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Retrocognition and How to Develop It in 4 Easy Steps

by | Oct 1, 2019

What is Retrocognition?

Retrocognition, also known as postcognition, simply means knowledge of a past event.  The term was coined by Frederic W. H. Myers, who was a founder of the Society for Physical Research, and also a well-known philologist in the 19th century.

Retrocognition is taken from the Latin word “retro,” which means backward; and “cognito,” which means knowing.  In brief, retrocognition is backwards knowledge of information that comes from the past.

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It is a psychic phenomena that allows an individual to receive information from a past that he has no knowledge or memory of.

For example, he enters a building and suddenly picks up information about what happened inside without knowing any information about its past.  Or he meets a person and suddenly has information about that person’s past, even though it’s the first time they meet.

Retrocognition is also associated with hauntings and apparitions.  The individual becomes momentarily stranded in time, witnessing events and seeing people from a previous time.  The person still remains in the present but he is able to see visions from the past.

It is believed in parapsychology that certain events and spirits from times past still replay the said events over and over again.  While most people don’t notice them, those who have psychic abilities, especially those who have retrocognition abilities, are able to tap into this realm, experiencing sudden and fleeting visions of the past.

Those gifted with this psychic powers can use their powers to assist in unsolved crimes, and unfinished businesses, as well as help others who may have traumatic experiences they can’t recall, or to help someone move on from the death of a loved one.

How Does Retrocognition Work?

Those who believe and/or practice parapsychology [1] believe that everything in this world has an energy.  According to this belief, places and things have certain frequencies that emit energy, accessible to those who have psychic abilities.

When a person with retro cognitive abilities enter these places or touches the things of those who have passed on, or even those who are still alive, they sense and read the energies, resulting in a knowing feeling of past information, or they see visions and images.

A retrocognitive experience is also likened to a residual ghost phenomena, which is explained by seeing an image of a deceased animal or person who is seen performing a task over and over again, unaware that it is being watched.

Such images, visions, and sensations are manifested in various ways, such as in dreams, altered states of consciousness, during Astral Projection, under hypnosis, or they may also get visions anytime during the day when they get in contact with certain energies.

How to Develop Retrocognition

It is well-known that every human being has some form of psychic ability.  Just like any other skill, some people are better at a skill than others, and some people are not even aware that they have a certain skill.

As such, anyone can practice some form of retrocognition.  It’s all a matter of being aware of your ability, practicing it, and honing it so you are more adept at the task.

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How to develop Retrocognition in 4 steps?


Step 1: Meditate

Step 1: Meditate

Meditation is the number one way to develop any psychic ability.  It relaxes your mind and body, frees you from distractions, and gives you inner peace that quiets your thoughts. Meditation can also widen your consciousness, elevate your mental processes, and give you an altered state of consciousness.

It is only during meditation that you are connected to your soul, the spirits around you, and the world of spirituality.

When you reach an elevated consciousness, you are then open to receive what the spiritual world wants to communicate with you.  Whether it is to seek knowledge from a past you know nothing of, or to predict the future, meditation is the first step to achieving any form of psychic power.


Step 2: Listen to Your Dreams

Step 2: Listen to Your Dreams

It is only in your dreams that you are able to defy the laws of the universe.  If you dream of anything that relates to the past, be it your past or anything that seems to be part of times past, pay attention to all the details and write them down.

Keep a dream journal and write down all the details that you can remember.  Analyze dream symbols, signs, and images and see whether or not they mean something in your life and those around you.


Step 3: Use Divination Tools

Step 3: Use Divination Tools

Divination tools are a great way to tap into the spiritual world.  Use tarot cards, runes, or practice scrying. They’re a great place to start if you want to hone your psychic abilities.


Step 4: Undergo Hypnosis

Step 4: Undergo Hypnosis

Go to a trusted hypnotist and allow your mind to travel back in time to reveal your past and your past lives.  Memories are different from retrocognition because in the former, everything you remember – is from your own point of view.  Retrocognition involves taking a step back and taking a look into the past as a spectator.

When you undergo hypnosis, it’s like you are looking into your past like it’s a movie.  This way, you will see details and information that you don’t remember, and it will help you better understand what really happened, rather than what you actually choose to remember.

Déjà vu,Psychometry, and Retrocognition

Deja Vu and Psychometry are closely related to retrocognition.  These are phenomena that are associated with having a feeling or knowing information from the past.

Deja Vu

Every single person in this world has experienced deja vu episode.  Deja Vu is like meeting someone for the first time and having a gut feeling that you’ve met them before.  Or you arrive at a new place you’ve never been to and having a strong feeling that you know the place.

Many people believe that deja vu is a recall of your past life, or a memory of an experience that wasn’t imprinted in your memory.

For cultures where reincarnation is a belief, people believe deja vu is a memory of a past life. There are stories of children recalling the place where they lived in their past life, knowing specific information that they could not have gained under normal circumstances.  Children would know the exact address where their past lives lived before; or they could perform skills and abilities that they never trained for, or were never taught how to do.

For such cultures, deja vu is believed to be proof of reincarnation.


Psychometry is a form of retrocognition wherein a person touches an object and gains information about the object’s owner, or what happened to the object in the past.  One could also touch a person and read his past.

Famous Historical Examples

The most well-known case of retrocognition comes in the form of Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain.  They were British school teachers and were very well-respected in their fields. In 1911, they visited the Palace of Versailles in France.  They were in search of Marie Antoinette’s private chateau, when they got lost in the gardens and chanced upon the French queen herself.

They reported to having been transported back in time before Marie Antoinette’s execution, and later on, they wrote a book called “An Adventure,” detailing the experience.  The book was highly controversial and ridiculed, but it revealed fascinating details about the queen, such as her manner of speech, her dressing, as well as her mannerisms and behavior.

Another popular incident involved Gardner Murphy, a psychologist, in the 1960s.  A practitioner and believer of parapsychology, Murphy studied the incident regarding Coleen Buterbaugh.

Buterbaugh had entered an office suite at the music department of Nebraska Wesleyan University when she suddenly smelled a specific and strange odor.  Suddenly, she saw an image of a tall woman who wore dated clothes and hairdo. This woman was casually getting something from an old bookshelf. When Buterbaugh looked outside the window, she saw the campus as it was 50 years prior.Upon doing much research, Murphy discovered that a Miss Mills, who resembled the woman Buterbaugh saw,  had died in 1936, in the office across the hall from the office suite where Buterbaugh had entered.


Retrocognition transports you to the past, whether it is your own or that of another person’s.  It is an intriguing ability that allows you to get a better understanding of the present, as well as to change what can be changed about the future.

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