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What Is Psychometry & How to Do Psychic Readings Using Touch

by | Sep 7, 2019

It’s the stuff that psychic movies are made of: a person touches an object then suddenly, visions and images start to appear.

This supernatural phenomenon is called Psychometry, which is the ability to read an object simply by touching it.

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What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is a psychic ability or phenomenon that involves touching an object, and its whole history is revealed. This history may include who the owner of the object is or was, what the personality of the owner is or was, what the object was used for, as well as the things that happened to the owner while in possession of the object.
Also known as “psychoscopy” or “token object reading,” Psychometry was coined by Joseph R. Buchanan, who was an American professor of Physiology. He was among the very first to experiment with the phenomenon, having conducted a study using his students as subjects in 1842.

The word psychometry comes from the Greek words, “psyche,” which means “soul,” and “metron,” which means “to measure.”

During the said experiment, Buchanan placed different kinds of drugs inside glass vials. He let his students hold the vials and guess what the drugs were inside. And due to the success rate of correct guesses, he developed the theory that all objects have a “soul” and that such objects retain a certain memory from that “soul.”

His findings and theory were discussed in the book he wrote, entitled “Journal of Man,” which talked about Psychometry.

How Does Psychometry Work?

Psychometry is considered to be a form of scrying, which is a paranormal method of seeing or reading something that’s not visible with the human eye.

In the world of parapsychology and quantum physics, it is believed that everything in this world is made of atoms that are constantly moving, therefore, creating energy. Whether it is an object, an animal, a human being, or a spirit, everything has a vibrational frequency.

Using this theory, it is believed that when humans touch objects, they leave a certain frequency, creating a unique imprint on the object. When a person with psychometric ability touches these things, he or she is able to read the person who owned the object.

In terms of choosing the object to touch, it is more preferable to touch an object that was used often by the owner since it holds more imprints than an object that was touched only once.

For example, you want to read the history of your grandmother and you choose between a book she read once, or a pair of glasses that she owned. It would be better to hold the object that the owner used more often, such as the pair of glasses since she used it almost everyday, rather than the book that she must’ve touched only once or twice.

The longer the person owned the object, the more imprint that person has.

It is also preferable to read metal objects, such as jewellery, since metal is known to absorb more energy than any other material.

Have you ever been away from a loved one? Or have you ever lost a loved one? Try holding something that belonged to them, be it a pillow, or a necklace that belonged to them. How does it make you feel when you touch that object? Comforting, right? It may just be because you strongly feel their imprinted energy on the object.

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What Are The Signs You May Have Psychometry Abilities?

Every single person on this Earth possesses some psychic ability. If you think you may have psychometric abilities, here are some things you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you get a strange feeling when you enter an antique store?
  • Do you find it weird to wear old clothes or jewellry?
  • Are you uncomfortable in places where there is too much clutter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or to all of these questions, then you may have psychometric abilities.

Those who can do psychometric readings feel strange when they enter an antique store because there is so much energy and history in such places.

They also feel weird wearing old clothes or jewelry because the previous owner’s energy field is too close to their bodies. And they feel uncomfortable in cluttered places because they feel overwhelmed by the history of the object that surrounds them.

Empaths are also said to have psychometric abilities because they can sense someone’s emotions and circumstances just by looking at them or being around them. Empaths are highly sensitive to other souls or spirits, which makes them good candidates for having psychometric powers.

How to Do Psychometry: 5-Step Guide

Psychometry is the perfect practice of divination for beginners. This is due to the fact that there’s an object that they can hold, which brings a sense of security and confidence.

Let’s take a look at how you can develop the practice:

Step 1: Clean Your Hands

Step 1: Clean Your Hands

Since reading an object involves touch, you must clean your hands before you begin.  It is important that you start with a clean slate so that psychic impressions from other objects do not interfere with the reading.

Wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 2: Rub Your Hands Together

Step 2: Rub Your Hands Together

Rub your hands together to start your own energy field.  Once you feel a thick feeling between your palms, you are ready to do the reading.

Step 3: Relax Your Mind

Step 3: Relax Your Mind

Relax your mind, free yourself from distractions, close your eyes, and say a little prayer. Connect with your spirit guides, angels, or anything that you need to connect to, to elevate your consciousness.

Step 4: Handle the Object

Step 4: Handle the Object

Touch the object and feel its every detail.  Look at the colors, the impressions, and all the tiniest details that you can find.  As images, emotions, sounds, smells, and sensations start to appear, pay attention to each and every one of them and say them out loud.

You don’t have to analyze anything, just say out loud all the details that you see, feel, hear, and touch.

Step 5: Ask Questions

Step 5: Ask Questions

Ask questions like:

  • Who does this object belong to?
  • What happened to the owner of this object?
  • Who used this object?

Once you start asking, you will begin to find the answers through the images, sounds, smells, and sensations that you noticed.

When you do a reading, it is preferable to have another person in the room. This other person could be the owner of the object, or he may know who the object belongs to.  Ask them if you get anything right from your reading.

If you don’t get anything right the first time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Like every skill that needs to be learned, there will always be a learning curve. If you’re determined to hone your psychic skills in reading objects, practice and focus are a must.


Psychometry is one of the most popular forms of psychic abilities.  Being able to read someone’s past, character, and their history with the touch of an object is a powerful skill that you can use.

A person may have unfinished business with a loved one and reading their loved one’s belongings may be a way for them to find closure.  Or in some police cases, seasoned psyshometricians also provide insight into evidence that’s left behind by victims and suspects.

It is amazing what the human mind can do with just a single touch of an object.  If you believe you may have psychic abilities or if you want to hone your psychic skills, then psychometry is a great place to start.

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