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What Do Dreams About Flooding Mean?

by | Mar 29, 2023

  • Dreams about floods symbolize the status of your emotions in waking life.
  • Flood dreams can seem scary, but not all interpretations reflect the doom most often associated with them.
  • Dreaming of floods can signify overwhelming emotions and stress in your life.

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Floods are a powerful force that leave a trail of doom and disaster, bring about destruction, and symbolize chaos, it elicits unsettling emotions, waking the dreamer up with an impending sense of disaster just waiting to happen. Maybe a possible sign of bad omen. The truth is dreams are rarely premonitions.

In some cases, people dream of flood water in an actual flood. Maybe their bed is submerged in water, and they dream of flooding, then wake up to find out their feet are in the water. However, these cases are rare since dreams primarily reflect your subconscious mind and not predictions of the future.

In this article, we’ll discover the common interpretations of flood dreams and whether or not they’re a cause for concern in real life.

General Symbolism of Flooding Dreams

Floods generally symbolize crisis, but because it’s a water dream, it also represents emotions. Typically, a dream about the ocean or any form of water symbolizes emotions, but since it’s a dream about flooding (an adverse event), it could signify negative emotions.

Although flooding dreams almost always represent negativity, some kinds of flood dreams evoke a positive sign.

In this section, we’ll cover the general symbolism of flooding dreams:

1. Spiritual Meaning of Flood in a Dream

The spiritual symbolism of flooding involves cleansing and purification. In the story of the Bible’s Noah, the Great Flood cleansed the Earth of sin, paving the way for a new world to emerge. And so, when you dream of a flood, it can spiritually mean you need to purify your mind, body, and soul to welcome your rebirth.

Flood is symbolically “washing away” your imperfections, helping you to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It can be challenging to attain spiritual awakening when you still have negative thoughts, emotions, and preconceived beliefs.

A dream of a flood can be a message that you need to purify yourself before you begin your journey to achieve spiritual empowerment.

2. Meaning of Flood Dreams in Different Cultures

Dream symbolism can be general, but certain cultures already have their beliefs about specific kinds of dreams. These are some of the different cultures that offer their interpretations of dreams about flooding:


Chinese culture believes that a dream of a flood is a sign of a troublesome time, and it may be a warning that something wrong will happen soon, such as an illness. Chinese culture also believes floods are a sign that you may have a problem with your kidney, liver, or gallbladder.


In Hinduism, flood dreams are a sign of an impending disaster. Hindus believe these dreams warrant the dreamer of misfortune, destruction, or failure. It is also thought to bring negative energies into your life.

Religious Meaning of Flood Dreams


The biblical meaning of flood dreams signifies a bad sign. The Bible states that flood dreams warn of a spiritual attack and an enemy has set out an intention against you.

And because floods are associated with the story of Noah, dreams about them can also mean an escape from shame and guilt.


Flood dreams signify enemies surrounding you. Judaism believes these dreams are a sign that you are vulnerable to an attack from the enemy, and they can also be a sign that you are susceptible to illness, pain, disease, and devastation.


Flood dreams imply a negative sign in Islam, a symbol of impending danger and barriers in the dreamer’s life.

In the next section, we’ll talk about the most common scenarios of flood dreams and their common interpretations.

Common Flooding Dreams

Here are the most common types of flood dreams and their possible interpretations:

1. Dreaming of A Flood with Clean Water

Dreaming of a flood with clean water can be a good sign. It means you may be overwhelmed with emotion in your waking life, but because the water is clear, you can handle emotional problems well. It is a sign that you will positively get out of your circumstances with a clear head.

It can also signify cleansing since you’re dealing with clean flood water.

2. Dreaming of A Flooded House

Dreaming of a flooded house can be positive and negative, and it could mean your home is being filled to push you out, helping you get out of your comfort zone. You may have been living your life too safely, and you need to go out in the world to find your true potential.

It could also mean you feel trapped emotionally and can’t express how you feel, so you’re stuck inside your home feeling overwhelmed.

3. Dreaming of A Flooded City

A flooded city in your dreams can mean a lot of chaos surrounding you. If the flood is contained in your house, it could mean the issues are within yourself. But when the flood consumes the whole city, it could mean everything in your life right now is chaotic, and you’re emotionally overwhelmed in all aspects.

4. Dreaming About Escaping a Flood

Dreaming of escaping a flood can mean you want to get away from something causing you emotional pain. It can also tell you you must prepare yourself for an influx of overwhelming issues or tasks.

5. Dreaming of A Flash Flood

A flash flood comes in strong and fast, which could mean you have deep feelings in your life. You may be unprepared for these things and feel overwhelmed by this sudden burst of deep emotions.

6. Dreaming of Flooded Streets

Streets usually signify a path or direction. When you dream of streets being flooded, it could mean you’re lost or not going in the right direction in your life. You may need to figure out where to go next in your journey.

7. Dreaming of A Flood with Dirty Water

Murky flood water can mean you have been tainted and contaminated. Maybe you’ve given in to vices or evil influences, and your spirit is now polluted. It is also a sign of negative energy.

8. Dreaming of Being Trapped in Flood

A dream of being trapped in a flood can mean you are stuck in your life and you suffer from a loss of control. You may want to get out of your situation, but you feel helpless or powerless to change your situation.

A Word of Advice

A flood dream isn’t something you’d want to dream about. Floods destroy life and property, and dreaming about it can be alarming. It is incredibly unsettling if you have recurring flood dreams.

You may think it could be a sign that a flood is about to occur but don’t worry. Dreams can be a therapeutic tool that can help us improve self-awareness, and rarely are they premonitions.

If you have recurring flood dreams, it could reflect negative energy in your waking life. As mentioned earlier, most of the symbolisms of flooding are harmful, such as overwhelming emotions.

When you dream of floods repeatedly, it’s time you take a dream journal and write down the details of the dream and the emotions you feel. Relate these emotions to your waking life. What is making you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Maybe it’s your relationship, work, academics, or your family that’s giving you stress. Take a step back and analyze what or who is causing overwhelming emotions. Are you heading in the right direction in your life?

Dreams are telling you something; you simply need to listen and take action.


What does it mean when you dream of overflowing water?

Dreaming of overflowing water can mean you have too much on your plate right now, and you’re having trouble handling things. It could also mean your emotions are too much to manage in your waking life.

What does flooding symbolize?

Water symbolizes emotions, and because it comes in the form of a flood, it signifies chaos, crisis, and destruction. Dreams about floods mainly symbolize something negative in your emotions in real life.

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