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6 Signs You Posses A Gift Of Precognition & How to Im​​​​prove It

by | Dec 25, 2023

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Precognition is the ability to see the future.

It comes from the word “cognition,” which is the mental process wherein we acquire knowledge through information.  When the prefix “pre” is placed before the word, it now means “before cognition.” Thus, precognition means acquiring knowledge before information is received.

Other names of precognition ability are:  prescience, second sight, future vision, and future sight.

To foretell the future is a powerful ability.  Accidents can be prevented, catastrophes can be avoided, and bad decisions can be evaded.  But is precognition real? Can someone really tell the future?

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Is Precognition Real?

There is currently no scientific evidence proving that precognition is real.  It is a widely debated topic, considered to be pseudoscience due to the lack of scientific data proving that it actually exists.

Although it’s considered to be parapsychology, precognition is widely believed in.

The most famous name in the world of precognition is Nostradamus.  A french astrologer, Nostradamus is said to have prophecised thousands of predictions over the course of his life.  He is said to have predicted the Great Fire of London, the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers, the assassination of JFK and Robert Kennedy, and the rise of Hitler, Napoleon, and Donald Trump.  Nostradamus is also known to have predicted the two world wars, as well as the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima by US troops during the 2nd world war.

Though many believe his predictions were mere coincidences, many still believe Nostradamus was a genuine prophet/seer.

Another example of a famous personality who supposedly had precognitive abilities is Abraham Lincoln.  According to historians, Abraham Lincoln predicted his death when he dreamed about it 2 weeks before his assassination.

While many people throughout history attest to predicting future events, no scientific evidence for precognition has ever been proven.

It is said that prior to his death, he dreamed about going to a funeral in the white house.  When he asked a soldier who died, the soldier answered him, “The president of the United States.”

How Do You Call Someone Who Has Precognitive Abilities?

There are different names given to different precognitive abilities, and these are:


This person is said to be a type of medium for a spirit or diety, who receives information about the future.

Fortune Teller

This person is said to predict the future of a specific person, usually about his personal life.


This person frequently foretells the future but mostly in the form of disasters.


A person who tells the future based on omens.


A person who tells the future based on messages from God or a divine spirit.

Precognitive Empath

This person experiences premonitions not with images or visions but with emotions or sensations.

How is Precognition Experienced?

Images or information of future events are said to be experienced in a number of different ways.  They can be experienced through dreams, visions, and sensations.

1. Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are said to be the most frequently occurring paranormal experience.  About 60% to 70% of the information of future events is said to occur in dreams.

Check our free dream dictionary to help you interpret your dreams.

Have you ever experienced dreaming about something and the very next day it happened?  Like you dreamed about an unexpected check, and the very next day someone who owed you money gave you a check.  Or you dreamed about a certain family member and the next day you hear of their passing.

Future events or information can come in vivid, actual events happening in your dream.  But they can also be vague, and abstract, and may only contain signs and symbols.

2. Flashes of Visions

You can also receive information about the future in flashes of visions.  You could just be walking in the street and an image suddenly occurs in your head. Or you could be eating and flashes of visions or sights suddenly appear.

3. Emotions and Sensations

You can also receive information about the future through sensations such as anxiety, and feelings of dread.

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What is the Difference Between Precognition and Premonition?

Precognition and premonition are oftentimes interchanged.  Both are psychic abilities, and both deal with events that are yet to happen.  But precognition and premonition are different in the sense that precognition is a mental process while premonition is an emotional process.

Precognition is gaining information about an event or occurrence that is about to happen.  Premonition, on the other hand, is having a feeling that something is about to happen.

Precognition can happens in both your sleep and waking states;  while premonitions only occur during waking hours.

To make a clear differentiation, imagine dreaming about meeting the love of your life.  You have knowledge that you’re going to meet that person in the next 2 days or maybe weeks.  This is precognition.

But in premonition, you only have a gut feeling that something good is about to happen, like maybe you’re going to meet someone but you don’t know who it is and if you’re actually going to meet that person.

Premonitions are mere gut feelings while precognition is a form of forewarning.

Signs That You Can Tell the Future

So how do you know if you have the gift of precognition?  Here are the signs:

1. You Often Have Vivid Dreams

As mentioned, information about the future often occur in dreams.  If you always experience vivid dreams, that could be a sign that you can receive information about the future.

Dreams are a fantastic way for angels and spirits to enter your mind because it is the only state wherein the laws of nature are defied.  You can fly, you can swim underwater for hours, you can talk to people dead or alive, visit places from far away, and just basically do anything in your dreams.

When you constantly have vivid dreams, it tells that your mind has the capacity to receive information about the future.  In fact, you may have already dreamt about future events and you didn’t even know it.

2. You Often Experience Deja Vu

People who experience déjà vu more than others are said to have precognition abilities.  Deja Vu is the feeling of being familiar with a place, a person, or an occurrence that has never actually happened before; or you’ve never really met that person before;  and you’ve never actually been to the place.

It is said that people who often experience deja vu are actually experiencing an event in a past life, or they knew prior to visiting the place, meeting the person, and the event happening that it was indeed going to occur.

3. You Often Feel Anxious 

Have you ever felt like something bad was going to happen and it did actually happen?  Or you wake up and you feel anxious, like you know something’s about to happen but you don’t really know what?

Feeling more anxious that normal can be a sign that you may have precognitive abilities.

4. Your Intuition is Intensified

Does this ever happen to you?  You sing a song and when you turned on the radio, the song you are singing is actually playing?  Or you know that your phone is about to ring and you know who the call is from? Or you meet someone and you immediately know this person is up to no good?

When you have a heightened sense of intuition, it shows that you are highly sensitive to the frequencies around you and could be a sign that you have the ability of precognition.

5. Your Gut Feeling is Almost Always Right

Everyone experiences having a strong gut feeling.  Say, for example, you plan on going out on a Friday night.  Hours before going out, you have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen but you don’t know what, where, or who will be involved.  So you decide to stay in.

Hours after, you hear that your friends, whom you were supposed to go out with, encountered a car accident on their way to the club.  If you’ve experienced something similar, then you have a strong intuition or gut feeling. If your gut feeling is almost always right, then you may possess the gift of precognition.

6. People Are Drawn to You

When people feel good around you, it may be because you have a heightened level of awareness, as well as genuine honesty.  Those with precognitive abilities are highly sensitive to energies and frequencies, attracting other people to their aura.

How to Im​​​​prove Your Precognitive Ability

Contrary to what most people believe, every single person actually has some form of psychic ability.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to unlock these abilities for you to be able to tap into them.

If you are curious about tapping into your extrasensory perception to experience precognitive occurrences, then these practicing these exercises just might do the trick:


Step 1: Having a Dream Journal

Step 1: buy dream journal

Keeping a dream journal beside your bed and each morning, write down all the details of your dreams.  If you wake up in the middle of the night and just had a vivid dream, do not wait until morning to write in your journal.  As soon as a dream wakes you up, pay attention to all the details that you remember and write them down.

Precognitive experiences occur within 24 to 48 hours from the vision or dream so check whether or not your dream actually meant something.  If your dreams only had visions and symbols, you can practice analyzing them by relating your dream to the events that occur within the next 48 hours.


Step 2: Meditation

Step2: meditate

Meditation is the number one way to connect with the spiritual world.  Leaving behind all the stresses and distractions of real life and connecting to a higher power is the only way to communicate and get in touch with your spirituality.

Muse headband meditation device might help you quiet your mind!

When you have a heightened consciousness, your awareness increases and your ability to receive information from the universe is highly improved.


Step 3: Practice Divination

step3: practice divination

Divination is an attempt to gain insight about certain things, people, or the future, with the use of objects or tools.  If precognitive dreams and premonitions are not happening to you right now, several tools for divination can be used to get you started in predicting the future.

Tarot cards, scrying, and astrology are great ways for beginners to start looking into the future.

Most people would like to have the ability to see the future. People always fear the uncertain, and the future is the number one thing they can never answer. Yes, certain outcomes can be predicted, but they are never 100% sure. This is why precognition has always been and will always be intriguing.

Though not everyone can unlock their precognitive abilities, there are ways that you can tap into your consciousness to be able to practice foretelling what is about to come.

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Frequently Asked Question

Certainly! Let’s delve into these frequently asked questions about precognition and the ability to foresee future events:

1. Is Precognition a Superpower?

Precognition is often considered a superpower in fictional contexts. It refers to the ability to perceive or predict future events before they happen. Some characters in comics, movies, and literature possess this power.

2. What Is the Ability to Foresee Things?

The ability to foresee future events is known as precognition. It involves perceiving information about the future through dreams, visions, or other means. While it remains a topic of fascination, scientific evidence for precognition is limited.

3. How Rare Are Precognitive Dreams?

Precognitive dreams, which contain images or information about future events, are more common than one might think. Many people report having such dreams, although the frequency varies. Some individuals experience them regularly, while others have occasional precognitive experiences.

4. What Is the Superpower Where You Can Predict the Future?

Precognition is the superpower that allows someone to predict the future. Characters with this ability can foresee outcomes, anticipate danger, or gain insights into upcoming events. Whether it’s through supernatural means or analytical skills, precognition remains a captivating concept in fiction and folklore.

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