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Rose Quartz Meaning & What Are His Healing Properties

by | Jul 11, 2018

A gemstone known for its distinct cloudy light pink hue, Rose Quartz is also known as the love or heart stone. The gemstone for attracting all kinds of love into your life, its healing properties are just as beautiful as its beautiful colour. 

Here we take a look at what this gemstone is, what its benefits and healing properties are, and how you can use it to protect, heal, and attract love and loving relationships in your life. 

What is the meaning of rose quartz?

Rose quartz got its name from its light pink color. They come in different shades of pink, from very light pink quartz (almost whitish) to medium to dark pink hues. They have a characteristic cloudy translucence appearance and have a high vibration of energy. 

Deposits of the gem can be found in India, Madagascar, Japan, South Dakota in the USA, South Africa, and Brazil being the most known country in the world to have the most rose quartz deposits. 

One of the most popular stones, it is mostly used in jewelry, especially as pendants due to their lovely pale pink color, which is derived from the presence of several minerals such as manganese and titanium. 

The stone gives off a very soothing and gentle energy and resonates with the heart chakra. It aids in healing negative emotions, promotes love and intimacy, supports harmonious relationships, and helps to develop closer relationships with families and friends. 

Rose Quartz Benefits: Why Should You Use It?

Aside from its obvious beautiful appearance, using the rose quartz brings about a range of different benefits to the user or wearer. Here is a list of some of its benefits:  

  1. builds self-esteem 
  2. eases heartache 
  3. heals emotional wounds 
  4. promotes inner peace 
  5. promotes forgiveness 
  6. releases repressed hurts 
  7. helps you realize the beauty around you 
  8. protects and nurtures relationships 

If you feel lonely and in need of love, then using the magic of love stone can help to attract unconditional love into your life. It brings about harmony and peace, and promotes all kinds of love – romantic, platonic, and love for the family. You will definitely feel vibrations of love. 

The birthstone for Libra and Taurus, individuals who fall under these signs will experience stronger vibrations than others.

Gemstones are believed to work in harmony with the star constellations, so if you happen to be a Libra or Taurus, then using the rose quartz will bring you more benefits and loving energy compared to others. 

The Healing Properties of Rose Quartz – Healing Stone

The use of healing crystals offer a broad range of healing properties for the spirit, mind, and body. Let’s take a look at the specific properties of rose quartz: 

1. Opens the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest. The stone can help to unblock toxins that might be present in the heart chakra, which can lead to the release of anger, pain, childhood trauma, neglect, lack of love, and low self-esteem. It also soothes negative thoughts. 

2. Promotes Self-Love

To receive love, one must love herself or himself first. One cannot fully love another when there is a lack of love for the self. First and foremost, rose quartz will help you love yourself, allowing you to engage in behaviors that benefit you first, before the people around you. When you love yourself, you are able to receive love with no doubts, apprehensions, and tension. 

3. Spiritual Healing

One of the most surprising benefits of rose quartz is how it helps to ease the transition of grief. When you lose someone you love, having a rose quartz by your side or on your body will help to make the transition easier. 

The crystal can also help to heal emotional wounds, eliminate fear and anxiety, and restore peace into your life. In this case I would suggest keeping rose quartz in your purse.

4. Physical Healing Energy

Aside from the spiritual, mental, and emotional healing properties of the gem, it also promotes a number of physical healing properties. Let’s take a look at the ailments and symptoms that can be alleviated with the use of rose quartz: 

  • headaches and migraines 
  • kidney and spleen issues 
  • asthma 
  • circulatory problems 
  • thymus, heart, and lung issues 
  • infertility 
  • addictions 
  • throat problems 
  • sexual dysfunction 

Rose quartz can also help to alleviate skin problems, such as wrinkles, dry skin, and even varicose veins. It is also believed that the rose quartz can help to keep individuals to look younger. Ask Psychic what gem stone is the best for you!? 

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How to Use the Quartz Crystal

Here are ways to use rose quartz and how you can take advantage of the range of benefits that the crystal provides: 

1. For Spiritual Healing

To let go of repressed hurts, guilt, and emotional pain, wear the crystal 24/7 for 3 straight weeks. You can wear rose quartz jewelry or keep a stone in your pocket. 

2. To Help with Sleep

Rose quartz can also help you get a good night’s sleep, as well as to promote pleasant dreams and prevent night terrors. Simple place the crystal under your pillow or bed at night. 

3. To Rekindle Romance

This is especially useful for married couples or for any couple in a long-term relationship. Using Feng Sui beliefs, the best location to place rose quartz crystals is in the southwest. 

Simply place a rose quartz figurine in this area of the house. You can also place a bowl of rose quartz crystals in the center of the house, as it also symbolizes the heart of your home. 

4. To Attract Love

Wear rose quartz jewelry everyday and rub the crystal as you recite a mantra, announcing to the Universe that you are ready for love. Do this everyday, or when you see your object of affection. 

5. For Feng Shui Purposes

Place a piece of Rose Quartz on each of the nightstands because this gem emits gentle, pleasing vibrations that promote harmony and ease in a relationship.

6. For Business

Whenever you are anticipating something stressful, such as business meeting or a heated discussion with your co-worker;

  • Place rose quartz stones or a cluster somewhere in the office or maybe wear it in your pocket if you go to a meeting.
  • After you have used your rose quartz crystal to help you absorb negative energy, you should consider cleaning it to release all the negative energy.

Otherwise we recommend keeping one in your office to promote feelings of calm, well-being and peace. Keep it on your desk as part of a decorative arrangement on an office table.

Energizing your rose quartz crystal is essential to maintain its vibration. The key is to expose it to natural conditions such as the sun, moon, earth, or rain.

But exposing rose quartz under the sun will fade out the pink color, so it’s not ideal. Expose the crystal under the rays of the moon for 2 hours every few weeks and keep it out of the sun. 

Wearing Rose Quartz as Jewelry

Rose quartz crystals are a great way to show the people you love of your affection for them. If you have a family or friend who’s going through a divorce, a breakup, or simply want to get out of a lonely phase of their life, then rose quartz jewelry is the perfect gift to give them the love that they need in their lives. 

Beautiful rose quartz crystal necklace makes for the perfect gift for anyone who needs to heal their broken hearts, or if you simply want that person to have more love in their lives.

It makes for the perfect bridal shower present, as it can help to protect and nurture loving relationships. Click on the picture below and buy rose quartz necklace.

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