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LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum Review

by | Jan 25, 2024

Exploring new musical instruments can be a rewarding experience, especially when they bring a sense of calm and relaxation. That’s exactly our experience with the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum we’ve had the pleasure of testing. Its 12-inch, 11-note range is tuned to the Mixed C Major, producing soft, melodious, surprisingly soothing notes. Working with it has been a delight—whether we’re adding a new dimension to our meditation sessions or simply unwinding after a long day.

The drum came with everything we needed to get started: a pair of mallets for playing, a music book in English for beginners, a convenient carry bag, note stickers for easier learning, and even finger picks. The craftsmanship is noteworthy—constructed of a Steel-Titanium alloy with a corrosion-resistant coating. We found this drum to be a versatile addition to our musical collection, suitable for various uses beyond just enjoyment, like music education or therapy.

However, it’s not just about relaxation; the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum also allows for creative expression. With a range covering pentatonic scales, the sound potential is broad enough to play various tunes. No prior musical background is necessary, which makes it accessible for anyone starting their musical journey.

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Bottom Line

The LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum strikes a fine balance between simplicity and expressiveness. It’s been a joy for us to have and play, even for those of us not traditionally musically inclined.
Given its quality build and delightful sound, we consider it a worthy investment for both seasoned musicians and beginners.

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LOMUTY Steel Tongue DrumFeatured

  • Soothing Sound Quality
  • Various Colors
  • User-Friendly Range
  • Durable Construction
  • Comprehensive Package

LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum – Unveiling the Sonic Beauty

Experiencing the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum first-hand, we’re immediately struck by its soothing and melodious sound. This 12-inch beauty, coated in delightful colors, not only looks stunning but also exudes a tranquil presence that can enhance any setting, from yoga studios to casual jam sessions. With 11 vibrant notes that come pre-tuned to the Mixed C Major, the range of music it can produce is impressive for an instrument of its size.

One aspect that particularly stands out is how user-friendly this instrument is. Even without a musical background, we’ve found it incredibly easy to create beautiful sounds from the very first touch. The included mallets and finger picks aid in producing clear tones, perfect for both beginners and more experienced players.

The drum’s craft, a thoughtful blend of steel and titanium alloy, assures durability and attractive looks. While the sound is ethereal and chime-like, a larger model might be worth considering for those desiring more diverse note options.

We noted that the package comes complete with a carrying bag, an English music book, note stickers for guidance, and picks—a welcoming touch for new enthusiasts. However, the included stickers for note identification could be of better quality, as their longevity may not match that of the drum itself.

Navigating the tranquil depths of the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, we’re equally charmed by its ease of play and serene sounds as well as the apparent dedication to quality by the manufacturers. Despite a few minor areas for improvement, this instrument offers a gateway to relaxation and musical exploration that we’ve thoroughly appreciated.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Upon laying our hands on the 12-inch LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, we immediately noticed the meticulous attention to detail that went into its construction. It’s hand-made from a Steel-Titanium alloy, promising robustness against corrosion and the wear imparted by frequent use. The handpan drum boasts a striking green paint finish, giving it an admirable aesthetic that matches its acoustic allure.

The instrument’s feel conveyed a sense of durability, and playing it was an intimate experience. Notes resonate with a purity that suggests the drum’s creation was as much an act of passion as it was of precision. With eleven tones rooted in pentatonic scales, the range of melodies it can produce cater not only to seasoned musicians but also to beginners with its simple and approachable design.

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We observed that each drum’s uniqueness could result in slight variations, truly emphasizing its artisan nature. This individuality lends a personal touch to every drum, though it means your experience may slightly differ from others’. There’s a warmth to the sound that can only come from a product shaped by human hands, and its flaws, if any, are as minimal as they are forgivable, reflective of its handcrafted charm.

The Joy of Eleven Notes

Enchanting the senses, the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum embraces a serenity that we often seek in our musical instruments. The spread of 11 melodious notes that this drum brings forth resonates well with enthusiasts and beginners alike, producing soothing tones that purify the ambiance and instill a sense of calm. Striking the drum with mallets or using the finger picks provided, we find ourselves immersed in an experience that blends the boundary between music and meditation.

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Its handcrafted nature, from a robust Steel-Titanium alloy coated in a lush color hue, not only withstands the test of time but also serves as a staple piece in our collection. We noticed that regardless of our musical background, the LOMUTY Drum, with its inclusive pentatonic scale, has a generous sound that allows for an expressive and spontaneous musical journey. It’s not without its drawbacks, though; the painted logo may vary, which could be a minor annoyance for those seeking uniformity in their instruments.

Yet, the joy it offers, with a wider range of sound compared to its peers, invites us to explore and create more diverse music. We’re reassured by the 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, which underscores the brand’s confidence and commitment to quality. This adds an extra layer of trust and satisfaction to our purchase.

Ease of Play for Everyone

When considering a musical instrument, it must cater to all levels of musical prowess. The LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum strikes a harmonious balance between accessibility for beginners and engaging complexity for our more seasoned musicians. Our experiences with this instrument suggest that it really does open the door to a delightful musical journey for everyone.


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review of Tongue Drum

LOMUTY Steel Tongue DrumFeatured

  • Soothing Sound Quality
  • Various Colors
  • User-Friendly Range
  • Durable Construction
  • Comprehensive Package

As novices, we were able to produce soothing, melodic sounds from the get-go. The handpan’s design eliminates the steep learning curve often associated with learning an instrument. Children and adults seem captivated by its playful tones and intuitive playability. Even with limited musical training, producing harmonious notes was a breeze – a testament to its inclusive design.

However, not everything is pitch-perfect. While the sound quality is generally pleasing, some of us yearned for a broader range of notes to experiment with and expand our musical expression. Despite this, the consensus is clear: the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum offers an undeniable ease of play that caters beautifully to every family member, regardless of their musical background.

Aesthetic and Build Quality

Upon examining the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, it’s evident that it boasts a striking aesthetic appeal with the rich finish color of your choice. Its construction is sturdy—with a hand-made steel-titanium alloy body—which contributes not only to its solid feel but also to its resistance to corrosion. A thoughtful inclusion is the green spraying-paint coating, which adds a layer of durability and visual flair.
Handling this drum reveals the brand’s attention to detail; the surface is smooth to the touch, and the painted logo, appearing on different drums due to varying production batches, enhances its unique character. We noticed that the drum feels heavy enough to sit stable during play yet light enough to be portable, especially when coupled with its convenient carrying bag.

In the world of percussion instruments, where both sound quality and durability matter, it seems the LOMUTY Drum finds an agreeable balance. The 12-inch size does not compromise the integrity of its build or its visual presence. Its construction clearly shows that this instrument is intended for various uses—from music education to yoga and meditation.

However, we must note that while the craftsmanship exudes quality, any instrument’s finish can be prone to wear and tear over extensive use. It will be fascinating to see how this drum’s visual appeal and construction stand the test of time with regular use.

Pros and Cons


  • Soothing Sound Quality: Undeniably peaceful sound, evoking a sense of relaxation and joy.
  • User-Friendly Range: Pre-tuned Mxied C Major 11-note range for easy appreciation and experimentation.
  • Durable Construction: Noteworthy build quality, hand-made from a Steel-Titanium alloy and coated with corrosion-resistant paint, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Comprehensive Package: The Complete package, which includes mallets, a music book, a bag, stickers, and picks, adds significant value, enabling users to get started right out of the box.


  • The desire for a larger drum with more notes due to the 11-note limitation
  • The disappointing quality of the stickers does not match the overall high quality of the instrument
  • The drum’s sound may not satisfy those seeking the depth and range of a traditional handpan
  • Customer service experience lacking immediacy could be a mild inconvenience

Real-Life Experiences: Customer Reviews

After spending some time with the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, we’ve seen a pattern in the customer feedback that’s worth noting. Numerous users are captivated by its soothing sound, which seems perfect for those seeking a bit of tranquility in their lives. Unsurprisingly, it’s a hit with both children who find it engaging and adults who appreciate its mellow tones as a stress reliever. A standout comment mentions the drum’s excellent condition upon arrival, along with high marks for the quality of sound.

However, not all experiences are without small hiccups. One particular point of contention for a buyer was the size; they expressed a desire for more notes and a larger playing surface. Others have noted that while most of the drum’s notes resonate beautifully, a few can sound slightly off, but this seems to be more an exception than the rule.

One heartwarming story shared by a customer was about its calming effect on their daughter, who struggles with anxiety. The drum’s presence allowed her to find comfort and peace. Another aspect frequently praised is the instrument’s portability, courtesy of the included carrying case, which adds to its appeal for those on the move.

It’s not just individuals who enjoy the LOMUTY Drum – it has become a gift of choice for many, with recipients expressing genuine appreciation for its musical and aesthetic qualities. While there’s a mention of dissatisfaction concerning the quality of the note labels, it’s a relatively minor issue that doesn’t seem to detract from the overall positive experience. Overall, we think this drum stands out in its category, offering an inviting blend of playability, sound quality, and visually appealing design.


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After-Sales Service and Guarantee

With our first-hand experience of the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, we appreciate the importance of robust after-sales support. Based on customer feedback, LOMUTY is recognized for providing a satisfactory level of service post-purchase, which includes help with any issues and guidance on how to use the drum best.

The drum comes with a guarantee, assuring buyers that should defects or problems occur, there is a process to either replace or repair the unit. Customers have reported that their issues were handled promptly and professionally, reflecting a company that stands behind its product.

It’s also comforting to know that reaching out for assistance typically results in a prompt and helpful response from their customer service team. However, like with any product, some have encountered delays or needed additional follow-ups to resolve their concerns.

Overall, the consensus is that LOMUTY’s after-sales service for the Steel Tongue Drum is reliable, ensuring that customers feel supported throughout their musical journey. As users, we attest to the peace of mind of knowing the company is available and willing to assist with post-purchase needs.

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LOMUTY Steel Tongue DrumFeatured

  • Soothing Sound Quality
  • Various Colors
  • User-Friendly Range
  • Durable Construction
  • Comprehensive Package


After spending some quality time with the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum, we’ve grown quite fond of its peaceful, melodic sound. It’s become clear that this instrument adds a serene touch to any setting, which is perfect for music lovers of all ages. We have noticed a few users had reservations about the size, wishing they had more notes for variety, but the 11 notes provide a good range for beginners to intermediate players.

The drum’s included carrying case makes it easily transportable. The addition of a music book, mallets, and finger picks ensures that even those with limited musical training can jump right in and start playing. The sound quality has been consistently described as soothing and pretty—comparable to chimes but with richer tones.

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that some users weren’t pleased with the stick-on numbers used for learning, citing their quality as a minor drawback. Despite this, the overall reception of the LOMUTY Steel Tongue Drum has been overwhelmingly positive. From soothing a toddler to becoming a cherished gift for a percussion collector, this instrument has made a notable impression.

In our collective experience, we found it offers a wonderful blend of aesthetic appeal, gratifying sound, and ease of use, making it a commendable choice for those curious about this type of percussion instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tongue drum used for?

A tongue drum, also known as a tank drum or hank drum, is a percussion instrument made from an empty propane tank with tongues of varying lengths and shapes on its surface. When struck, these tongues produce melodic and harmonious tones.

The instrument is versatile, suitable for players of all skill levels, and is used in music therapy, meditation, education, and stress relief.

Tongue drums are popular for their simple design and distinctive timbre, making them effective tools for relaxation and mental wellness. In education, they are employed to introduce children to music theory and rhythm, promoting coordination and cognitive skills through interactive learning.

2. What culture is the tongue drum from?

The tongue drum is rooted in African culture, with its origins in the African slit drum used for communication and ritual purposes. While a contemporary variant emerged in the 21st century, crafted from propane tanks, its design is inspired by traditional African instruments like the mbira and kalimba. Despite its recent invention, the modern tongue drum maintains a connection with its cultural roots, blending ancient tradition with contemporary innovation, and is appreciated worldwide for its soothing sounds in music therapy, meditation, and personal enjoyment.

3. Is it hard to play the tongue drum?

Playing the tongue drum is considered to be relatively easy and requires no prior musical experience. The instrument is played by striking the tongues with your hands or mallets, which produces a soothing and meditative sound. However, playing the tongue drum with your hands is considered to be the more technical and difficult option, but with practice and patience, anyone can play with their hands! Some find using rubber finger picks, finger sleeves, or finger knobs helps when playing the drum by hand

While it may take time to master advanced playing techniques and intricate compositions, the overall learning curve for the tongue drum is often considered beginner-friendly, making it a popular choice for those new to playing percussion instruments.

4. What is the difference between a hang and a tongue drum?

The hang and tongue drums are percussion instruments known for their soothing and meditative sounds. The hang drum, invented in Switzerland in 2000, is made from two half-shells of deep-drawn nitrided steel glued together, producing a unique sound when struck with hands.

In contrast, the ancient roots of the tongue drum trace back to civilizations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It belongs to the idiophone family, producing sound directly from its material, with tongues carved into the surface for varied tones. Played with hands or mallets, the tongue drum is considered easy for beginners without musical experience.

The hang drum, made from two steel half-shells, offers a more complex sound and is considered more challenging to play.

5. Can the Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum be considered a good choice for beginners?

Absolutely, the Lomuty is a beginner-friendly instrument. We found that the pre-tuned Mxied C Major scale allowed us to start playing immediately without the required musical background. Additionally, including a music book and note stickers provides a helpful guide for newcomers to build their skills and confidence.

6. Are there any specific techniques or accessories recommended for the Steel Tongue Drum to enhance the playing experience?

We explored different techniques and accessories to enrich our playing experience. Utilizing both mallets and finger picks, included in the package, allowed us to create varied sounds. Playing softly with the mallets produced relaxing, whisper-like tones while using the picks amplified the drum’s voice for a brighter sound. Experimenting with different playing positions also revealed subtle variations in tonality, which we found quite captivating.

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