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CVNC Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Review And Its Benefits

by | Jan 17, 2024

Incorporating the right tools can make a significant difference in enhancing your meditation or yoga practices. That’s why we were excited to try out the CVNC 432HZ Crystal Singing Bowl set. After spending some time with these harmonically tuned bowls, it’s clear they bring a soothing and resonant addition to any mindfulness routine.

The craftsmanship of each singing bowl reflects a dedication to quality. Hand-hammered to precision, their sounds are clear and carry a vibration that can be felt physically. We noticed a profound effect on the atmosphere when playing these bowls, whether to signal the beginning of a meditation session or during sound therapy practices. Including two carry cases in the set is practical, allowing for safe transportation and ensuring the bowls are always ready for the next journey.

Not only are they aurally pleasing, but the set’s visual aspect is also notable, with each bowl sporting a distinct chakra symbol and a tasteful matte finish. The range of sizes from 7 to 12 inches allows for a comprehensive experience of different tones.

Despite this, we did find a minor inconsistency in tuning among the bowls. For those deeply attuned to pitch, adjustments might be necessary for a perfect harmonic series. However, for most practitioners, the set’s tonal quality remains remarkable.

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Bottom Line

Our experience with the CVNC Crystal Singing Bowl set was overwhelmingly positive. For anyone looking to deepen their meditative practices or delve into the world of sound healing, these bowls are a solid investment.

With their exceptional sound quality and ease of use, these bowls stand out in the market.

CVNC Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bow

Quartz Crystal Singing BowlFeatured

  • Harmonious Sounds
  • Complete Set
  • Durability
  • Portability

Overview of CVNC 432HZ Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Set

We’re genuinely impressed with the CVNC singing bowl set’s quality and versatility. Crafted for sound healing and meditation, the bowls emit harmonious, long-lasting tones that facilitate stress reduction and balance the chakra. The set includes seven bowls, each tuned to a different chakra point. They balance craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, and the chakra symbols etched on them add to the visual charm.

We appreciate how each bowl is individually hand-hammered, ensuring precise tuning and a unique sound profile. Furthermore, CVNC’s dedication to customer satisfaction shows in its robust packaging, which is reflected in the bowls arriving in pristine condition. Adding sturdy grey carrying cases with each bowl is a boon for portability.

However, while the sound is generally lauded, there is occasional feedback regarding fine-tuning, with some buyers noticing that a bowl or two might slightly deviate from perfect pitch. That said, the majority agree that the sound is beautiful, and the quality—remarkable. The blessing really lies in the experience – striking these bowls and feeling the resonant vibration ripple through space, a testament to their sound quality and therapeutical value.

Harmonious Sound for Mindful Practices

From our experience, the CVNC crystal singing bowls cater to anyone looking to infuse their yoga, meditation, or sound healing practices with vibrantly rich and pure tones. The handmade 7-piece set spans a full octave, arriving securely packaged to ensure each bowl’s pristine condition. Unpacking the set was effortless, revealing the impressive craftsmanship and striking chakra symbols etched into each bowl.

The sound quality is a blend of clarity and resonance that’s hard to come by, ringing out harmoniously and sustaining long, even vibrations ideal for aligning the chakras or fostering a tranquil environment. While the bowls are generally well-tuned, a slight discrepancy in tuning for those with a finely-tuned ear is worth mentioning. However, this nuance doesn’t overshadow their overall therapeutic qualities.

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Incorporating the bowls into sessions has transformed our practice, allowing for a deeper state of relaxation and connection. Their sounds truly resonate, not just through the room but through the body, profoundly affecting those experiencing them.

Durability is also notable – after eight months of frequent use, our set remains intact without losing sound quality. The bowls, complete with sturdy carry cases, are a reliable ensemble for therapists and enthusiasts. Although not without minor imperfections, the overarching consensus within our circle is a deep appreciation for the uplifting and soothing tones provided by these bowls.

Handcrafted Quality and Aesthetics

When our team examined the CVNC crystal singing bowls, the first thing we noticed was the meticulous craftsmanship. Each bowl is hand-hammered, a testament to the artisan skill and attention to detail that goes into every piece. This handcrafting process not only guarantees precision tuning for harmonious sounds but also ensures that each bowl is truly one of a kind.

The chakra symbol designs etched into the bowls add a visually appealing aspect and spiritual significance, resonating with users who incorporate these bowls into their meditation or yoga practices. The frosted quartz material exudes a serene, calming quality evident as soon as we laid eyes on them.

However, we must mention that handcrafted items can come with slight inconsistencies. Though these often add to the uniqueness of each piece, some may find these variations to be less than ideal if they’re expecting factory-like uniformity.

Yet, these minor nuances did not detract from our overall product appreciation. The Free 2 PCS travel carry case bags that come with the set are grey and unassuming, supporting the aesthetic focus on the bowls themselves. It’s a harmonious balance between visual form and auditory function that they’ve achieved, making for a set that’s as beautiful to see as it is to hear.

Comprehensive Set for Enhanced Experience

We found the CVNC chakra crystal singing bowl set to enrich the experience. The set includes seven crystal bowls, each corresponding to different chakra symbols and coming with their own grey carry cases, making the set comprehensive and portable. These handmade bowls produce a harmony of sound that’s both clear and long-lasting, elevating any meditation or yoga practice.

When using the bowls, we appreciated the attention to detail in the craftsmanship. Each bowl feels unique, as though it’s been carefully tuned to perfection. The included mallets—one suede and one rubber for each bowl—allowed us to experiment with different sounds, offering versatility.

However, upon playing, we noticed that a couple of the bowls sounded slightly off-tune, which could hinder those with a keen ear for pitch accuracy. Despite this, their sound was mesmerizing, resonating deeply and leaving a lasting vibration that will surely enhance any practice.

As already mentioned, the bowls were safely packaged, arriving without a single chip or crack, a testament to CVNC’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their product guarantee. We felt assured by their thorough packaging, especially when considering the fragility of the crystal. The grey bags accompanying the bowls offered added protection and made storage and transportation hassle-free.

In sum, our hands-on experience with the CVNC set suggests it’s a solid choice for sound therapy and chakra work, albeit with minor tuning issues. The overall quality and presentation make it a worthwhile consideration for both novices and experienced practitioners looking to enrich their sound healing journey.

CVNC Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bow

Quartz Crystal Singing BowlFeatured

  • Harmonious Sounds
  • Complete Set
  • Durability
  • Portability

Travel-Friendly With Protective Carry Cases

On our travels, we found the grey bags to be a perfect fit for the bowls, which range in size from 7 to 12 inches. These cases significantly alleviate concerns about transporting fragile items, ensuring each bowl remains secure and intact even during longer journeys.

The quality of the provided mallets, as well as the rubber O-rings, impressed us, as they add an extra layer of protection and stability for each bowl while on the move. For those who incorporate sound healing or meditation into their travels, the safeguarding these carry cases offer is indispensable. It allows for immediate use upon arrival without worry of damage.

However, we noticed that managing two carry cases for seven bowls can be cumbersome, especially if you’re trying to minimize luggage. Moreover, while the cases are sturdy, additional padding might be needed for especially rough travel conditions. Regardless, CVNC’s guarantee of a 30-day coverage for damages or losses gives a sense of assurance, providing peace of mind that support is available if needed. Overall, the travel-friendly aspect of these singing bowls adds real value for those looking to maintain their practices on the road.

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Pros and Cons


In our experience with the CVNC Chakra Symbol Design Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, their enchanting tones truly stood out. The harmonious sound each bowl produces is a testament to the careful hand hammering by the craftsmen. Not only are they aurally pleasing, but they are also visually appealing, with each featuring a unique chakra symbol design.

  • Harmonious Sounds: Every bowl, from the smallest to the largest, resonates with a clear, lasting ring that is perfect for sound therapy and meditation sessions.
  • Complete Set: Including seven differently-sized bowls allows for a full range of notes, enhancing the set’s versatility for various spiritual and healing practices.
  • Durability: The quality of craftsmanship ensures that these bowls are built to last, a crucial factor given the investment.
  • Portability: The set includes sturdy carrying cases, making transportation to different venues or storage more practical.
  • Customer Support: CVNC’s commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through its cautious packaging and a guarantee against shipping damages.

When displaying these bowls for a session, we were impressed by the richness of the sound and the ease of play, which even our classmates, who were novices, found to be quite intuitive.


Like all products, the CVNC crystal singing bowls have areas that may not meet everyone’s expectations. Our objective assessment identified a few aspects to consider.

  • Tuning Concerns: While the sound quality is generally exceptional, some users have reported slight deviations in tuning, which could matter to the trained ear.
  • Surface Texture: The frosted finish might be too rough for some preferences, impacting the interaction with the bowl during play.
  • Size and Handling: The largest bowl, while impressive, may be challenging to handle, especially for those with limited space or smaller builds.

The pros clearly outweigh the cons, and while every musical instrument has its nuances, these crystal singing bowls bring a unique and therapeutic presence to any setting.

Customer Reviews

After spending quality time with the CVNC Crystal Singing Bowl set, we’ve immersed ourselves in the collective feedback from the user community to offer a well-rounded perspective. Customers are highly satisfied with these bowls, noting their beautiful, clear, and long-lasting sounds. The packaging was a common highlight, with many reviewers relieved to find the bowls meticulously cushioned and arriving in perfect condition, especially considering the delicate nature of the product.

The sound’s healing quality was not lost on us or other users, with many finding the resonance particularly therapeutic. We also enjoyed the robust build quality, and the included carry bags look sturdy and practical for transport.

However, it wasn’t all perfect. Some users pinpointed the tuning to be slightly off, which could be a deal-breaker for professionals or those with a keen musical ear. We noted this as well, though it was a minor hiccup in our overall positive experience. Additionally, a few mentioned that the frosted texture was rougher than expected, which may affect handling for some.
In summary, the CVNC Crystal Singing Bowl set stands out as a quality purchase, with a 4.6-star rating from over a thousand reviews testifying to its favorable reception in the sound healing community. The minor issues noted do not seem to detract significantly from the many satisfied experiences recounted.


After spending quality time with the CVNC Crystal Singing Bowls, we’ve gathered our final thoughts to share. These quartz bowls, ranging from 7 to 12 inches, offer a harmonious and lasting sound that can enhance any meditative practice. The attention to detail in the packaging, such as the cushions that protect each bowl and the sturdy carry cases, shows a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Each bowl emits a clear, resonant tone that reverberates impressively, making them a hit in our yoga practices and therapy sessions. While they’re mostly in tune, slight variations may seem natural given their hand-crafted nature. Additionally, the fact that they’ve held up for years for some users speaks to their durability.

In the interest of full disclosure, there were minor concerns about the roughness of the frosting compared to other brands. However, the overall experience remains overwhelmingly positive. If you’re seeking a set of crystal singing bowls that come well-protected and ready to use, this set from CVNC is well worth considering.

CVNC Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bow

Quartz Crystal Singing BowlFeatured

  • Harmonious Sounds
  • Complete Set
  • Durability
  • Portability


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of using quartz crystal singing bowls?

From our experience, quartz crystal singing bowls provide an array of benefits. Most notably, they’re great for enhancing meditation and relaxation practices, reducing stress, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Their pure, resonant tones are said to align and balance the chakras, supporting our emotional equilibrium. During sound healing sessions, practitioners and those of us seeking tranquility have found these bowls to facilitate a deeper state of meditation.

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2. How can you determine the quality of a crystal singing bowl?

Assessing a crystal singing bowl’s quality is quite intuitive once you know what to listen for. High-quality bowls, like the CVNC set we’ve explored, produce a clear, sustained note that resonates. The bowls should be free from any visual imperfections, and each should be consistent in thickness, contributing to its harmonic sounds. Hand-hammering by skilled artisans ensures a bowl’s precision tuning, resulting in a harmonious and balanced sound profile that can be felt during therapeutic use.

3. What should beginners look for when choosing their first crystal singing bowl?

For novices, selecting a crystal singing bowl might feel daunting. You’ll want to find a bowl that is easy to play and invites you to practice regularly. Starting with a mid-size bowl, around 8″ to 10″, can offer a nice balance between ease of use and rich sound. The CVNC bowls we’ve had hands-on with come with mallets and rubber O-rings, which are essential accessories for beginners to produce beautiful tones right away.

4. How do different sizes of quartz singing bowls affect their sound?

Sizes significantly influence the tone and volume of quartz singing bowls—larger bowls usually generate deeper tones and can sustain sound longer, while smaller bowls typically have a higher pitch and a more immediate response. For example, in the CVNC Chakra set, the 12-inch bowl resonates with deep vibrations suited for grounding, whereas the smaller 7-inch bowls have a lighter, headier sound, perfect for higher-chakra activation.

5. Can the tone or frequency of a singing bowl influence its therapeutic effects?

Absolutely. The tone or frequency produced by a singing bowl is believed to impact its therapeutic potential. Specific tones correspond with different chakra centers in the body, and when played, the bowl’s sound frequencies can help in aligning and harmonizing our chakras. The 432Hz frequency of the CVNC bowls, for example, is popular in sound therapy as it’s said to be mathematically consistent with the universe’s vibrations, contributing to a heightened state of consciousness and relaxation.

6. What are the differences between hand-held and larger quartz crystal singing bowls?

Hand-held bowls are more portable and easier to play while holding, making them suitable for personal meditation or carrying to different locations. Larger quartz crystal singing bowls, which often come with a stand or rest on the floor, tend to require more space but can fill a room with rich, resonant sound. In our sessions, larger CVNC bowls have been shown to offer a deeper and more immersive experience, whereas hand-held ones provide a more personal and intimate session.

7. What is a crystal singing bowl used for?

Crystal singing bowls, made of silicon quartz, are modern tools for sound therapy and meditation. Crafted at high temperatures, they come in various sizes, producing audible and physically felt tones. Used in individual and group settings, these bowls aim to reduce stress by synchronizing brainwave patterns through entrainment. Their simplicity, efficacy, and aesthetic beauty make them popular in practices like yoga and mindfulness, enhancing mental clarity and relaxation. Different bowl sizes and compositions target specific energy centers for a tailored therapeutic experience.

8. Are crystal singing bowls worth it?

Crystal singing bowls, made from pure quartz, are praised for their aesthetic appeal and ability to enhance relaxation. The decision to invest in them depends on personal experiences with sound therapy. Advocates claim the bowls deepen meditation, reduce stress, and promote mental well-being. Debunking myths, these bowls offer a unique approach for daily use, contributing to a tranquil atmosphere and mental clarity. Considered a valuable addition to practices focused on mental health, crystal singing bowls may be worth exploring for those seeking alternative forms of relaxation.

9. What is the difference between crystal and Tibetan singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls, made from pure quartz, produce consistent, clear, and bright tones with higher vibrational frequencies. These bowls are prized for aesthetic clarity and easily modulated for targeted sound therapy.
On the other hand, Tibetan singing bowls, traditionally crafted from a mix of metals, including copper and bronze, create rich, warm, and multi-layered sounds. Known for their grounding effects, Tibetan bowls offer a diverse sonic environment conducive to deep meditation. The unique sonic footprint of each handmade Tibetan bowl varies based on size, shape, and metal composition, providing a more organic sound experience.

10. How do you cleanse crystals with a singing bowl?

To cleanse crystals with a singing bowl, place the bowl on a flat surface and position the crystal inside or nearby. Play the bowl to generate resonant vibrations believed to cleanse and re-energize the crystal. This non-invasive method serves as an energetic reset, restoring the crystal’s natural abilities without physical contact or other substances.


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