here’s a simple guide to using tuning forks for chakra healing:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space.
  2. Hold the end of the tuning fork firmly.
  3. Strike the fork softly on the silicone hammer provided.
  4. Bring the tuning fork close to the chakra area, without touching the body.
  5. Allow the resonance to be absorbed as you focus on deep breaths.
  6. Repeat the process for each chakra using the corresponding fork.
  7. After the session, cleanse the forks with the cleaning cloth to maintain them.

4. How does one select the appropriate tuning fork for each chakra?

Selecting the appropriate tuning fork is based on the frequencies that correspond to each chakra:

  • Root Chakra: 194.18 Hz
  • Sacral Chakra: 210.42 Hz
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: 126.22 Hz
  • Heart Chakra: 136.1 Hz
  • Throat Chakra: 141.27 Hz
  • Third Eye Chakra: 221.23 Hz
  • Crown Chakra: 172.06 Hz

Each fork in the set is marked with the chakra icon and its matching frequency to simplify identification.

5. In what ways do tuning forks influence spiritual wellness?

Our interaction with tuning forks has shown that they can enhance spiritual wellness by promoting a meditative state and facilitating a deeper connection with oneself. The sound vibrations are thought to help clear energetic blockages and harmonize the body’s energy field, potentially aiding in spiritual growth and emotional healing.

6. Are there specific frequencies associated with each chakra for tuning forks?

Yes, there are specific frequencies for each chakra:

  • Root Chakra: 194.18 Hz
  • Sacral Chakra: 210.42 Hz
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: 126.22 Hz
  • Heart Chakra: 136.1 Hz
  • Throat Chakra: 141.27 Hz
  • Third Eye Chakra: 221.23 Hz
  • Crown Chakra: 172.06 Hz

To align these energy points, the precise frequencies in the tuning fork set are designed to match the vibrational needs of each corresponding chakra.

7. What scientific evidence supports the efficacy of tuning forks in energy healing?

While the scientific community has yet to embrace energy healing fully, a growing body of research is exploring the possible therapeutic effects of sound frequencies, including tuning forks, on the body’s biofield. Some studies suggest that sound therapy may enhance physical and emotional well-being, support pain management, and reduce anxiety. Energy healing with tuning forks remains an area of holistic practice with anecdotal evidence suggesting benefits, awaiting more in-depth scientific investigation for widespread acknowledgment.

8. Where do you put tuning forks for healing?

Tuning forks, designed to resonate at specific frequencies, are employed in healing practices where they are placed on various body parts or near the ears. The emitted vibrations aim to align with the body’s natural frequencies, promoting balance and harmony in physical and mental aspects.

Advocates of sound therapy claim that tuning fork frequencies can target specific well-being aspects, including stress reduction and pain alleviation. Sessions may involve combining tuning forks with meditation or visualization techniques, utilizing different frequencies for relaxation, tension release, and mental clarity. The holistic approach suggests that tuning forks’ vibrations support the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain balance.

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