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How to Open Your Third Eye And What Happens When You Open it?

by | Dec 21, 2018

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Allowing you to perceive what cannot physically be seen, the Third Eye is an intriguing chakra known to be of important use for psychics and mystics. For the average individual, the Third Eye may be dormant and inactive – preventing the process of enlightenment and mental clarity from occurringTo open the Third Eye means opening your mind to a heightened sense of awareness and perception.

Let’s understand what the Third Eye is really about, its association to the pineal gland, and how you can open the chakra. 


What is the Third Eye?

There are many interpretations to what the Third Eye is. Different philosophies and religious beliefs have different names, origins, and purposes of the sixth chakra. In New Age spirituality, opening the Spiritual Eye is associated with clairvoyance, the ability to see auras, and the ability of foresight. 

In Theosophy, which is a spiritual or religious thought based on the divine wisdom, the Third Eye is believed to be associated with the pineal gland located in the brain. According to this theory, humans in far ancient times actually had a physical 3rd eye located at the back of the head.

Due to evolution, this third eye receded and sunk into the brain, and formed what is known today as the pineal gland – a tiny endocrine gland the size of a pine cone, hence its name. 

In general terms, or what laymen know of the Third Eye, is that it is an invisible eye located on the forehead, slightly above the bridge of the nose and between the two eyes. It is known to be the psychic sight of the soul, and allows us to see energies, supernatural beings, and heightens our intuition. 

What Does the Third Eye Mean?

Believers of mysticism, yogis, and those who believe in the supernatural believe that we have the ability to see realms that are not visible to the eye. There is an astral world that exists, which is a place reached through meditation and consists of a higher level of consciousness. To reach this world and to see that it exists, the Third Eye needs to be opened. 

In Theosophy, it is considered to be the most powerful energy source and the highest source of ethereal energy. It is also known to be the gateway between the physical and the spiritual world. 

The Importance of Opening the Third Eye

Before we begin to discuss the steps to opening your Third Eye, you have to understand why it’s important to open it in the first place. 

Children under the age of 17 have Third Eye chakras that are more open than that of adults. This is because most children have less accumulated toxins and negative life events than adults.

Toxins such as unhealthy food choices and exposure to free radicals can accumulate and clog the chakra, which renders them dormant. Negative life experiences also add to the equation – the more stressed you are, the more closed off you are to your intuition. 

When your Third Eye is inactive, you may often feel confused, uncertain, envious, jealous, judgmental, and suffer from pessimism, and cynicism. 

Maybe you need chakra balancing!

Chakra balance

So what happens when you do open the Third Eye?


Here is a list of benefits you should expect to occur and enjoy:

  • Vivid or lucid dreaming 
  • Better sleep 
  • Successful astral projection 
  • Enhanced imagination and therefore, enhanced creativity 
  • Ability to see auras 
  • Ability to see energies 
  • Ability to see beings 
  • Ability to see even with your eyes closed (foresight) 
  • Improved mental clarity 
  • Improved decision making 
  • Reduced stress levels 

Mystics and psychics need to open their Third Eye to explore different spiritual realms such as the different levels of the astral plane. They are better able to perform their tasks such as clairvoyance and predictions due to an opened Third Eye. 

power of vision

Learning How to Open the Third Eye

The success of opening the Third Eye varies from person to person. Some individuals are more welcoming of change and transformation while others are closed off and cynical with mysticism and the supernatural. You have to remember that the more open you are to this world, the more successful it will be to open your Third Eye because the foundation of belief is already there. 

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So here is a simple exercise to help you with “eye chakra opening”


1. Locate Your Third Eye

You have to know where your Third Eye is located. As mentioned, it is the spot between your eyes, right above the bridge of your nose. Focus on this spot for the duration of the process. 

2. Pick the Right Atmosphere

Some people prefer the indoors while some want to practice in the outdoors. You can practice on your own or with another person or with a group with a guide to help you focus. 

The more comfortable you are, the better. So make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, your mobile devices are turned off, and there are no distracting noises or people. 

3. Follow the Correct Posture

Many believe the most effective posture to open your Third Eye is to sit on a mat or chair in a cross leg position. You have to sit up and not lie down so you don’t fall asleep. 


4. Meditate

Yes, opening your Third Eye starts with meditation (download free meditation or try Muse meditation device). Sitting cross legged – clear your mind of any distractions and focus on one single mantra or image. You can chant a mantra or a word repeatedly until you are deeply relaxed. If you are meditating indoors, lighting a candle in a dark room and gazing at its flickering light can also help you focus and relaxed. Listening to slow, instrumental music can also help. 

You can pretty much do anything you want as long as it brings you to a place of deep relaxation. Don’t forget to allocate come time each day towards meditation.

5. Focus on your Third Eye

Close your eyes and “look” at your Third Eye. Visualize it manifesting physically on your forehead. Focus on the image until you see a myriad of colors that swirl until it looks like a kaleidoscope of colors. Focus by paying attention on “looking” at your Third eye until you feel a slight physical pressure between the eyebrows. 

Stop after 5 to 10 minutes or when you are no longer feeling comfortable. 

Do these steps for several minutes on a daily basis for at least 4 days and you’ll begin to see changes in your perception and even your personality. 

You can also make use of crystals to stimulate your Third Eye. Indigo is the perfect crystal to open up the chakra. Place an indigo or any violet-colored crystal on your Third Eye while meditating to improve Third Eye stimulation. 

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The Association with the Pineal Gland

Many mystics believe that the Third Eye is the Pineal Gland. The gland is located approximately in the direct center of the brain and it is known primarily for secreting the hormone called melatonin, which regulates the sleep and waking cycle. It has a number of biological functions such as: hunger, sexual desire, thirst, and involves a person’s aging process or biological clock. 

To stimulate the pineal gland means to open the 3rd Eye, according to Theosophy and other mystics. Certain foods can help to stimulate the gland such as bananas and other fruits and herbs, and certain foods also need to be avoided if you want your Third Eye to be opened.

Processed foods, sweets, and exposure to light at night are highly discouraged – this means sleeping up too late or working night shifts are believed to cause your Third Eye to be closed since the pineal gland’s natural ability is impeded when it does not produce natural levels of the melatonin hormone. 

Signs Your Third Eye is Opening

 So how do you know that your Third Eye is finally opening? Here are the signs to look out for: 

1. Pressure on Your Forehead

You may feel a slight warmth or pressure on your Third Eye. The feeling is similar to someone slightly touching the spot of your Third Eye. If the energy center is overflowing, then headaches and migraines with pain centered on the spot of the Third Eye may occur. This pain is only fleeting and proves your pineal gland has been stimulated. 

2. Sound Sensitivity

You may begin to be more sensitive to sound. Low tones will give you a soothing emotion while high tones will give you a rush of emotions. 

3. Light Sensitivity

You will begin to experience richer and more intense colors with your environment. Your Third Eye heightens your perception, which means you will experience a fuller and more vibrant range of colors around you. 

4. Gradual Change

A change in your personality will begin to occur. You will be calmer and more patient, you will feel less stressed, you will be less selfish, and become more forgiving. 

5. Increased Foresight

Your intuition will be increased – you will feel energies more intensely. You will sense danger more frequently, or sense goodwill or inspiration more efficiently. 

Among the most obvious signals of third eye opening is an increase in foresight or intuition we start to experience – if we are paying attention.

6. Deeper Connection to your Inner Self

You will begin to understand yourself more, take better care of yourself, and begin to know who you really are. 


The Third Eye is a magical part of the body that brings you an entirely different perspective of the world. Opening it up will help to improve your life generally, and allows the true you to come out. Positive change will come about, as well as an improved ability to protect yourself from possible negative events and negative people from coming into your life. 

Open your Third Eye today and enjoy the vast new world for you to explore.

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