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The Beginner’s Guide To Astral Projection and Astral Plane

by | Jan 10, 2019

An Out of Body Experience, astral projection allows you to discover an entirely different dimension of consciousness. The experience assumes a belief in an astral body and an astral plane – spiritual counterparts of the physical body and the physical world.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was, if it is indeed real, and how you can practice astral travel, then this brief yet concise explanation will help to solve these answers. 

Astral projection (or astral travel) is a spiritual interpretation of the out of body experience. Astral projection is a powerful out-of-body experience, during which one’s soul separates from the physical body and traverses the astral plane with intention.

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What is Astral Projection?


As mentioned, it assumes the presence of the astral body and the astral plane. Basically, you have a body that has thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You experience all these through your consciousness – in other words, when you are awake. 


The physical body is made of bodily organs – materials that you can physically see. The energy body, although looks exactly like your body, is made of subtler materials such as your mind and emotions (subtle body). Some people also refer to the energy body as your spirit. 


The Astral plane is the realm by which your energy body can explore. It can be visited through astral travel, lucid dreaming, meditation, or an after death experience. 


Astral projection occurs when you consciously travel to the astral plane. Your spirit basically leaves your body but it is still connected to your body by a silver cord. This means that although your spiritual body has left, you are still bounded to your material body. 


How to Do Astral Projection?


Just about anyone can practice astral travel – both kids and adults. In fact, kids are better at it than adults because their minds are less prone to distractions and they are more prone to believe in the metaphysical world. 


The out of body experience can be learned. And since people are different from one another, the success rate of actually experiencing the journey varies. Some people can reach the astral project on their first try, while others never achieve it in their lifetime. 


So how do you travel to the astral plane? – Astral Projection Guide

Here is a basic and simple guide to achieve astral projection:


St​ep 1: Create the Right Environment


An out of body experience is best done when you are alone in a quiet and comfortable room. A bed or floor mat is needed, and a room with very little to no distractions is highly ideal. A place away from the road or any noise is best for practicing astral projection. 


Step 2: “Travel” at Dawn


While many would want to practice at night before going to bed, it is believed the best time to travel is at dawn, when you are drowsy and still in between being awake and being asleep. This state promotes deep relaxation, making it easier for you to achieve the hypnotic state required to be aware of your spirit. 


Step 3: Lie on your back and be conscious of your breathing.


Just like in meditation, remove all distractions and focus on getting every part of your body relaxed. 

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Step 4: Once you’ve achieved a deep state of relaxation, focus on one part of the body.


For example, you start to focus on your toes. Feel an energy going through your toes and move them with your mind. Imagine curling and uncurling your toes but without physically moving them. Imagine them again and again and start “moving” other body parts, such as you fingers or arms, until you are able to move your entire body with your mind. 


Step 5: Now that you have complete control over your astral body, it is time to remove it from your physical body.


Try to sit up using your mind. Once you are able to do this, look around you and turn to your body. Stand up from your body, walk across the room, turn around, and look at your materialistic body lying down. 


Step 6: Once you are able to do this, return to your physical body by walking back and lying down.


Step 7: To prove that you are actually having an out of body experience, you can practice traveling again for the second time.


Once your energy body is out, look for an object that you may have never noticed before. If you know all of your things, look for a book or a bottle with a label and read some words or sentences that you’ve never read before. Return to your environmental body and wake up. Look for that very same object and try to see if what you read actually exists. 


Step 8: Once you’ve gotten the hang of astral projection, it’s time you explore beyond your room. 

This time, instead of looking back at your body once you stand up, look straight ahead and leave the room. You can explore inside your home, outside your home, and just about anywhere that your mind and body creates. 

Astral projection is a skill that anyone can learn. However, some people find it easier to do than others, as the case of clairvoyants and psychics. If you don’t succeed on your first try, you can practice again and again to finally acquire the skill. 


The key to succeed in an out of body experience is to reach the state between wakefulness and sleeping – which is the hypnotic state of consciousness in the astral. 


Astral Projection Techniques


There are many forms of astral projection techniques. Here are 3 of them to try: 


1. Robert Bruce’s Rope Technique


This technique is very simple. Imagine a rope that hangs above your head. All you have to do to remove your spiritual body from your real body is to slowly climb the rope. Slowly climb up to where the rope is hanging from until you remove your feet from your real body, and you’ll successfully reach the astral higher planes. 


Relaxation and meditation are also part of the process. 


2. Lucid Dreaming Technique


It is important to note that lucid dreaming is not astral travel and vice versa. Some people may use them interchangeably but they are two completely different experiences. However, you can achieve astral projection from lucid dreaming. 


To make the difference between the two, lucid dreaming is actual dreaming that you can control. Astral travel is not sleeping – you are actually aware or conscious. While lucid dreaming consists of sequences and stories, astral travel consists of exploring the spiritual manifestations of the material world around you. 


To convert to astral travel from lucid dreaming, all you have to do is stop the dream. Since you have control over your dreaming, you, too, can control to quit the story or sequence. Once you stop dreaming, you can go to your materialistic body, lie down, and slowly remove your spiritual body and start exploring. 


3. Robert Monroe’s Technique


Monroe was the first to use the term out of body experience or OBE. His technique involves relaxation, control of vibrations, and the separation process. One of the processes involve spotting a point in the darkness that’s 10 inches away and controlling this spot to go 6 feet further from you and slowly moving it over your head to bring vibrations into your body – feel the vibrations. 


Is Astral Projection Real & What are the Dangers?


There has been no scientific proof that the spiritual body and etheric plane exist. However, astral projection experiences from clairvoyants, psychics, near-death experience survivors, and ordinary people have reported stepping away from their bodies while fully awake or in the middle of sleeping. 


There are many questions to the safety of astral travel. The big answer is that it is completely safe. Here are some questions that you may want to ask about this experience: 


  • Will my spirit get lost?


As mentioned, the spiritual body is connected to the real body by a silver bond. While it acts as an umbilical cord between your spirit and body, you can still explore beyond your room or home. Therefore, you will always know the way home no matter where your mind takes you. 


  • I’m afraid of not being able to return to my body, will that happen?


Going back to your body after exploring the mental plane is easy and simple. Simply thinking and feeling your body will get you back. Or a simple loud noise or someone else pinching you will help you to return back to your body. 


  • Could my materialistic body get hurt while I’m out exploring the astral world?


If an intruder comes near to your body, you will be able to return immediately since a change of temperature or the slightest noise will bring you back. This entails the importance of practicing alone and in a room with no distractions. 


  • Can demons or other astral bodies entire my physical body?


The answer is no. Remember the silvery cord? Only you can return to your body because only you are attached to it. No other being or entity can enter your body but you. 




Astral travel is an experience that will completely change the way you perceive the world. The astral plane is a magical place that exists between heaven and earth, and the benefits of astral travel help to reduce stress levels and open up your mind, thoughts, and feelings to a world beyond the physical world. 


Astral projection, while it exists on a level that can’t be seen and can’t be proven, promotes peace of mind, deep relaxation, and a transformative understanding of what life and this world really is. 

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